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Okeanos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Tuesday, Dec 08, 2015
Entry By: Okeanos Aggressor II crew



8 – 18 December

Water Temperature 77 – 80 Fahrenheit

Viz + 25 meters , 80 ft


Our guests arrived around 3 pm and once on their cabins, we started to sail towards Cocos Island.

The crossing to the island was very calm and once on the island , we started our first dive in Chatham bay. Beautiful visibility and no current at all for our check dive.

Our second and third dives were in Manuelita, Galapagos sharks and many hammerheads on the second cleaning station at the end of the dive.


Punta Maria and Roca Sucia( dirty rock) were our choices for the second diving day, great dives both of them, but many more hammerheads on dirty rock , this time.

We had quite a current on both dives but as we had a line to descend in Punta Maria, we all did just fine. In the afternoon we chose Viking rock and Pajara island, both very calm dives with no current at all and lots of marble rays, white tips, lobsters and huge schools of snappers.


Alcyone and Submerged Rock were our next choices. Alcyone had a bit of current but as in Punta Maria, we had a line, so it was not a big deal. Lots of sharks, all kind of fish, whale shark, hammerheads, turtles , octopuses and tons of marble rays were our buddies for the dive.


We headed to manuelita again and gave us one o the bests dives of the week. Huge school of hammerheads and then 2 big galapago sharks that stayed with us for almost 20 minutes on the second cleaning station. Eagle rays , tiger shark and the always present marble rays did of this dive, one of the bests.


As for the night dives, as usual, one of the highlights of the week. Cocos Island night dive in Manuelita, is on the top 5 night dives of the world, so if you don’t come for the hammerheads, the tiger sharks, the eagle rays, the whales or the fact that only your group will be diving on the same dive site, you have to come at least for the night dives.


Just jocking, Cocos, is a whole excellent 7 diving days on one of the most remote islands of the world. Divers paradise.

Looking forward having you onboard.