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Turks & Caicos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Dec 05, 2015
Entry By: Turks & Caicos Aggressor Crew


Turks & Caicos Aggressor II
Captain’s Log
05 December – 12 December 2015
Air temperature:  85° - 89° F
Water temperature:  81° - 84° F
Visibility:  50 – 80 feet
Instructor: GRANT PATTEN
Franck, Marie, Jose, Dean, Carl, Nolan Donna, Jim, Doug, Sara, Cathy, Mary, Dave, Kevin, Jan, John, Hagen, Ute,
Sunday     – Eel Garden, The Crack, Amphitheatre – NWPT,
Monday     – Driveway, Brandywine – West Caicos
Tuesday    – Whiter Face, West Caicos : Rock and Roll– French Cay
Wednesday    – Half Mile Reef, G-Spot– French Cay
Thursday     – Gullies– West Caicos : The Dome, NWPT
Friday     – pinnacles – Grace Bay

After an exciting boat ride out to where we are moored we made our introductions and got everyone acquainted and then settle down to dinner. After dinner we move round to North West Point and moor up at Eel Garden.

Breakfast is served with dawn, the first dive briefing is given and we enter the water to check our setup and gear. After getting everything in trim we have a quick snack and then explored Eel Garden where there are plenty of Garden Eels a few Stingrays, we have some Reef Sharks along the wall near The Crack (another dive site) which we swim up through. Along the top of the wall were Moray Eels, Cleaner Shrimp some Lobsters look out to watch us pass.
While we moved on to the next site, we have soup and a buffet lunch prepared by our Chef.  We moor next at Amphitheater, normally a very good site with loads going on, today is no disappointment, we had plenty of Reef Sharks straight off the bat, Spotted and Green Moray Eels, a few Turtles come to check us out, on the night dive we have Black Jacks and a Nurse Shark taking advantage of our light to hunt by, Spotted Eels moving amongst the coral heads with Channel Crabs and Spiny Lobsters dancing around.

Monday morning we head off to West Caicos, arriving at Driveway for the first dives of the day. The visibility is fantastic, Reef Sharks join us as we check out the wall, encountering Turtles, Morays, Grouper, Barracuda, plenty of Snapper as well as Lobsters, Crabs and Shrimp. After 2 dives here we move down the wall to Brandywine a two tiered site, where we can see the Reef Sharks waiting for us in the crystal clear water. We have a few dives here including the night dive, The Sharks, lobsters, crabs and Jacks are waiting for us on every dive, on the evening dive we have some Turtles and on the night dive some spotted Eels having fun terrorizing the other reef dwellers with the Black Jacks and racing across the seabed a Geographic Seahare. After the Night dive we have hot Chocolate laced with Rum cream and discuss the days diving.

Tuesday, we move to White Face aka. Spanish Anchor and have a couple of fantastic dives here. Another very friendly Hawksbill Turtle not in the least phased by our divers and their cameras, a large Eagle Ray cruises through the groups, the Reef sharks patrol a school of Atlantic Spadefish hover at the top of the wall, the Moray Eels look out from the beautiful coral heads plenty of sponges are in evidence.  Then its lunchtime and move to a new site.  We move to French Cay and moor at Rock and Roll. After a fabulous lunch we get ready and go diving, straight away we are met by the waiting Reef Sharks, heading across the top of the wall to the drop off we find an array of sponges and coral with plenty of Squirrelfish and Grunts, in the crannies Moray Eels, Snapping and Pederson Shrimp, Tiger Tails and Sea Cucumbers are strewn across the seabed. Over the wall we find more Sharks and have Eagle Rays making an appearance, later in the day some turtles and Nurse Sharks join in the tour of the Reef. After a fantastic Days diving we settle down for dinner and swap stories of the days encounters.

We wake in the morning, there is an excited hum on the boat after the previous days exploits, everyone hoping for a repeat. We move along to Half Mile Reef for the first couple of dives. Another Stunning vista along the wall, with massive Eagle Rays and Reef Sharks, plenty of Lobsters and crabs hiding the day away, several  Spotted Moray Eels are moving around the reef or looking out from their holes, we also have some Turtles having lunch whilst we are on the way back for ours.  During lunch we move to G-Spot another mooring along French Cay, here we stop for three more dives including a night dive, the dives are amazing with plenty of Sharks Reef and Nurse, Turtles, Eagle Rays, numerous Giant Basket Stars especially around the G-Spot. We also find, an Octopus, a large Ruby Brittle Star, A very big Spotted Drum, Channel, Hairy and Coral Clinging Crabs, Lots of Black Jacks hunting by the dive lights and most other fish hiding from the Black Jacks and Nurse Sharks. A truly outstanding day of Diving!

Having moved location during the night the boat is moored at Gullies at West Caicos ready for the Morning Dives. The sea is calm and flat almost like a mirror, the condition are ideal below, warm, no current, awesome visibility, the coral can be seen clearly from the boat in 50 feet of water, the Sharks can be clearly seen circling below the boat, these Sharks aren’t shy as we discover entering the water, perfect opportunity for fantastic pictures with Sharks, It is incredibly calm below everything is moving slowly gliding around the reef, the water is Crystal clear, a couple of outstanding dives are had. Then again whilst we have lunch, we move on again, over to North West Point where we moor at The Dome, the remains of an old TV Game Show. We have three dives at The Dome, during these dives as we have such a strong group of great divers we also check out The Crack and The Chimney, neighboring sites with great channels down through the wall to swim through. During these dives we encounter a number of Reef Sharks and Turtles, a Large Nurse Shark on the way to The Crack, lots of Crabs, Channel Clinging, Neck, Ocellate Swimming. We also have lots of Lobsters some amazing Sponges, Coral formations, lots of Anemones with snapping and cleaner shrimp in some of them. We have plenty of Black Jacks around The Dome with some feisty Damsels and lots of Parrot and Squirrelfish hiding, waiting till it’s safe to come out in the morning. After we have finished exploring the environs of the site it’s time to return to the boat for a well-deserved hot chocolate with Rum and Marshmallows.  After everyone has turned in for the night we move round to Grace Bay and moor at Pinnacles ready for the morning dive.

Friday morning and we are moored at Pinnacles, gear is donned and the first dive of the day commences, after the dive a cooked breakfast is prepared ready for eating, once everyone is sated, time for the last dive and another visit with the sharks and Turtles. Once everyone is safely accounted for back on the boat it time to head back to Turtle Cove Marina and have another of Elisa’s fantastic lunches. We settle in for an afternoon of films with popcorn and then it’s time for the Sunset Wine and Cheese party.