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Belize Aggressor IV :


Log Date: Saturday, Dec 05, 2015
Entry By: Belize Aggressor IV Crew


Sun Dancer II Captains Log Dec 5, 12, 15
Air Temp. 82 F
Water Temp: 80 – 81 F
Vis: 80-100 Ft

Captain Eddy, First Mate John/Engineer, Chef Carlos, Stewardess Elia, Assistant Chef Jean, Inst/ Dive master William & Dive Master Conway!
Guests for the week: Viv, Robert, Danna & Phillip, Nancy & James, Edd, Brad, Jessil & Allan, Nelda & Bill, Scott, Richard, Brent, Bruce, Greg, Edd Neely who has been here with us for at least Four times;   
Dive Sites Visited:
Sunday: Black Beauty & Front Porch
Monday:  Grand Bouge & Johnny’s Wrench
Tuesday: Tarpon Cave & East Cut

This Week we welcome aboard Edward a longtime friend and seventeen new friend as well who was also welcomed onboard just as warmly and friendly, it was soon noticed that it was going to be a very fun week and of course all the divers were excited to be here, After setting up their gear on the dive deck and getting comfortable in their spacious staterooms the divers made their way up to the salon area for the safety briefing and introductions.  After dinner was served the Sun Dancer II made her way out to Lighthouse Reef where a fun filled week of diving commenced.  

Sunday:  On the first dive site Black Beauty there was plenty of adventures to be had.  The divers headed over the wall and then over and between the reef itself.  The Reef was scattered in the shallow areas but also in a big formation, giving the divers a variety of options to explore.  There were small surprises everywhere with little ruff neck blennies and burr fish discovered and one diver found a cool eel sticking its head out from under a ledge, it was all like a big welcoming committee as they all get into the water, Front Porch was just as good there were plenty of fish and behaviors to watch and appreciate with indigo hamlets and butterfly fish, trumpet and Creole Wrasse all looking as if they were on a mission.

We also had a Turtle and a Spotted Eagle Ray on the Wall, The Jacks and Chubs were around, for our night dive the highlight was the ever enjoyable sometime photogenic and cooperative, the Elusive Spotted Toad Fish, seen only here on Turneffe Island

Monday in the morning the adventures continued with the divers leisurely exploring the reef, enjoying every second of being weightless underwater. Starting at site Grand Bouge, here we saw a few Southern Sting Ray just sitting on the bottom posing for photos and videos, thousands of Garden Eels, but the highlight of the morning was six Spotted Eagle Ray cruising on the wall in a triangle formation and a large Green Moray that was out free swimming around, for the afternoon we move up to site Johnny’s Wrench where we had three more exiting dives. Today was a great day of diving    

 Tuesday morning with the weather condition starting to make a change we decided to make our crossing to the atoll’s of Light House Reef and dove at Tarpon Caves, the first discovery and encounter for the day  was a Reef Shark right under the Yacht, quickly everybody else was in the water, by the end of the dive I heard comments such as, just when you think you have seeing it all it gets better, everybody just love this site and had a wonderful dive, the topography was so different from the rest of the Reef that this alone made it a special dive we also had a few friendly Groupers just hanging out in the crevasses, a  turtle four Spotted Eagle Ray and a few southern Stingray, after a great morning on this site we move over to East Cut and again the Reef Sharks were there this was indeed a Shark week we saw Sharks just about on every site this week, on the night dive there were reports of hermit crabs, huge lobsters, sleeping fish, octopus, a school of squid big scorpion fish and a spotted moray eel.

Wednesday – The Great Blue Hole!  For the first dive of the day, everyone who wanted to venture to the 130 foot depths went in and enjoyed the view with the huge Stalactites hanging on the wall, some did the edge and there was a lot to see in the sandy areas just under the boat. The afternoon dives took place at Half Moon Caye Wall and in addition to many tarpons there were tunicates, a very small turtle, a bunch of cool wire coral shrimp, burr fish, a few sharks, sting rays, many friendly groupers. It was so perfect and beautiful that when it came time to move at lunch everyone was so happy with the site and its underwater wonders that we ended up staying the entire day at this magical site. The Sharks, spotted eagle rays, tarpons, pipe fish, more sharks, 4 more spotted eagle rays, groupers who would stay right next to you and be your best friend for the entire dive.  Three different turtles, more sting rays, a pipe horse, hermit crabs and baby drum fish it was spectacular and on the night dive a very big crabs that made the highlights among other night dive spectacles One of the nicest days of the week and everyone was so happy the weather held so we could spend so much time at such a memorable dive site.

Thursday we dove at Silver Caves, here we saw our faithful hero of the week, a beautiful sea horse that we love to re-discover every week and show everyone, diving on the wall was very beautiful and exhilarating, there was thousands of Creole Wrasses all cruising in one direction, locking up as you swim on the wall was a great view of all this action with a few big Groupers and Barracudas in between, Long Caye Wall was just as enjoyable for the rest of the day, this was all follow with a huge thanksgiving meal that left everyone satisfied and relaxed while it was time to watch the weekly trip video as we made our way to Turneffe Island to begin the day of diving at Sandy Slope.

Friday morning dive is offered at 6am as a dawn dive and who enjoyed this first one was the hardcore divers.  Everyone loved the variety and in just one area if you watched and enjoyed the show you could see a million surprises from eels sticking their heads out to shrimp and fish doing their regular routines.  The entire week was wonderful and we would like to thank everyone who joined us onboard and under water. From all the crew of the Sun Dancer II THANK YOU and we Love YOU!!!