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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Dec 12, 2015
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Charter 12 – 19 December 2015

Water temp 82f+

Air Temp 80s windy

Vis 100ft+

Wetsuit Req: 3mm shorty


Saturday. Welcome aboard to our 18 guests. Some of the group have been on the Cayman Aggressor IV twice, some even three times, so welcome back. Welcome to the Cayman Islands and the Cayman Aggressor IV. Everyone was on board by 530pm, so we let go of the dock and headed off towards West Bay. Sunset dinner, introductions and a briefing on the way.

Sunday. An action packed day with the wreck of the Ex USS Kittiwake to kick things off. We are very privileged to have Randy on board this week, who actually worked on the Kittiwake, he was a navy Diver. He shared his knowledge and some stories with us and everyone had great dive. All guests were seen exploring the ins and outs of the wreck. From the engine room, to the crew mess, to the recompression chambers, plenty of places to enter and exit safely. Randy had a great couple of dives reliving his youth, and very happy not to be scrubbing, sanding, painting or cleaning. Upon return he told us “he had forgotten how small and cramped the showers and living spaces were!”.   Congratulations to Scott and Sherry on their 24th Wedding Anniversary! A quick stop after lunch at Sting Ray City! Great clear conditions for a fun 12ft dive of Stingray Madness, a lot of fun and Alan got the best hicky! Third site of the first day of diving was Bonnies Arch or as we say ‘Ahhhhch’. A beautiful dive, very healthy coral and a picturesque arch in shallow water. A large ‘Herd of Trunk Fish’ very unusual to see! With a fun current to make life interesting. A nice drift on back to the boat for Dinner and a night dive on the Doc Poulson. This small wreck is a spectacular night dive, giant parrot fish sleeping inside the wreck, sleeping turtles and an octopus on the surrounding reef, lobsters walking across the sand… all directly under the boat, perfect. After a busy day of diving, everyone was tuckered out, ready for a good nights sleep and more action tomorrow.

Monday. Well rested and ready for more after a hearty breakfast thanks to Chef Alan, Round Rock and Trinity Caves, a fantastic site – really two dive sites in one. A pinnacle to explore and a selection of swim throughs, cuts and crevices that make up the ‘Caves’. Turtle City today, with turtles right as we jumped in. Sightings this morning included a Nurse Shark, turtles – one of which was so busy munching away on a sponge that he did not mind camera and divers getting good and close! A moray eel, a scorpion fish and to top things off two Large Eagle Rays flew by us all on the safety stop!  Lunch was buzzing with ‘fish talk’ as we cruised on over to the North Side of the Island.   With an afternoon diving on Babylon, life is good! Exploring the Pinnacle off the wall, winding our way around two or three times. Another turtle , a free swimming Green Moray Eel was on a mission hunting, he found a Lionfish, who he promptly grabbed and carted away to devour!   Schools of blue chromis and wrasse, and a giant Snapper with his entourage of tiny jacks lurking under the hull. It is a stunning location to dive but alas we just pack it all up and head to Little Cayman!

Tuesday. We arrived at Little Cayman during the wee hours of the morning. Just magic. Calm waters and a light display in the water – bioluminescence just going off! Randy’s Gazebo was the first site. Chimneys to drift down and out on to the wall, the Gazebo with our resident friendly groupers, the welcoming committee! Lots of school masters and lobsters, and a very relaxed turtle right under the boat at the end of the dive.   Awesome.   Up to the Jackson Bight for the afternoon on the Meadows. Shark Central! Caribbean Reef Sharks cruising the wall, lobsters and giant channel crabs everywhere. A large nurse shark, Brock seemed to have a not so secret admirer in the shape of a Nassau Grouper! Something for everyone, shallow and deep, swim throughs and the night dive rewarded us with Two Octopus, Lobsters, Crabs, and Eels hunting! Back on board for the Hot Hot Hot Treatment! Showers, Coco and Towels!

Wednesday. A very special dive site this morning, 3 Fathom Wall/The Mixing Bowl. Where Bloody Bay Wall meets the Jackson Bight. The home to Grover and an exceptionally friendly very large Grouper, this is also the place to find Yellow Headed Jawfish with Eggs. Some divers were even lucky enough to see the ‘Egg Shuffle’. An Aquarium of Chubbs, snapper, grunts, a spotted eel – found by Scott. A special treat was up next, a One Way Dive along Bloody Bay all the way down to Donna’s Delight, lots of critters along the way, turtles, lobsters and loads of File Fish! For the late afternoon and Dusk dive we jumped in on Lea Lea’s Lookout. Great swim thrus and caverns to drop in on. Cleaning station central around here and great example of Dusk Fish behavior! Fighting , Feeding, Fleeing and some serious Flirting!

Thursday. It doesn’t get much better than this. A Dawn Dive on Nancy’s Cup of Tea. Insane shark action, a couple of reef sharks followed us and inspected us all along the wall. One shark was very interested in our activities! A turtle dropped in on us on her way to breakfast, and it seemed that all the scrawled filefish all woke up at the same time and had serious munchies! They were just mowing down the sea fans and corals! Ancient anchors dotted the reef, we found them all as we worked our way back to the boat for Our Breakfast! We only have time for one dive on Bus Stop today, as usual it was a crowd favourite. With the main wall and a mini wall, Sailfin Blennies, Head Shield Slugs, a scattering of rays going about their business in the sand, tunnels zigzagging under the reef it was all over too soon. But time for another fantastic lunch with Mango Bread Pudding for dessert. A well deserved nap was taken by most, to prepare for the last dive in Little Cayman for this trip. Last stop was the Great Wall! The home to Freddy the Original Friendly Grouper and of course our world famous wall. Covered in life and dropping straight down in to the seemingly never ending blue, well down to about 6000ft. Peg got up close and a little too personal with Freddy, he really wanted her Safety Sausage! Always at the ready of course Shelly captured the moment on video! Time for happy hour and a cruise back across the seas to Grand Cayman.

Friday already!!   We have a great couple of dives today.. Big Tunnels. A maze of Arches and tunnels, a few turtles out and about, loads of Barracuda a Banded Pipe Horse and some divers who were Not Lost! Just having a peek! Devils Grotto was the Swim Through mecca of the day. Easy shallow dive with resident giant Tarpon , long tunnels all the way under the reef structure, nudibranchs, chubbs, jacks and snapper abound.   Sorry everyone but it is wash down time, even the weather thought so with the down pour that ensued.   Finally we made the dock, packed a few things and had a great cocktail party. Awards, Prizes, bubbly and even Christmas stockings for the crew! It has been a super week. Thank you to all for making this week another safe yet fun week aboard the Cayman Aggressor IV.

Till next time. The Cayman Aggressor Capt and Crew.