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Turks & Caicos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Dec 12, 2015
Entry By: Turks & Caicos Aggressor Crew


Turks & Caicos Aggressor II

Captain’s Log

12 December – 19 December 2015


Air temperature: 85° - 89° F

Water temperature: 81° - 84° F

Visibility: 50 – 80 feet






Instructor: GRANT PATTEN





Darlynn, David, Allan, Michael, Nikki, Marc, Lex, Peter, Chip, Brittany, Gail, Gary, Nancy, Sarah, Randy, Brett


Sunday – Eel Garden, The Crack, Amphitheatre – NWPT,

Monday – Driveway - West Caicos : The Dome NWPT

Tuesday – White Face, West Caicos : Rock and Roll– French Cay

Wednesday – Half Mile Reef, G-Spot– French Cay

Thursday – Gullies– West Caicos : The Dome, NWPT

Friday – pinnacles – Grace Bay


We make our introductions and get everyone acquainted and then settle down to A fantastic dinner prepared by our Chef. In the morning we move round to North West Point and moor up at Eel Garden, the visibility is fantastic, all the gear is checked and tested, weightings corrected and some fun dives are had, we check out The Crack (the next dive site along) whilst we are looking along the wall, some of the friendly neighborhood sharks escort us on the dive dipping in and out of the group, we have plenty of Garden Eels and more than a few Spotted Moray and some Channel Clinging Crabs along the wall. We move along the wall to Amphitheatre, a magnificent site with outstanding corals and sponges, we have plenty of Jacks and Parrot fish, Lobsters in the cracks on the wall and skittering around the wall for the night dive. In the Amphitheater we have some Ocelete swimming Crabs, Pederson Cleaner Shrimp and Yellow Arrowline Crabs. Up on top of the wall there is a large Sleeping Hawksbill Turtle and some Reef Sharks checking the edge of the wall. After the dive it is time for some hot chocolate and rum.



Monday Morning we head over to West Caicos and dive the Driveway, after a couple of brilliant dives with plenty of Shark and Turtle encounters mixed in with some stingrays and a good mix of crabs and Eels we head back to North West Point to The Dome. This is a great shallow dive with a well-lit swim through, here we have Damsel fish, plenty of Grunts, Jacks and snapper galore, mixed in with the coral heads Squirrelfish and Parrotfish move around, plenty of Shrimp and some decorator Crabs, A Turtle makes an appearance for us, all in the vicinity of The Dome. After the dive its back on board for a night cap and a fun animated conversation about the days diving.


Tuesday Morning we head back over to West Caicos to White Face, the home of an old Spanish Anchor. A beautiful site with a great gully that has a very old Spanish Anchor embedded in the wall of the gully. The dive is fantastic the visibility is outstanding, all the colours are even more vibrant than normal, we have a multitude of visitors, we have some large Reef Sharks, A huge Hawksbill Turtle, some Queen Angel and Trigger Fish, A smattering of Pederson Cleaner Shrimp in the corkscrew Anenomes with Snapping Shrimp hiding behind, waiting for the unwary to put a finger too close. After the dives we have another of our Chef’s amazing buffets, on the way to French Cay where we have a few great dives at G-Spot, plenty of Reef and Nurse Sharks, Spotted and Goldentail Moray Eels, Spotted Drums, a great Vista of sponges and corals with Butterfly fish, Spiny Lobsters, French Angelfish and lots of Squirrelfish and Parrotfish loitering on the reef. An early night is had after the extensive days diving ready for the next day.


We have breakfast and have moved to Rock and Roll, another amazing site at French Cay more beautiful Coral, Sponges and Fans, all teaming with life, Eels, Shrimp, Sea Cucumbers. There are plenty of Jacks on the reef and we find a couple of Jack Knifes in a Coral head, Reef and Nurse Sharks are passing close in to us and even a few Stingray gliding on the sand. After we have completed our dives here we return to the boat for another scrumptious lunch from our Chef and whilst enjoying this head over to West Caicos and Magic Mushroom.

The site lives up to half its name and gives us some magical dives, Along with the Reef Sharks, we have Porcupinefish, Red Banded Lobster amongst the Spiny Lobsters, plenty of Crabs, some Spotted Moray Eels a couple of stingrays, and with a majestic glide past the group, two separate very large Spotted Eagle Rays along the Edge of the Wall. After these fantastic dives, interspaced with fantastic food, we settle in for a quiet evening with a film and popcorn.


Thursday we move down the wall to Gullies, a stunning site with a number of gullies but one predominant one that we moor over, this makes a great swim through and we can normally find a resident very large female Reef Shark here with her entourage of 4 or 5 males, today is no exception, as soon as we enter the water she is waiting below the stern for us and 3 of her ‘boys’ turn up within minutes. We penetrate the depths via the primary gully and are rewarded with an exciting vista, the abyss drops away down the slopes the Sharks are circling outside the exit waiting for us to emerge. We come out of the crevasse and gather ready to move along the wall, heading off the Sharks remain by the gully and we are free to explore the nooks and crannies, amongst these we find some outstanding Anemones, Squirrelfish hiding, a very large Channel Clinging Crab above the entrance to a small cave with a Spotted Drum swimming around inside. We have a great display of Fans, Sponges and Coral on the way back along the wall to the boat and have 4 Atlantic Spadefish escorting us along. We have lunch and move along to Boat Cove, a great site with a resident short nosed Eel, we find a number of Spotted Eels hiding in the rocks, some Parrotfish with Squirrelfish interspaced along the reef, moving amongst these are filefish and Pufferfish with a few Porcupinefish. On the sand we have Stingrays rooting for snacks. At night after dinner we find lots of Lobsters and a multitude of Channel Crabs all dancing across the reef, The Reef Sharks are perusing the edges of our light appearing like specters and the gone again. After the dive its back on board and time for a few beers in the Hot Tub, another successful days diving, overnight we move to Stairways at North West Point ready for diving in the morning.


We have an early start today having the first dive after a continental breakfast but before a cooked one, then we have a great last dive of the charter, seeing some Reef Sharks, plenty of Jacks and Snappers, some Channel Clinging and Neck Crabs, Spotted and Green Moray Eels all before returning to Turtle Cove for a relaxing afternoon before some cheese and wine with awards for achievements during the week, before heading out to dinner.