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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Dec 12, 2015
Entry By: Belize Aggressor III Crew


Belize Aggressor III - Captains Log December 12 to 19, 2015



Air Temp: 80 fahrenheit / 27 celsius

Water Temp: 82 fahrenheit / 28 celsius

Visibility: 60-80ft



Captain: Jay

Engineer: Fermin

Instructor: Kenley

Instructor: Daniel

Chef: Yanis

Steward: Randy


Guests: Kay, Terry, Andrew, Michiyo, Kazumasa, Mary, Diane, Harry, Keiko, Yue, Michael, Yanchen, Jolyn, Mike, Hannes, Svenja.


Dive Sites:

Sunday - Sandy Slope & Amberhead

Monday - Long Caye Ridge & Painted Wall

Tuesday - Blue Hole, Island Time, & Silver Caves

Wednesday - HMC Wall & Long Caye Wall

Thursday - Tarpon Caves & Chain Wall

Friday - Front Porch


Saturday December 12th

…16 Divers joined us aboard the beautiful Belize Aggressor III. Guests began the boarding process around 3:00PM. Scuba equipment setup and each guest shown to their cabins. We had our welcome aboard briefing and champagne toast at 5:30PM.


Sunday December 13th

…The day started off with lightly overcast skies and then cleared nicely after the first dive of the day. This was our checkout dive made on the West side of Turneffe Islands Atoll. The divers were all very excited about seeing rays, groupers, lobsters, eels, pipefish, peacock flounders and many critters hiding in the reef. Several divers started their PADI enriched air diver course, while a few others rented Olympus Tough cameras to capture the marine life. The night dive was awesome - sitings included: octopus, squid, spotted moray eel, green moray eel, burrfish, yellow stingray, and much more!


Monday December 14th

…The divers awoke to Lighthouse Reef Atoll and beautiful sunny weather. Sharks, eagle rays, barracudas, black groupers and an enormous school of horse eye jacks were seen on the morning dives. The afternoon dives and night dive were lots of fun too. A free swimming green moray eel cruised the reef with many of the divers. Lettuce sea slugs, schools of sergeant majors, spot fin butterfly fish, slender filefish, painted tunicates, and bermuda chubs were just a few of the sitings by the divers.


Tuesday December 15th

…It was a Blue Hole morning - clear skies, nice air temperature, and calm winds. The dive for some would be the deepest they had made and for others just another walk in the park. Arriving the stalactites at 130FT/40M and then cruising between these magnificent formations for a few minutes it was time to start the ascent. While ascending there is not much to see; however, a spotted eagle ray did swim by to investigate the divers bubbles. Back on the surface, the divers showered then went shopping in the boutique while we motored to the Island of Half Moon Caye. Almost everyone went ashore to take in the sites and view the nesting Red Footed Boobie birds. Terry and Andrew relaxed on board the vessel catching up on some reading. For the afternoon dives we splashed in on Silver Caves. One of my favorite dive sites and for good reason. Kenley found the resident long nose sea horse standing proud on a sea plume!


Wednesday December 16th

…Another gorgeous day of weather and diving. The morning dives consisted of eagle rays, really really really friendly groupers, countless garden eels, blue parrot fish, southern stingrays and sharks! Harry was taking the Fish ID portion of his PADI AOW course and identified even more fish during his dives. The afternoon was equally impressive, with beautiful sponge filled reef walls, fantastic swim-throughs, cleaning stations for all size fish, a playful hawks bill turtle and 5 spotted moray eels.


Thursday December 17th

…Sharks, eagle rays, nassau groupers, eels, you name it we saw it. The silver sides were in “school” at Tarpon Caves! Incredible swim-throughs and the “Chimney” is a fun drop from 35FT down into the coral until it spits you out at 90FT. A nice big Hogfish was hovering atop a barrel sponge enjoying a cleaning station, allowing yours truly to capture a choice photo for the slide show. Returning back to the yacht Kay and Keiko observed a giant scorpion fish doing its thing, laying on a rock disguised as a rock! After the night dive under a moonlight night, we motored back to Turneffe Islands to check out the South End near the famous “Elbow”.


Friday December 18th

…The final two dives were made at Front Porch with incredible visibility and great marine life encounters. Free swimming green moray eels, white spot file fish, rays, and decorator crabs hanging around the gorgonians. After the dives we motored back to port. At 6PM we began the cocktail party and viewed a few photos from the week of great diving.


…Congratulations to the following divers:


Iron Divers - Jolyn, Harry, Keiko, Kay, Mike

PADI EAN40 Divers - Hannes, Svenja, Mary, Harry, Yue, Yanchen

PADI AOW Diver - Harry

SSI Photographer - Mike


Saturday December 19th

…Well that’s the week folks and at 8:00AM the crew said their good byes as the guests departed the beautiful Belize Aggressor III.


On behalf of the crew - we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!




Captain Jay Roberts