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Palau Aggressor II :


Log Date: Thursday, Dec 10, 2015
Entry By: Palau Aggressor Crew


Palau Aggressor II Boat Report

December 10-20, 2015



Capt/Photo Pro: Scott

2nd Capt: Casey

Chef: Ronnie

Stewardess: Herence

Divemaster: Ripon

Divemaster/Skiff Driver: Joe

Engineer/Divemaster: Hector


We began our 10 day charter on Thursday December 10th with 11 guest from the US and Switzerland. After boarding the vessel in the afternoon and getting settled aboard the boat we began our diving on Friday December 11th. We dove three wrecks (Helmet, Iro and Halfa-aye-Dai) and Lighthouse Channel. Highlights from these dives included WWII artifacts such as bullets, helmets, sake bottles, bow and stern guns


On Saturday the 11th we had two more guest join us and we started out at Blue Holes where we saw a thrasher and grey reef sharks, turtles, pygmy seahorse, electric scallop (disco clam) and many tropical fish amongst the sea fans and soft corals on the wall. We dropped into Turtle Cove for the 2nd dive and proceeded to descend down the chimney and out the large cavern at 70 feet. This wall was especially good for schools of a variety of fish both on the reef and throughout the water column. It also lived up to its name and we saw several turtles, some at a cleaning station. Dive 3 had us on Big Dropoff where the current was moderate and the marinelife was very active. Schooling fish were common throughout the dive along with sharks and turtles. For the 4th dive we went to German Channel on an incoming tide in hopes of seeing manta rays and they showed up in force. We estimated there were at least 10-14 all up near the surface feeding. The show was so good the whole dive was spent watching and photographing their activity.


On Sunday we started at Blue Corner and had several sharks along with schooling barracuda and jacks. The divers all hooked in and just floated in the current observing the show. From there we headed for Peleliu and spent the rest of the day diving Barracks Point North, West Wall and Orange Beach. Highlights included one very large great hammerhead shark, several turtles, and many schools of snappers, sweetlips and barracuda. With visibility of over 100 feet, everyone enjoyed a full day of diving these pristine reefs.


Monday morning we started with Peleliu Corner which had a mild current and lots of sharks, schooling barracuda, humphead parrot fish and was covered in yellow soft corals. The 2nd dive we decided to go just north of Orange beach and dove a new site we are calling Hectors Wall. This is a steep dropoff with many large sea fans, schools of fusiliers, snappers, turtles and some sharks, both grey and white tip reef. Dive 3 had us at Barracks Point where the visibility was again over 100 feet and the reef was very active with bustling reef fish amongst the hard and soft corals and at cleaning stations. Here we also saw a giant clam and a few turtles. For dive 4 and 5 we returned to Turtle Cove and had two excellent dives again. This is always a favorite site which has a great variety of reef fish, soft corals, sharks and of course, turtles.


Tuesday we decided to return to German Channel for the first dive of the day in hopes of having another great dive with the manta rays and fortunately they cooperated and put on a fantastic show. At one point we had five rays feeding up near the surface amongst a huge school of fusiliers, snappers, jacks and sea bass. There were even a couple of grey reef sharks hanging around. For the rest of the day we dove Virgin Blue Hole, New Dropoff, Ngedebus Corner and Ngedebus Coral Garden. All of these dives had over 100 feet of visibility and very active marinelife such as turtles, sharks, barracuda, and colorful soft corals and sea fans.


Wednesday was our last day in the German Channel area and we dove Blue Corner, Dexters Wall, New Drop Off, Barnums Wall and German Channel Coral Garden. Though it rained throughout the day the visibility was quite good and all the dives had very active marinelife. We saw lots of sharks, schooling reef fish, barracuda, jacks, several turtles, one octopus and an abundance of soft corals and sea fans of many colors.


On Thursday we moved to the Ulong Island area and dove Ulong Channel, siaes Corner, Ulong Wall and Ulong Coral Garden. All four of these dives were outstanding and provided us with 80-100 feet of visibility and 81-84% water. We had flat seas and brilliant sunshine throughout the day and saw loads of grey reef sharks, dog tooth tuna, threadfin jacks, schools of barred jacks and barracuda. All of these sites support a very healthy reef and the hard corals are pristine. Additional highlights on these dives was the giant clams, large school of glasseyes, octopus, humphead parrot fish, schooling fusiliers and the abundant colorful reef fish throughout all the dives.


For Friday we remained in the Ulong area and dove Siaes Tunnel, Ulong Channel, and Sandy Paradise twice. Here we observed a great variety of fish and critters. There were many highlights on these dives with some being octopus, leaf fish mantis shrimp, garden eels and numerous schools of fish. We also had schooling jacks and barracuda and an abundance of both grey and white tip sharks throughout the day.


Saturday we finished up at Jellyfish Lake and Chandelier Cave. On this sunny day both adventures were enjoyed by all.


The crew of the Palau Aggressor would like to thank all the guest for spending their vacation with us and hope to see all again soon.