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Raja Ampat Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Dec 12, 2015
Entry By: Raja Ampat Aggressor Crew


Raja Ampat Aggressor Captains log *12 – 19 Dec 2015

*Air Temp. 90 F

*Water Temp. 28 C/ 84 F

* Visibility 70ft



Captain: Niko

Cruise Director: Michal

Chief Officer: Raswan

Main Engineer: Yuly

2nd Engineer: Rahmad

Chef: Ivan

Chef Assistant: Hani

Stewardess: Linda

Waitress: Serli

Divemaster: Herry

Divemaster: Jamie

Tender Driver: Ody

Tender Driver: Carli

Deck Hand: Jasman



Su: Friwinbonda, Blue Magic, Mioskon, Saonek

Mo: Mellisas Garden, My Reef, Galaxy, Rubble Point

Tu: Black Rock, Eagle Rock, Eagle Rock, Roibe

We: Mayhem, Mangrove Ridge, Citrus Ridge, Gam Reef

Th: Manta Sandy, Manta Sandy, Arborek, Arborek

Fr: Cape Kri, Sardine




Saturday December 12th

We picked up our guests from airport and some of our guests arrived day before and stayed in different hotels around Sorong. Our guest Alicia finally arrived in late afternoon time and she was very happy she was onboard. Only 1 guest Vitalii had cancelled flight and will arrive tomorrow. We accommodated our guests in staterooms and had a lunch. After lunch we had safety brefing and we departure to central Raja Ampat. After dinner we arrived to our first location Friwinbonda.

Sunday December 13nd

After continental breakfast and briefing we had all divers in the water a check dive. This time there was a little bit of a current as low tide started but dive was still easy. We had a dive at Friwinbonda. Visibility was reaching 15 m/50 ft. We started the dive at a mini wall and in the second part of the dive we reached slope covered with fans and hard table corals. During our dive we saw: couple of nudibranch and flat worms, we also spotted bumphead parrotfish and napoleon wrasse.

Our second dive we went to Blue Magic. We jumped and descended at a sloping reef area where current are meeting. Current was strong and visibility was reaching 15 m/50 ft. We saw very big dogtooth tuna, napoleon wrasse, sweetlips fish, school of jacks, schools of surgeon fish, wobbegong shark and huge oceanic manta. As always blue magic was an amazing dive. Luis had his 100 dives and we had a small gift for him.

After lunch we went for a 3rd dive to Mioskon. There was a slow current at the beginning and visibility dropped to 10 m./33 ft. Still the fish action was pretty amazing. We saw blue fin trevalies hunting in the school of fussiliers, we saw a lot of yellow stripe snapper and big napoleon wrasse. After our dive we went to pick up our guest Vitalli, whose flight was delayed in China. Fortunately he made it safely to the boat and was happy to meet everybody.

After the dinner we were ready for a night dive at Saonek. It was very good dive as we spotted something new. It was a yellow bobtail squid with white spots. No one from our team and tourist ever seen such creature. There were also: squids, nudibranch and shrimps.


Monday December 14th    

In the morning we arrived to Penemu Island and started morning dive at Melissas Garden. We jumped in the sloping reef area with many fussiliers around. We moved down the reef spotting couple of beautiufl nudibranch, orangutan crab and black tip shark patroling the reef. Visibility was great reaching 25 m./ 80 ft and there was almost no current. We had a very good dive.

Our second dive we moved to the nearby dive site – My reef. It was a low tide and current was strong. We jumped to the water with negative entry and descended to the sloping reef. We had some huge number of fussilier all over around us. We went slowly following the current and spotted big school of sweet lips and snappers around 1 big boomie coral. We moved further and saw school of barracudas and jetties. Visibility was very good reaching 25 m./80 ft.

After lunch we took our guests for a land tour to see lagoon and view of Penemu Island area. Some of our guests decided to go for a dive and we took them to Galaxy dive site. It was very nice day full of laugh and great moods.

Evening came and time for a dinner. After dinner we made a presentation about sea horses. We had a lot of laughing as there were many funny questions from our quests. We started a night dive at Rubble Point. We spotted many pigmy creatures like: bobtail squid, pigmy cuttle fish,  


Tuesday December 15th  

In the night we moved our boat to the north just below equator there is small island Kawe. We went for a 1st dive to Black Rock. At the beginning we started to drift down the sloping area covered with black corals and many tubastrea trees. We spotted group of barracudas and jetties. Current was playing in all direction when we got to the pinnacles growing in front of our masks. We saw 2 wobbegong sharks and a lot of mantis shrimps. It was an exceptional diving, area of black reef is different from what you normally sea in Central Raja Ampat or Misool area.

Second dive we started in strong current. The new moon made some really big tides amplitudes and we had some raving currents in the early afternoon time. We had been drifting with the current making our way next to big pinnacles covering the bottom of Eagle Rock. The dive site is an amazing spot with soft bright acropora corals, black coral, tubastrea trees and gorgonian sea fans all around big pinnacles and the sloping area of the site. It was not an easy dive but we had a chance to spot big number of fussiliers, spade fish, sweet lips, snappers, bumphead parrotfish and big napoleon wrasse. This dive is often visitied by oceanic mantas, but perphaps we had to drift we didnt spot any.

We decided to give a try and dive again at Eagle Rock as current slowed down after lunch and we were expecting to see mantas. Almost 40 minutes of our dive we were watching beautiful reef and some great number of different species of fish when we finally spotted oceanic mantas!!! There were 3 or 4 coming from different directions and as the visibility wasnt very good we were taken by surprise by mantas. It was mind blowing dive with average current and visibility reaching 15m./ 50 ft.

After the dive we moved our boat to Roibe Island. We started our dinner and after we showed presentation about raja ampat. After presentation we had few divers going for a night dive and we watched a comedy with some of our guests who decided to stay on the boat. During night dive our guests spotted nudibranch, crabs and shrimps.


Wednesday December 16th

In the night we moved Aggressor to the beautiful bay in between Yanageffo and Gam Islands. Our 1st dive did at Mayhem. When we went down we spotted big group of fussiliers and jack fish. We went behind the corner of a sea mount and went slowly to the shallower part of the reef. There was a big boomie with glass fish all around it. Below the boomie we spotted wobbegong shark. We went further to the top of a sea mount and spotted school of spade fish and surgeons. Later at the end of the dive we spotted 1 more wobbegong shark. Visibility was good reaching 20 m./66 ft and there was no current.

Second dive we went to Mangrove Ridge. We went down to the sloping area and slowly moved down the ridge. Visibility was reaching 15 m./46 ft and current was average strenght. We spotted many macro: nudibranch, shrimps, spider crab and ornate pipe fish. There was also couple of bigger fish like: sweetlips, snappers and napoleon wrasse.

After the dive and lunch we took down canoes and gave our guests opportunity to enjoy some exploration time of the lagoon with beautiful mangrove forests around. We started our 3rd dive afternoon at Citrus Ridge. We went down and made our way around the ridge covered with some citrus colour soft corals. We spotted 2 schools of barracudas, spade fish and wobbegong shark. We also saw many nudibranch and macro creatures. Visibiilty was reaching 15 m./46 ft and there was a very mild current.

After dinner we showed presentation about misterious disapearance of Michael Rockeffeler in Papua and went for a night dive. Night dive was at Gam Reef and we spotted walking shark and many other macro stuff: there was couple of nudibranch, shrimps and crabs.

Thuersday December 17th

In the morning we moved to Manta Sandy, where we did 2 dives. During first dive we didnt spot manta unfrotunately, we saw wobbegong shark instead and many macro stuff: like servens pygmy sea horse and pegasus sea moth. During second dive we spotted 7 mantas and dive was just great.

After lunch we moved the boat to Arborek Island and started our 3rd dive. We had a nice dive, taking pictures below Arborek Jetty, where we spotted group of spade fish, lion fish, scorpion fish and fusiliers. We went to the reef where we spotted pontohi sea horse and giant clams. Visibility was reaching 15 m./50 ft and there was an average strenght current.

After dinner we watched slideshow from our trip. Alicia and Oren were very kind and shared some of the pictures they did. We went for a night dive to Arborek Jetty. It was a great last night dive of our trip. Some of our guests decided to stay and watch comedy.


Friday December 18th

Last day of our trip we dived twice. We went to Sardine Reef where we spotted thousands of fish. We had a strong current during this dive. We went down in a perfect spot in a spliting point of the currents. We saw barracudas, black tip sharks, schools of spade fish, school of oceanic triggerfish, school of surgeons, napoleon wrasse and bumpheads. It was unforgatable dive.

Last dive after breakfast we did at Cape Kri. It was also an amazing dive. We didnt have a lot of current. We could slowly dive moving down the sloping reef. Fish was moving very slowly and was waiting for a current to start so we could come very close to them and take some good shots. There were: grey reef sharks, black tip sharks, bumpheads, giant sweet lips and much much more. It was a great last dive.

After diving we rinsed gear and had a lunch, time for rest and dinner. After dinner we watched video from our week and went all together to sun deck for a farewel party. We gave awards to our guests. Alicia, Luis and Rut got milestone awards as they did 100 dives with us. Michal and Zuzana got close Family Award and YC with Ami got best dive team award. We stayed some time at sun deck and went for a rest.


Saturday December 19th

In the morning we said our farewells to our guests and send them to hotels and airport. It was a great 7 day trip and we made new friends and had a very good time. We hope to see you again!