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Turks & Caicos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Dec 19, 2015
Entry By: Turks & Caicos Aggressor Crew


Turks & Caicos Aggressor II
Captain’s Log
19 December – 26 December 2015

Air temperature:  85° - 89° F
Water temperature:  80° - 82° F
Visibility:  50 – 120 feet

Captain:  MARC POVEY
Instructor: GRANT PATTEN

Rob, Barbara, Mark, Susan, Karyn, Joan, Jane, Erin, Lee, Tim, Peter, Joane, Stephen, Gary, Lindsey, Tom, Lou, Katie
Sunday     – Eel Garden, The Crack, Amphitheatre – NWPT,
Monday     – Brandywine, Magic Mushroom- West Caicos
Tuesday    – White Face, Gullies West Caicos
Wednesday    – Rock and Roll, G-Spot– French Cay: R.G.I. West Caicos
Thursday     – Boat Cove, Elephant Ear - West Caicos : The Dome, NWPT
Friday     – The Dome, Two Step - NWPT

Saturday afternoon and we have everybody on board, introductions are made and we all get to know each other, we settle down for dinner and watch the light show in Turtle Cove Marina, where the Christmas light Boat show is in full effect. After the show the boat settles in for the night.

Sunday morning, we have moved round to North West Point for the first couple of dives at Eel Garden, here we check out everybody’s equipment and ensure the correct weighting for everybody. Once everyone is settled we have a fun couple of dives, encountering a large Hawksbill Turtle, a couple of Caribbean Reef Sharks and lot of Garden Eels in the large Sand patch that the site is named for. After we have lunch we move down to Amphitheatre a fantastic site, we stay here for 3 dives including the night dive, these are broken up with some amazing food form our Chef including Mahi Mahi for dinner, during these dives we encounter more Reef Sharks, we have an Ocellate Swimming Crab, several Channel Clinging Crabs, lots of Anemones, Tiger Tails abound, slinking out from small crevices to feel across the seabed, in the smaller holes we have Shrimp normally found in amongst the corkscrew Anemones. After the night dive we greet our guests back aboard with a hot towel and even hotter chocolate with a dash of Cream Rum.

Monday we move across to West Caicos and moor at Brandywine. After a couple of beautiful dives investigating the wall and mantle with vast numbers of Jacks and Snappers brightening the scenery, Reef Sharks cruising the wall and Morays and Tile fish peeking out from under and behind the rocks and corals, we move along to Magic Mushroom, another good site with lots of fun and interesting critters to find along the way, these dives are an exception, amongst all the fantastic regular creatures, the Shrimp, Lobsters, Crabs Butterfly fish, Eels and Sharks, much to everyone’s delight we find a rarity along the top of the wall, A Seahorse, black with white stripes, moving from branch to branch, A fantastic find.

The next morning we move down to Spanish Anchor, this is a really fun site with plenty to enjoy, there is a great swim through here that takes you from the top of the wall at around 50 feet and brings you out next to the lodged anchor at 80 feet, where the vista down into the abyss becomes clear with some sand ledges disappearing in the outstanding visibility. We find some Atlantic Spade fish circling at the edge of the wall, plenty of squirrel fish and Parrot fish working along the mantle, the resident Reef sharks cruise the edge of the deep, the Garden Eels are out pointing the way and we have some yellow headed Jaw fish bopping to their own beat.  After the dive we have an amazing Mexican feast and move to Gullies, a site with a number of sand chutes down to the deep, with one major chute that make a great if somewhat depth deceptive swim through. As we enter the water the resident large Female Reef Shark comes to investigate and the intermittently joins us for our time under the waves. We have a fantastic display of Coral with vibrant colours, Arrow line Crabs can be found in the small nooks along with Lobsters, Clinging Crabs, lots of Anemones some with Shrimp hiding in them, some French and Queen Angel fish are moving around the reef as we pass. After the dives and hot chocolate we head off for an early night ready to rise fresh for French Cay in the morning.

We are French Cay bound as the first settings for Breakfast are -served, Mooring at Rock and Roll as breakfast is finished, everyone is given time to get ready for the 1st dive here, we are the only boat in sight, Entering the water we head down quickly to sublime conditions below, the water is warm, current nonexistent, visibility outstanding, straight away we have a very young three foot Nurse shark swim through the group. Following along we head to the wall, finding Lion fish, Morays, Tiger Tails, there are multiple lobsters and Crabs along the way, as we head down the wall we are met by a young two and a half foot Reef Shark, soon accompanied by a five footer. There are more Lion fish as we head back to the boat and a few Porcupine fish with a little Burr fish too. Back under the boat we meet a Friendly inquisitive 5 foot Reef Shark that spends 10-15 minutes swimming in, out and through our stationary group, making eye contact at times from as close as 10 inches, A thoroughly exhilarating experience! After this we decide to move down to G-Spot, the next site along, where we have another fantastic dive with the amazing location and creatures of French Cay.