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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Dec 26, 2015
Entry By: Belize Aggressor III Crew


Belize Aggressor III Captain’s Log
Dec 26 – Jan 2, 2016
Sea State: choppy
Air Temp: 80F
Avg. Water Temp: 80F
Avg. Visibility: 80ft
Capt. Chris
Chef Anna
Stewardess Vanessa
Instructors: Jerome, Daniel, & Andre
Saturday Nov 28, 2015
3:00pm Guests board
4:30pm Safety briefing and introductions
6:00 Dinner is served!

The Balthasar Family from Switzerland had the entire vessel for our NEW YEAR Charter! This week’s guests included Patrick & Kikou Balthasar, their children and grandchildren…Romaine, Cedric, Myriam, Nicolas, Jessica, Julia, Max, Loane, Sam, Zoe B., Marion, Arthur, Timothee, and Zoe E.

While only 6 of our guests went diving, everyone else enjoyed swimming, snorkeling, and relaxing around the boat. There was a lot to see under water, at the surface, and even from above the surface! We had dolphins swimming alongside the boat when we were tied up at Sandy Slope, and while motoring between dive sites. We also spotted several turtles as they surfaced for air, and as we waited for the divers to return from the Blue Hole dive, we saw huge splashes as an Eagle Ray jumped out of the water.

As the divers submerged, the snorkelers followed above, or headed off into the shallows to explore the reefs.

Dive/Snorkeling Sites:
Sandy Slope
Long Caye Ridge
Julie’s Jungle
Silver Caves
Long Caye Wall
Eel Town (BAIII Night Mooring)
Painted Wall
Half Moon Caye Wall
Blue Hole

Both divers and snorkelers got to experience the great underwater world that Belize has to offer. We had several sightings of Eagle Rays, and even had one come right up under the divers at Painted Wall and swim along for several minutes before taking off into the deep. We had several shark sightings by both divers and snorkelers as a Caribbean Reef shark swam along the top of the reef at Long Caye Wall, and 2 others along the wall at Silver Caves. In the shallows, the snorkelers saw a total of 7 nurse sharks on their snorkeling expeditions.

For 3 days in a row, it seemed that the turtles were playing a game with us, as they would pop up to the surface behind the boat as soon as the divers and snorkelers would get back on board. Luckily, as the week went on, we had great encounters, both snorkeling and diving with Hawksbills, a loggerhead, and green turtles. At Long Caye Ridge and Silver Caves a hawksbill swam right up amidst the divers and hanged around for several minutes. At Eel town a relatively small Loggerhead (which is still a big turtle) swam pass a couple divers before heading off into the grass beds. The snorkelers hung above as a little hawksbill fed on the reef in the shallows at Long Caye Wall.
On several dives we were escorted by black and Nassau groupers who would follow (or lead) divers as we went along the walls.
There were countless eel sightings this week…we saw several green morays, spotted morays, and even a juvenile golden tail. At Painted wall a massive green moray swam up to the camera lens and then took off down the wall. There was at least one eel sighting on every dive.

Also on every dive, we would see the abundance of reef fish and beautiful corals. You could almost guarantee barracudas, trumpetfish, lots of parrotfish, sergeant majors, Bermuda chubs, damselfish, Angelfish, triggerfish, squirrelfish, snappers, jacks, Creole wrasse, trumpetfish, lionfish, and groupers swimming around the reefs. And for the macro lovers, we found numerous neck crabs, arrow crabs, blennies, gobies, cleaning stations, and shrimp. Of course everyone loved the sea horse we found, and people were amazed at the skeleton shrimp, gaudy clown crab, flounder, pipefish, scorpionfish, and wire coral shrimp we found.

On Monday and Wednesday afternoon we headed over to Half Moon Caye Natural Monument for our island excursion and to have some fun in the sun. Most of the kids (and adult kids), spent the day snorkeling, exploring the bird sanctuary, hanging out on the beach, swimming, and even found time for a game of soccer.
We closed off the week with a dive and snorkel at the Great Blue Hole. As our divers descending to the depths below, our snorkelers swam along the coral rim that surrounds this famous dive site. Below  they swam amongst massive stalactite formations that took thousands of years to form when this site was a cave above water; while the snorkelers saw the abundance of fish and corals that make this an extremely colourful and beautiful spot to snorkel.

We had a wonderful week with this wonderful family. We hope to see you again someday.

We would like to thank Patrick for choosing the Belize Aggressor III to bring his family to celebrate his 70th birthday, also, Happy Birthday to Romaine who celebrated her birthday this week.