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Kona Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Dec 26, 2015
Entry By: Kona Aggressor Crew


Kona Aggressor II
 Captain’s Log * December 26- January 2
1st Captain Brad
2nd Captain Misha
3rd Captain Jeremy
Chef Tom
Instructor Dave
Instructor Amanda
Laura, Rob, Delia, Robert, Michael, Karyna, Mike, Fredda, Tom, Katy, Max, Michael.
Sunday – Kalokos Arches, Garden Eel Cove
Monday – Amphitheater, Rob’s Reef
Tuesday – Paradise Pinnacle, Manuka bay
Wednesday – Land of OZ, Pele’s Playground, The Hive
Thursday – Au Au Crater , The Dome, Pelagic Magic
Friday – Turtle Pinnacle

Saturday evening we welcomed aboard guests from across United States. Once everyone was safely on board the guests had the opportunity to introducing themselves during dinner and drinks. Later the captain gave a boat safety briefing, and talked about our travel and dive plans for the week.

Sunday morning we headed north from Kona and stopped by Kalokos Arches for our checkout dives. The group was comfortable in the water and soon started exploring the dive site. Highlights on this dive were endemic potter’s angelfish, yellow nunu trumpet fish, and a spotted box fish. During lunch we continued north to Garden Eel Cove. During the afternoon dives we came across a congregation of square-spot goatfish, garden eels, teardrop butterfly fish, and a flagtail filefish. The first night dive was the exciting manta night dive! Below the surface conditions were great with no current and little surge. Guest enjoyed the seven Manta Rays soaring across the beams of their lights for the duration of our dive.

Monday we woke up and began heading south to Amphitheater. Some highlights during the day were our Raccoon Butterfly Fish, a gold lace nudibranch, undulated moray, and some endemic Hawaiian multiband butterfly fish. After lunch we continued south to Rob’s Reef. That afternoon divers spotted a Hawaiian green sea turtle, pair of decoy scorpion fish, dwarf morays, zebra moray and a viper moray. That evening we splashed again at Robs Reef to see chocolate dip chromis, Hawaiian dascyluss and a big peacock flounder hiding in the sand.

Tuesday morning we continued south towards Paradise Pinnacle. The divers enjoyed the large pinnacle hiding lots of wildlife. Some highlights were threadfin butterflies, day octopus and longnose hawk fish. After lunch we headed further south to Manuka Bay. That afternoon divers had the chance to see zebra moray, leaf scorpion fish and peacock flounder. Highlights on the diver were marbled shrimp, sculpted slipper lobsters, Hawaiian coral croucher, and a common guard crab.  

Wednesday At sunrise we left Manuka Bay with a pod of spinner dolphins ridding our bow. Soon we were soon tied up at Land of OZ for the first two dive sites of the day. Highlights on this dive were bullet head parrot fish, chocolate dip damsel and a spotted eagle ray! We turned our adventures around during lunch and headed north up the coast, stopping for a one tank dive at Pele’s Playground. Conditions were great for this particular wall dive and divers were ready to hit the water. Below we spotted many different types of butterfly fish, such as, pyramid butterfly, raccoon butterfly, milletseed butterfly, oval butterfly, reticulated butterfly fish, teardrop and a common longnose as well. Later that afternoon we tied up for our night dive at The Hive. Everyone agreed it was one of the best night dive experiences they’ve had. Below we found a sleeping green sea turtle, banded spiny lobster, regal spiller lobster, crescent octopus and decoy scorpion fish. Today was an awesome day underwater!  

Thursday: This morning we made our way to Au Au Crater. Another spectacular wall dive experience. Highlights on this dive were school so multiband butterfly fish, threadfin butterfly, spotted boxfish, and gold laced nudibranch. During lunch we traveled south for our two afternoon dives at The Dome. Below the surfaces divers explored the domed shaped cavern where a white tip reef shark was found sleeping. Other highlights of the dive were day octopus, yellow margin moray, peacock grouper and a longspine porcupine fish. That evening, as the guest where having dinner, the KAII motored into the sunset to settle 3 miles off shore for our Pelagic Magic black water dive!

Friday the Kona Aggressor II headed out towards our final dives at Turtle Pinnacle. Some of the highlights below were titan scorpion fish, two spot lizard fish, along with large schools of raccoon butterfly and domino damsel fish! After our dives we enjoyed a BBQ style lunch on the sundeck as we made our way back to the port.

That evening we celebrated our Iron Divers of the week! Everyone enjoyed the cocktail party on the sun deck while watching a beautiful sunset sink below the horizon. During the evening guest went on land for dinner and live entertainment!

Saturday we say goodbye to our new friends. We wish everyone safe travels and a big Mahalo from the crew. We hope to see everyone back onboard the Kona Aggressor II for another great week of diving!   

Kona Aggressor Crew