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Kona Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Dec 19, 2015
Entry By: Kona Aggressor Crew


The Kona Aggressor II
DATES: December 19th-26th 2015
GUESTS: Charlee, Carol, Ed, Marsha, Andy, Amy, Hezheng, Steven, Tim, Jiachen, Debbie, Patricia, Liz
CREW: Captain Brad, 2nd Captain Misha, 3rd Captain Jeremy, Dive Instructors Dave & Amanda, Chef Thomas
DIVE SITES: The Dome, Rob’s Reef, Paradise Pinnacle, Catacomb, Manuka Bay, The Hive, Lion’s Den, Pelagic Magic, Shark Fin Rock, Manta Ray Village, Aquarium, Garden Eel Cove, Turtle Pinnacle.

SATURDAY: The Kona Aggressor II arrived to the pier to welcome our 13 new divers! This week we had divers traveling from Florida to Nova Scotia and the United Kingdom. After everyone was safely onboard we headed to our mooring for dinner and drinks. In the evening the Captain talked about boat safety and discussed our weeks travel and dive plans for Christmas week!  

SUNDAY: At sunrise we began our journey north to The Dome. Conditions were great for our check out dives and a little underwater exploration.  Highlights on this dive were day octopus, raccoon butterfly fish and a stripped belly puffer! Our next dive destination was farther south at Rob’s Reef. Highlights on this dive were Hairy Yellow Hermit Crab, Decoy Scorpion Fish Dwarf Morey. That evening guest came across a sleeping white tip reef shark!    

MONDAY:  This morning we continued our journey south towards Paradise Pinnacle. Amazing visibility and no current, our divers were excited as they hit the water for their first two dives of the day. Below the surface divers spotted a long nose hawk fish, gold laced nudibranch and a garden of Hawaiian garden eels.  After lunch we continued down the coast towards south point. We stopped for the afternoon and evening dives at Manuka Bay. Highlights at this site were peacock flounder, bicolor anthias, and great barracuda. During our night dive divers had the chance to see a jeweled anemone crab, spanish dancer, and sculptured slipper lobster.

TUESDAY:  This morning we made a special dawn dive at Manuka Bay. The guests were up and ready before sunrise as we splashed before dawn. Below we came across viper morays, sleeping parrot fish and a hairy yellow hermit crab. Chef Thomas served brunch once everyone was on board, and we turned the Kona Aggressor II around and headed north. Our next two dives of the day were at The Hive. As Instructor Dave was teaching a Peak Performance Buoyancy course, the rest of the group dove with Amanda heading through arch ways and coral fields. Below the surface we came across spiny lobsters, orange spine unicorn fish, day octopus, and pyramid butterfly fish. For our fourth dive of the day we continued south to Lion’s Den. Highlights on this dive were Hawaiian red lion fish, red stripped pipefish, and dwarf morays. During dinner the Kona Aggressor II traveled 3 miles of shore for our black water dive known as Pelagic Magic!

WEDNESDAY: This morning we headed to Shark Fin Rock. Below the surface we found stripped belly puffers, pustulose phyllidia nudibranch, peacock grouper and banded cleaner shrimp. That afternoon we made our way to Manta Ray Village. After lunch divers re-entered the water to see two scallop hammerhead sharks, day octopus, snake eel and devil scorpion fish. That evening we splashed again for our Manta night dive! With a full moon and clear water the dive easy to navigate. While under the surface we had 2 beautiful female manta rays spend the hour swimming around our bubbles and through the beam of our underwater lights.

THURSDAY: Christmas Eve conditions were great, with excellent visibility and light surface current at Aquarium, for our first to dives of the day. Below the surface divers spotted raccoon butterfly fish, orange mouth lizard fish and a long spine porcupine fish. A few other highlights on this dive were the harlequin shrimp, gold laced nudibranch and blue trevally!

FRIDAY:  We finished our last two dives of the week at a great location named Turtle Pinnacle.  We had great diving conditions for Christmas Day. Water was clear, with no current and calm seas. Below divers casually explored the pinnacle to find schools blue trevally, pyramid butterfly fish, devil scorpion fish and day octopus. After our dives Chef Thomas prepared lunch on the sundeck. Here guest relaxed for the afternoon and enjoy the holiday. Later that evening guest joined the crew for a hui ho party during sunset. That evening guest went ashore for reservations set for an excellent Christmas dinner.

Saturday: Today we say goodbye to our friends as they travel back across the globe. It was a wonderful way to spend the holidays! A big MAHALO and Merry Christmas from the crew of Kona Aggressors II! We hope to see everyone back on board for another week of diving of the island of Hawaii!