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Log Date: Saturday, Dec 26, 2015
Entry By: Thailand Aggressor Crew


                    Thailand Aggressor Captain’s Log                    
26 December 2015 – 02 January 2016
Thailand - Myanmar
*Air Temp.  30c
*Water Temp. 28c
* Visibility 25m
Captain: Tui
Cruise Director: Gabriel
Assistant Cruise Director: Clive
Engineer: Bao
Second Captain: Rong
Deck hand: Nin
Chef: Phorn
Chef: Phorn
Divemaster: Ashley
Video / Photo Pro: Deaw
Steward: Anny

Guests:  Patrick, Richard, Charles, Susan, Alan, Josephine, Van Hiep, John, Paul, Janet, Warren, Charles, Marcy, Takae, William, Latte

Sunday – Northern Rocky, Western Rocky
Monday – Crawfish Cave, Eagles Nest, Fan Forest, Frog Rock x 2
Tuesday –  In Through the Outdoor, South Flanker, Vagabond Rock, Out Through the Indoor.
Wednesday – Black Rock x 4
Thursday – Shark Cave, Rocky 1  
Friday – Richelieu Rock, Boon Sung  

Saturday 26th December 2015

Our guests arrived around 17:00 and were excited for the beginning of the trip. We had a lovely dinner and went early to bed.

Sunday 27th December 2015

After stopping by immigration we had a relaxing day at sea heading towards the Northern and Western Rocky.  The checkout dive went well, and we got to see a few cuttlefish and several scorpion fish.  The night dive at Western Rocky was also very pretty.  The site was covered in beautiful soft corals varying in colors such as orange, pink, purple, and yellow. We saw harlequin shrimp, tapestry shrimp, and a free swimming seahorse.  

Monday 28th December 2015

Today we enjoyed swimming through Crawfish Cave where we saw big lobsters and two harlequin shrimp hiding in a crevice on a sea star.   The high light of the day was the third dive at Fan Forest. Many beautiful sea fans covering the sides of the pinnacle surrounded by trevally, snapper, and other schools of fish.

Tuesday 29th December 2015

The first dive, a site called in through the Outdoor, began with a swim through a tall crevice that lead us to the lively reef. Here we saw cuttlefish and a sleeping marble ray. Later, at Vagabond, we found four spotted morays sharing a crack in the rock with only their heads poking out. There were also many nudis, scorpion fish, jacks and trevallies.

Wednesday 30th December 2015

We spent the entire day and all four dives at Black Rock. The guests enjoyed getting familiar with this site and exploring. The best dive was the fourth when we saw two octopuses, several large jellyfish, nudibranchs, cuttlefish, tunas, giant and a zebra moray eel.

Thursday 31st December 2015

Today we only did two dives, which were both quite nice.  At Shark Cave we saw s a giant moray eel having its gills cleaned by a shrimp. The second dive was at Rocky 1, where we were fortunate enough to spot an orange frogfish tucked away in an overhang.  Afterwards, we headed to Kawthaung where the guests enjoyed a land tour at Victoria Point.

Friday 01st January 2016

Richelieu Rock, our first dive, is known to be Thailand’s most beautiful dive site. The site is covered in vibrant soft corals and many schools of fish. The next site, Boon Sung, is a wreck dive where we saw a giant honeycomb moray eel and also juvenile zebra eel. We arrived in Thaplamu at 5pm where we moored up for the night, had a lovely bbq, and then the guests went to sleep.

Saturday 02nd January 2016

We woke up and had breakfast. We said our farewells and the guests departed the Thailand Aggressor at 8am.