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Log Date: Friday, Dec 11, 2015
Entry By: Indo Aggressor crew


Captain’s Log Alor 11th December-21st December 2015



Renee, Phillippe, Sylvie, Gerald, Ursula, Kay, Tina, Cameron, Jessea, Ruby and Rohan



Captain: Kasim

Cruise Director: Rob

Guides: Rob, Niko and Seno

Head steward: Rizal

Chef: Totok



Saturday: Babylon, Clown Fish Valley, Mucky Mosque, Mini Wall

Sunday: Sharks Galore, School’s Out, Kalabahi Reef, Spanish Steps

Monday: Beangabang x4

Tuesday: Kambing x1, Lapan x2

Wednesday: Bachatan Ledge, Komba

Thursday: Serbete x2, Gadong

Friday: Babi, Panga Batang, Japanese Wreck

Saturday: Japanese Wreck, Pula Besaar x3

Sunday: Panga Batang x2



Temperature: Air 35 Water 29-21 Celsius


Friday 11th December 2015

Today is arrival day on board the Komodo dancer and with great excitement we welcomed 11 new guests on board. We have guests from USA, Switzerland, Austria, Australia, Netherlands, China and Singapore. Due to the late arrival of guests there was no diving today however we enjoyed a wonderful dinner together and began getting to know one another.


Saturday 12th December

In the early hours of the morning we began the short journey from Kalabahi Bay to Ternate Island the location of our check out dive. A beautiful site known as Babylon. An impressive wall with a diversity of corals and reef fish. Highlights included a white tip reef shark, hawksbill turtles and a variety of reef fish.

We then moved to Pura Island and a site known as Clown Fish Valley. A truly unique site with anemones stretching as far as the eye can see. Other highlights included nudibranchs, red sea apples and ribbon eels.

We then moved back into Kalabahi Bay for some muck diving at a site known as Mucky Mosque. Highlights included thorny seahorse, ornate ghostpipe fish, ribbon eels and nudibranches.

We then did a twilight dive on a site known as Mini Wall where we hoped to find Mandarin fish. We had an incredible dive with many spawning mandarin fish. Other highlights included nudibranchs, carrier crabs, decorator crabs and bobtail squid.

Sunday 13th December

We began our day back at Pura Island this time on the northern side. Our first dive of the day was at Sharks Galore. A beautiful slope with fabulous corals. Highlights included many black tip reef sharks as well as schooling sweetlips, fuseliers, surgeon fish and snappers.

We then dived at School’s Out. another healthy reef full of life.Wew had some fierce current to deal with which made for an adrenaline filled dive.

We then moved back to Alor Island and dived Kalabahi reef. Unfortunately we had some moderate current and poor visibility however we still managed to find a spotted eagle ray and a hairy octopus.

Our night dive was back in Kalabahi Bay at Spanish Steps. Highlights included Spanish dancers, bobtail squid, many cuttlefish as well as carrier and decorator crabs.

Monday 14th December

We moved across to Pantar Island and a bay known as Beangabang. We enjoyed 4 incredible muck dives in the Bay. Highlights included painted frogfish, ocelated frogfish, hairy frogfish, hairy octopus, Wunderpus, mimic octopus, coconut octopus, matoti, a variety of snake eels, bobtail squid and so much more. An incredible site that never fails to deliver.

As well as a full day of diving we also enjoyed a land excursion to visit the local children and the hot springs.

Tuesday 15th December

We travelled around the south of Pantar Island and then north into the strait between Pantar and Kawula. Our destination Kambing Island the location of today’s diving. We had hoped to do a site known for its sightings of mola mola unfortunately on arrival the currents made the side unsafe. We dived a safer site sadly the forces of nature were against us and visibility was not ideal. However we had a relaxed dive with an assortment of reef fish and sightings of Spanish mackerels and orangutan crabs.

Due to conditions we left Kambing Island and headed for Lapan Island. We did two drift dives on the wall of the island. Visibility was slightly improved and we enjoyed some beautiful coral as well as a fair number of hawksbill turtles and green turtles with one group even seeing a rare leatherback turtle.

Wednesday 16th December

We moved west for most of the night arriving at Bachatan in time for a morning dive. Bachatan Ledge is a great wall dive that transforms into a ledge. Highlights included white tip reef sharks, cuttlefish and pygmy seahorses.

We then headed north for Komba Volcano. A definite highlight of this trip is an opportunity to get close to an active volcano. Sadly for the first time in years we arrived at the volcano to find her smoking but not erupting. We did however have one of the best dives of the trip. Highlights included scalloped hammerheads, schooling barracuda and amazing quantities of anthias.

Thursday 17th December

Overnight we moved south west towards Adonara Island. Our first two dives were on the wall of an island called Serbete. Not the greatest visibility however we did see a large marble ray and a collection of reef fish.

We the moved to Gadong unfortunately the wind picked up creating large swells so we only managed an afternoon dive and had to forego our night dive. However we did find an array of nudibranchs, pygmy sea horses, hairy squat lobsters and leaf scorpion fish.

Friday 18th December

We travelled all night under difficult conditions. Strong winds and rain hit us from the north west so a few guests needed sea sick pills. However by the early hours we managed to find shelter behind Babi Island. The rain had stopped but it was very overcast. We began our day diving off Babi Island highlights included juvenile balck tip reef sharks, denises pygmy seahorses as well as an array of udibranchs.

The rain then started falling hard and we moved to Pangabatang where we did our next two dives. Although above the surface we had lots of rain underneath was beautiful. Highlights included marble rays, white tip reef sharks and the largest Spanish dancer anyone has ever seen.

We then moved to Wodong and did our night dive on the Japanese Wreck. Highlights included ornate ghostpipe fish, nudis and a variety of crustaceans.

Saturday 19th December

We began our day in Wodong planning to dive the Japanese wreck in the daylight. Highlights included ornate ghostpipe fish, large grouper and painted lobster.

We then moved to Pulu Besaar and enjoyed 2 dives on a steep slope. Highlights included white tip reef shark, hawksbill turtle, black tip reef shark, dogtooth tuna, painted frogfish and orangutan crabs.

Our night dive was also highly productive. Highlights included big fin squid, nudibranchs, cuttlefish decorator crab and a juvenile stonefish.

Sunday 20th December

Sadly it is our final day of diving together we had hoped to reach an atoll north of Maumere however large swells made the crossing impossible. We returned to the safety of Pangabatang and did our final dives on the wall surrounding the island. Highlights included cuttlefish, ornate ghostpipe fish, spearing mantis shrimp and nudibranchs.

We then enjoyed a hearty lunch as we began the journey to our final destination of Maumere. In the late afternoon we had a farewell cocktail party followed by our final dinner together. All our guests leave early tomorrow morning with great memories of a wonderful trip together.