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Log Date: Saturday, Jan 02, 2016
Entry By: Thailand Aggressor Crew


Thailand Aggressor Captain’s Log                    

2-9 January 2016

North Andaman Sea


*Air Temp. 30c

*Water Temp. 29c

* Visibility 25m



Captain: Tui

Cruise Director: Gabriel

Assistant Cruise Director: Ashley

Engineer: Bao

Second Captain: Rong

Chef: Phorn

Video / Photo Pro: Deaw

Steward: Tong


Guests: Janet, Chris, Natalia, Ksenia, Daniel, Alexander, Kate



Sunday – Anita’s Reef, Shark Fin Reef, West of Eden, Anita’s Reef

Monday – Deep Six, Elephant Rock, Breakfast Bend, Donald Duck Rock

Tuesday – North Point, Christmas Point, Koh Bon x 2

Wednesday – Koh Bon, Tachai Pinnacle, Tachai Reef x 2

Thursday - Richelieu Rock x 4

Friday – Tachai, Koh Bon


Saturday 02nd January 2016

The guests arrived at the Thailand Aggressor at 5pm. We introduced them to the boat with a welcome briefing in the saloon. They had dinner, and then went to bed.


Sunday 03rd January 2016

Our check dive at Anita’s Reef went especially well today where we saw a sea snake, a blue spotted boxfish, and a hawksbill turtle. The second dive was at Shark Fin Reef, named for its appearance as the top part of the site protrudes out of the water and reminded earlier divers of a shark fin breaking the surface. The guests were pleased to find that the site was covered in many beautiful sea fans and bright, colorful soft corals. Here there was a massive giant moray eel and a fosters hawk fish. One guest was particularly enthusiastic about spotting a clown triggerfish near the end of the dive.


Monday 04th January 2016

We started the day at a site called Deep Six where we saw a blue dragon nudibranch, many gobies, and big school of bright blue fusiliers. The most popular dive of the day took place at Elephant Head Rock, named for the elephant shaped rock that marks the site. Here we went as deep as 33 meters, then slowly made our way back up around the massive rocks and through the swim throughs. One of our guests was happy to have seen his first cuttlefish on this dive. We also saw a blue spotted stingray and an oriental sweet lips.

Tuesday 05th January 2016

Our morning dive at North Point was very nice. While observing the whip coral closely, we were able to spot tiny whip coral shrimp and gobies. We also saw some large tunas, a mantis shrimp, and a school of yellow snapper. The favorite site of the day was at Koh Bon where we did a day dive and a night dive. During the day dive we saw many schooling fish, such as snapper, trevally, and glass fish and also an enormous jellyfish. Of course the best part was when we saw the manta ray! At night the sight was still teeming with life. There were several free swimming giant moray eels in search of their next meal, a sea snake, a barracuda, a lobster, and many tiny crabs and shrimp.


Wednesday 06th January 2016

We repeated Koh Bon on our first dive and it was beautiful as always. Our second dive today was at a site called Tachai Pinnacle. It’s a deep pinnacle, as deep as 33 meters at some spots, covered in larger fish such as grouper and yellow fin jack fish. We saw many healthy, colorful sea fans and soft coral. Towards the end of the dive we spotted two octopus on a rock which remained in plain sight while the guests took photos. The last two dives were at Tachai Reef where we spotted a blue spotted stingray, a white eyed moray eel, and dozens of anemone fish.


Thursday 07th January 2016

Today we spent the entire day at Richelieu Rock, one of Thailand’s most famous dive sites. The site is marked by the top of the pinnacle which is visible only during low tide. The pinnacle is a horseshoe figure which falls steeply to the sand bottom at a depth as low as 35 meters. It is covered in beautiful sea fans, soft corals, and anemones. While diving Richelieu Rock we spotted several cuttlefish throughout the day, oftentimes they were mating or laying eggs. One of the guides found a very pretty tiger tale seahorse clinging to a sea fan. A guest had a rare find when she shone her light in a crevice and spotted two jan pipefish, also known as a cleaner pipefish.


Friday 08th January 2016

The guests enjoyed their dives at Tachai and Koh Bon. We saw several oriental sweet lips, a blue spotted ray, and a huge barracuda. After the dives, we had a relaxing day at sea and arrived in Thaplamu at 5pm. At 7pm the guests enjoyed a BBQ and received awards for their week’s achievements.

Saturday 09th January 2016

The guests woke up and had a hot breakfast. We said our farewells and they departed the Thailand Aggressor at 8:30am.