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Turks & Caicos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Nov 07, 2015
Entry By: Turks & Caicos Aggressor Crew


Turks & Caicos Aggressor II

November 7 – 14 2015

Water Temp: 82

Visibility: 80 ft



Diana & Andy, Giorgio & Simona, Tara, Bean, Diane, Eileen, Bob & Marcia, Matt & Kim, Mike, Chris, John, Jim, Kuty, Kyle


Crew: Amanda – Captain

Marc – 2nd Captain

Rob – Engineer

Matt – Chef

Troy – Photo Pro

Grant – Instructor


Dive Sites

Sunday – Eel Garden & Amphitheatre – Northwest Point

Monday – Driveway & Magic Mushroom – West Caicos

Tuesday – Brandywine & Whiteface – West Caicos

Wednesday – Gullies & Boat Cove – West Caicos

Thursday – G-Spot & Rock N Roll – French Cay

Friday – Half Mile – French Cay



Saturday Afternoon rolled around with the sun shining bright and the crew was eager to meet the new group of guests for the week. As they started to arrive, everyone helped them find the perfect tank spot and get settled in the rooms. As everyone was relaxing from a day of traveling to Provo, Matt started cooking an amazing dinner for everyone. As the safety briefing ended, the salads and main courses started to roll out. As the food was consumed and beverages were drank, everyone started swapping tales and getting to know one another for the week to come.



Sunday morning, as the sun was rising in the sky, we fired up the engines and headed over to Northwest Point. As we approached the island, Capt. Amanda pulled up to Eel Garden, a perfect site to brush of the dust from your gear and figure out the proper weighting. As divers started to descend into the ocean, the schools of snappers under the boat swam out to great them. Once on the bottom, a nice sandy patch that is full of Garden Eels, they were lead over the edge of the wall and off to explore. After swimming with all the schooling wrasse and blue runners, divers came up from the second dive and the boat moved over the Amphitheatre. This site is an amzing natural formation that almost looks like the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. It has a large cavern in the side of the wall face and a nice pile of rocks for the stands that sits just out of the cavern. The Amphitheatre is always full of schooling Jacks and snappers, just waiting to come out and hunt once the sun sets. Up on the edge of the wall, several sharks’ patrol to make sure no one gets out of hand at the theatre. After two more day dives, everyone came up to another one of Matt’s amazing dinners. The first night dive was amazing and all the large predators were out hunting.



Before the sun decided to wake up, the engines roared to life and we tossed off from Northwest Point and made our way over to West Caicos. Once there, we found the Driveway and parked out boat in the proper spot. This site has a very large sand channel that resembles a driveway! Being a British Island, make sure to drive up the left side of the road!! Once tied up there, sharks came by to check out the dive deck and make sure it was suitable for diving. Once underwater, the sharks returned to escort us around their home. This site never disappoints with the larger animals. People even spotted a couple turtles off in distance feeding. During lunch, we moved over to Magic Mushroom, this site is named for a mushroom shaped rock that magically appear and disappears as the tides change! Underwater, there were loads of grunts hanging out around the sea fans and goat fish digging in the sand looking for a meal. Out on the wall, angel fish were everywhere. A couple sharks always stayed near us incase we needed their help finding fish! Once the wall was explored, we swam up to the mooring to find Lobster Tower. This is a 10 ft tall coral head with a large split in it. A great place for lobsters and crabs to hang out and when we got there it was full! No vacancy at this hotel.



Tuesday morning broke and the boat moved a short distance to Brandywine. This site has the remnants of a crane on the shore and is really easy to find! Underwater, divers went to check out the engine block that is by the mooring pin, how it got there is anyone’s guess! As always, sharks and a couple southern rays escorted us as we swam around. Down on the wall, Moray eels were seen in holes and free swimming while a couple turtles were spotted swimming along. After a couple amazing dives, we moved down to White Face, also know as Spanish Anchor. This site has an amazing trench in it that has a fouled Spanish anchor from about 300 years ago stuck in the side of it. It is a great place for a photo op and everyone loved seeing a piece of the Islands’ history underwater. Once through the swim through, everyone is always amazed with the sheer drop of the wall down to thousands of feet. Darting in and out of vision are the sharks who patrol the area. Once back from exploring the wall on both dives, people darted down the swim through again to see the anchor one last time before bed.



Once the sun was up, we moved over to Gullies, a site know for its sand cuts in the wall and also for its large shark population that loves to get up close and personal to all the divers. This dive we did not have to swim far to see a lot, all the animals came to us!!! After swimming with sharks and turtles, we moved over to Boat Cove, a favorite dive site of all the crew. This site has an amazing sandy top with coral heads everywhere as you swim out to the big sand channel that cuts down the wall. Down at 88 ft on the right hand side is a large sea fan covered in neck crabs! These little guys are so much fun to find and watch as the move about the coral After several dives with these little guys, we had an amazing dinner and birthday party. The guests decorated the whole salon and Matt baked a beautiful cake. Once the cake was consumed, everyone retired to their rooms to sleep and rest up for French Cay!


As the sun was hitting snooze and sleeping a little bit longer, we started the trek over to French Cay. Once there, we found the mooring for G-Spot and tied up for an amazing day of diving out at French Cay. This spot is known for the cut in the wall that resembles a G and causes a cortex of nutrients that encourage the large animals to hang out there. There are always loads of small fish and critters snatching up the swirling nutrients and this spot is not dove often so the animals are all very large. Off the wall a ways, an eagle ray slowly swam by as we all watched it sail past. Once back to the boat, people loved watching the 6 or 7 reef sharks swim around under the boat. For the afternoon and night dives, we moved over to Rock N Roll, Elvis’s favorite dive site! This site is similar to G-Spot, just without the G. The sharks seemed to have followed us because they all swam right back up and said hi again! On the night dive, the nurse sharks were out in force and were very excited to use our lights for hunting!!



Once the sun rose, we moved over to Half Mile to get a better look at the French Cay monkeys! This site is fairly shallow on the top of the reef and then drops suddenly to much deeper than we can go. There are always sharks swimming around and turtles munching on the sponges. After the second dive, we had to start heading back to the south side of the island because the charter was sadly coming to an end. Once at Shipyard Marina, we started getting the boat ready for the Wine and Chese party that night. At the party, awards were given, champagne glasses were lifted in toasts and promises were made to dive together again. We always hate to see a group leave but we know that we will cross paths again.


From our ocean to yours,

Hope to see you all soon!