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Kona Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Jan 02, 2016
Entry By: Kona Aggressor Crew


Kona Aggressor II

Captain’s Log * January 2 – January 9, 2016


Sr. Captain Cliff

1st Captain Jeremy

2nd Captain Misha

Chef Anna

Chef/Instructor Amanda

Instructor Dave

Steward Mardy



Elizabeth, Jenny, Jeff, Heather, Jo, Colleen, Marion, Patty, Paul, Bonnie, Karl, and Sarah



Sunday - Kalokos Arches, Garden Eel Cove

Monday - Shark Fin, Predator, Driftwood, Mantaville

Tuesday - The Dome, Paradise Pinnacle, The Hive

Wednesday - Pele’s Playground, Manuka Bay

Thursday – Catacombs, Au Au Crater, Amphitheatre

Friday – Turtle Pinnacle

Saturday evening we welcomed aboard guests from across United States, Canada, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Once everyone was safely on board the guests had the opportunity to introducing themselves during dinner and drinks. Later the captain gave a boat safety briefing, and talked about our travel and dive plans for the week.

Sunday morning we headed north from Kona and stopped by Kalokos Arches for our checkout dives. The group was comfortable in the water and soon started exploring the dive site. Highlights on these dives were Moorish Idols, Big Longnose Butterflyfish, and Whitley’s Boxfish. During lunch we continued north to Garden Eel Cove. During the afternoon dives we came across a congregation of endemic Gold-ring Surgeonfish, Yellow Striped Goatfish, and endemic Multi-band Butterflyfish. The second dive of the afternoon was action packed as the divers were visited by a large Green Sea Turtle and several Manta Rays that were arriving for the evening’s festivities. Our first night dive for the week was the always exciting manta night dive! Below the surface conditions were slightly surgy, however several Manta Rays gave the guests plenty of thrills. Guest enjoyed a total of three Manta Rays soaring across the beams of their lights for the duration of our dive.

Monday we woke up and began heading south to Shark Fin Rock for a morning dive. Some highlights during this dive were Yellowtail Coris, Blackside Hawkfish, and Spotted Boxfish. We then proceeded south to the wreck of The Predator where divers spotted an endemic Blackstripe Coris, another Whitley’s Boxfish, and Thompson’s Butterflyfish. For the afternoon we headed to Driftwood, where the divers found endemic Hawaiian Coral Crouchers, Disappearing Wrasse, and a Spanish Dancer egg case. For the late afternoon dive, we moved the boat again over to Mantaville for our second Manta night dive in as many nights. Once again the Mantas thrilled the divers as three of the gentle giants glided through the lights scooping up plankton.

Tuesday morning we continued south to The Dome for two dives. The divers enjoyed the macro life including a Trembling Nudibranch, Gold-laced Nudibranch, and a Day Octopus. Following the two morning dives, we dropped the lines and headed to Paradise Pinnacle for an early afternoon dive. Divers marveled at the large pinnacle rising from the sea floor. Some highlights were Threadfin, Butterflies, Blue Dragon Nudibranchs, and a Longnose Hawkfish. For the late afternoon dive we headed further south to The Hive where the divers sighted 2 Commerson’s Frogfish, a Decoy Scorpionfish, and a Red Hawaiian Lionfish. We stayed at The Hive for the night dive which is always a crowd pleaser. Divers got to watch as a Hawaiian Conger Eel caught a Gold-Ring Surgeonfish.

Wednesday we ventured to the always popular Pele’s Playground for a couple of dives where divers had sightings of several rare fish, including a Reticulated Butterflyfish, Tinker’s Butterflyfish, and a Titan Scorpionfish. The real excitement came from when one of the divers spotted a “very large” shark that she could not positively identify. After lunch, we continued south to Manuka Bay for our afternoon and night dives. Sightings at Manuka Bay included multiple eel sightings such as Yellowhead, Undulated, Dwarf, and Yellow Margin Moray Eels. The night dive was highlighted by an encounter with the strange, but beautiful Tuberculose Nudibranch and several Sailfin Tang.

Thursday morning we made our way to the dive site known as Catacombs for a dive where the divers explored lava tubes and other amazing underwater topography.The sightings included a Long-spine Porcupine Puffer, endemic Red-Barred Hawkfish, and endemic Potter’s Angelfish. Then it was off to Au Au Crater for our second dive of the day. There divers experienced the schools of Opelu Mackerel Scad that frequent the area. In addition, the divers also found a Striped-Belly Puffer and several endemic Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasses. For the afternoon, we headed to Amphitheatre for two dives. There the divers focused on smaller fish such as Pencil Wrasse, Agile Chromis, and endemic Chocolate Dip Chromis. For the night dive, we moved farther out to sea for our Pelagic Magic dive where the divers were astounded by the bizarre creatures that rose from the deep to feed during the night.

Friday the Kona Aggressor II headed out towards our final dives at Turtle Pinnacle. Some of the highlights below were Trumpetfish, Coronetfish, along with large schools of Raccoon Butterfly and endemic Hawaiian Dascyllus Damselfish! After our dives we enjoyed a BBQ style lunch on the sundeck as we made our way back to the port.

That evening we celebrated our Iron Divers of the week! Everyone enjoyed the cocktail party on the sundeck while watching a beautiful sunset sink below the horizon. During the evening guest went on land for dinner and live entertainment!

Saturday we say goodbye to our new friends. We wish everyone safe travels and a big Mahalo and A Hui Hou from the crew. We hope to see everyone back onboard the Kona Aggressor II for another great week of diving!  


Kona Aggressor Crew