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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Jan 02, 2016
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor IV

Charter Jan 2nd-9th 2016

Water temp 80f+

Air Temp 80s

Wind: Variable 5kts

Vis 100ft+

Wetsuit: 3mm+ Wetsuit

Saturday: Welcome aboard the Cayman Aggressor IV for a week of Eating, Sleeping & Diving. Our eighteen international guests from Brazil, Philippines & USA all arrived on time, so we cast our lines and cruised towards West Bay, while Chef Kinsley impressed everyone with his famous BBQ dinner. Once we completed our safety briefing and introduced ourselves it was time to call it a day and get a good night sleep.

Sunday: We awoke to beautiful sunrise over 7 Mile beach. Our First dive was our old reliable Doc Poulson, this sunken tugboat is nestled in 50 ft. of water and makes a wonderful checkout dive. All our divers returned with happy smiles and good humor. Next up was The Ex-USS Kittiwake; this submarine rescue vessel was sank in January 2011 and is the most popular wreck on Grand Cayman. She sits in 60 ft. of water close to a site called Sand Chutes. Our divers enjoyed exploring this wreck. Ana spotted the Aggressor Fleet plaque and won a free T-shirt. Next up was Stingray City located at the north side of Grand Cayman. This popular site has been developed into the most talked about attraction in the Caymans. Barbara got the largest hicky and won our free T-shirt competition!! Birthday wishes to Sandra!! Next up was Babylon, this site is located next to old man bay and is a very impressive, As our divers descended around the pinnacle which gets its name from the hanging gardens of Babylon. Black coral, sea whips, sea fans, sponges are in abundance here. At this time of the day it was spectacular to see the amount of Creole Wrasse moving along the reef. After a fantastic day of diving it was time to prepare our vessel for our crossing to Little Cayman.

Monday: Following our night crossing we awoke to a fantastic day at Little Cayman, flat, calm seas , virtually no wind, no currents and blazing hot sunshine……it’s going to be a great day. First couple of morning dives we were at Randy’s Gazebo. This is a fantastic wall dive with a couple of chimneys which are defiantly worth checking out. Pretty much guaranteed to see Turtles on this dive our divers were not disappointed with the sighting of a couple of Hawksbills, also s few Porcupine Puffer around. After a delicious “Mexican Monday” lunch and some guest siestas we were ready for the P.M. dives and for the night dive at Meadows. Out on the wall a couple of our resident sharks were out and about, the friendly Grouper were around to introduce themselves to our divers. Plenty of Stingrays, a Green Moray and a few turtles were all seen. Following her certification as an enriched air diver Mark was teaching Jordan the Navigation section of her Advanced training course. After dinner thirteen divers jumped in for the night dive. The usual suspects seen, the only critter missing was the Octopus; Oh well, maybe tomorrow we’ll have better luck.

Tuesday: We started our engines at 6am and cruised towards a site called Lea Lea’s Lookout. We descended down through the great Room and swam out on to the wall. Visibility was 100ft + and along the wall we were greeted by a friendly Nassau Grouper swimming along with us. We were amazed at the amount of life on the wall, schooling Blue Chromis and Schoolmasters in abundance. On the crevice a Hawksbill turtle was seen feeding on a sponge, and another up on the reef. Next up was a site called Black Hole located on the south side of Little Cayman, a maze of swim thrus and cuts leading out onto the wall. Up in the shallows we greeted by several groupers and a stingray feeding in the sand. Next up was the Soto Trader an old supply vessel which sank here in the 80ies. She sits in 40ft. of water and is a wonderful detour from the reef. Yellowtail Damselfish were seen along with several Sergeant Majors, along with a green moray up in the reef. After this dive we prepared the vessel for travel, and made our crossing back to Grand Cayman.

Wednesday: After a steady crossing to the East End of Grand Cayman, a good sleep and a hearty breakfast we started the days diving at The Tunnel of Love. A fantastic dive site always a fun and interesting whenever we get the chance to do it. What really makes this dive site so popular are the great swim-thru that take you out onto to the wall and the one that brings you back into the sand patch. Apart from the great topography we also got to see a Reef shark out on the wall, a Turtle over the reef and a free swimming Green Moray out and about. During lunch we moved the boat down to Kelly’s Cavern, which has to be my favorite shallow dive site on this side of the Island and surely has the best dive story behind how it got its name! The dives were just as good as the tale; a few Nurse Sharks were seen along with a Turtle and hundreds of various schooling fish. On the second dive at Kelly’s Mark took several divers on a tour the next dive site down – Maggie’s Maze. It’s obvious how this site got part of its name, it really is a maze down there and everyone had fun exploring the many swim thru’s, cuts and crevices that were on offer. A large Lobster out for an afternoon stroll, a Channel Crab and a couple of Yellow Rays were all seen. Following a delicious dinner six divers elected to do the night dive, unfortunately only one buddy pair got to the see an Octopus but the others were happy enough with what they saw. And there ends another day of diving in the Caribbean.

Thursday: This morning just as the sun was rising we moved the boat down to The Maze, a fantastic dive site that we only get the chance to visit a couple of times a year. All I can say is “WOW”……..the conditions were perfect; very little wind, zero current, beautiful sunshine and viability 100ft +. Between the two dives we got to see a lot of stuff, including but not limited to:- Three Eagle Rays, a large Reef Shark, Hawksbill Turtle, a Channel Crab and thousands of Creole Wrasse swimming down off the reef into the deep blue, it gave the effect of a live waterfall. This was an epic dive of magnificent proportions! During a delicious lunch we cruised toward our next spot: Pedro’s Castle. This is a beautiful site hidden on the south side of Grand. The mooring pin is at a depth of 30ft. and out on the wall there are three pinnacles but everyone elected to stay shallow, a sensible option after two deep dives in the morning. Here we stayed for two afternoon dives and our night dive. With conditions still near perfect everyone was looking forward to their “Thanksgiving” dinner and a good night’s rest.

Friday: We started our engines at the same time the sun rose over the horizon. We cruised around the southwest corner of Grand Cayman to a site called Eagle Ray Rock. A Beautiful site in front of Smiths Cove: a popular swimming area in Cayman. This expansive site has a large sand chute and a crevice which is adorned in life. Schooling Wrasse and glassy eye sleepers were seen, along with a green Moray and a Hawksbill Turtle, feeding casually on a sponge. Next up was our old favorite: Devil’s Grotto, located close to George Town. Several caverns and crevices are located here; Tarpon are a common feature of this dive. With the long swim thru known as the Grotto is a wonderful exploration, at certain times of the year this area is full of silver sides. As our divers returned they were remarking on what a colorful dive it was, over 25 Tarpon were seen along with a school of Blue Tangs, merrily swimming in synchronization. Alas it was time to wash out our equipment and start the whole drying out process. Thank you to our entire guests for making this charter a safe and fun experience. Well done Michael for completing 150 Dives. Happy Anniversary to Emanuel & Anacelia, Thank you for celebrating with us. We enjoyed having you as our guests and looking forward to seeing you back here again.

We wish you all the very best for 2016 from all of us here in Cayman.

Cayman Aggressor IV Crew.