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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Jan 02, 2016
Entry By: Belize Aggressor III Crew


Belize Aggressor III Captain’s Log
Jan 2-9, 2016

Sea State: light chop to flat
Air Temp: 80F
Avg. Water Temp: 80F
Avg. Visibility: 80ft

Capt. Chris
Chef Yanis
Steward – Randy
Engineer/DM - Fermin
Instructors: Daniel, & Andre

Saturday Nov 28, 2015
3:00pm Guests board
5:30pm Safety briefing and introductions
6:00 Dinner is served!

Sunday Jan 3, 2016
Dive Sites: Front Porch & Grand Bogue
The first dive of the week for us was at the Southern tip of Turneffe at Front Porch. We saw the indigenous White spotted Toadfish, a turtle on surface, several free swimming eels, lettuce sea slug, lobsters, and lots of reef fish.

Monday Jan 4, 2016
Dive Sites: Inspiration & Half Moon Caye Wall
We motored over from Turneffe last night after the night dive, woke up at Lighthouse Reef, and went diving at Inspiration and Half Moon Caye Wall. There were a lot of Nassau groupers out and about today. We also saw several Southern stingrays, tons of garden eels, huge barracudas, a herd of blue parrotfish, horse-eye jacks, and a huge Eagle Ray swam right below the divers at their safety stop. We also saw a tiny long arm octopus hiding in a conch shell. It reached its tentacle out to inspect our camera lens. We also found a large-eye toadfish, some squid, and a sharp tail eel.

Tuesday Jan 5, 2016
Dive Sites: 2 of a Kind & Chain Wall
Tuesday we visited 2 of a Kind and Chain Wall for our dives. We found another sharp tail eel, several groupers, lots of black durgeons, a white nose pipefish, several massive channel clinging crabs, spotted morays, a small black tip reef shark, and at the end of the day a huge pod of dolphins swam up behind the boat. The night dive was extraordinary, with sightings of octopi, free- swimming spotted morays, free-swimming sharptail eels, squid, nudibranch, slipper lobsters, spiny lobsters, and channel clinging crabs, and decorator crabs.

Wednesday Jan 6, 2015
Dive Sites: Tarpon Caves
Our first dive site of the day, Tarpon Caves, lived up to its name, we saw tarpon and caves. That’s not all there was to see, we also saw a big Caribbean Reef shark, a lot of Nassau groupers, Southern stingrays were lined off like a military front line as they grazed along the bottom, a peacock flounder and schooling blue parrotfish. We also dropped down the chimney, which is a swim-thru that drops down into the reef and makes a “L” shape to bring you out on the wall. To finish off the dive a pair of green sea turtles swam past us on the wall.
For the afternoon dives, we saw more sharks, and a lot more groupers. A huge scorpion fish was laying on the reef below, and several eels were out hunting through the course of the dives.

Thursday Jan 7, 2016
Dive Sites: Blue Hole & Silver Caves
Before the diving day even started…actually, before breakfast, we had a dolphin come right up to the stern of the vessel. Of course, several of our guests jumped in and were able to swim with a wild dolphin. Next, we headed to dive the world famous Blue Hole to dive amongst the massive stalactite formations that hang below.

After lunch we jumped in at Silver Caves for our afternoon and night dives. On the top of the reef we found a gigantic green moray slumbering under a coral head. As we continued, we found a spotted moray and right next to it was a seahorse. There were also over a dozen tarpon  hanging around, tons of trunk fish, and swarms of Creole wrasse. Off the wall, we could see a huge Caribbean Reef shark cruising below.

Friday Jan 8, 2016
Dive Site: Long Caye Wall
To squeeze in 2 dives on Friday, we jumped into flat calm seas at 6:00am for a dawn dive, and then again after breakfast before heading back to the dock. On today’s dives, we saw a hawksbill turtle, a huge school of bar jacks, tons of sharpnose puffers, a porcupine fish, more morays, several lobster, and a Southern stingray.

Congrats to Eric & Kim on completing their OW certification, and thanks for choosing the Belize Aggressor III for your first open water diving.
Congrats to Nancy & Christine on doing all the dives this week and becoming our newest IRON DIVERS!

Thank you all for a great week and Hope to see you again soon.