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Belize Aggressor IV :


Log Date: Saturday, Dec 26, 2015
Entry By: Belize Aggressor IV Crew


Belize Aggressor IV
Dec 26 Jan 2, 2016
Air Temp: 80-81º F,
Water Temp: 80º F
3mm Wetsuit recommended
Sites visited for the week:
Sunday: Julies Jungle & Long Caye Ridge
Monday: Half Moon Caye & Dos Chichas
Tuesday: Blue Hole & Painted Wall
Wednesday: Silver Caves & Quebrada
Thursday: Long Caye Wall & Cathedral
Friday: Sandy Slope  

On a beautifully Belizean day we welcomed 20 charming and enthusiastic guests onboard the Belize Aggressor IV: Adan & Brenda, Radoslaw & Laura, Keith & Bridgette, Kody, Konner, Gabi, Riley & Carl, Alan, Nobu & Junko, Masato & Kaoru, Benjamin & Tarina, Chris & Cindy:  Everyone was excited to be back or visiting for the first time.  Once all were situated on the dive deck and in their cabins we all congregated in the salon area for a fun and informative safety and yacht briefing followed by the guests introducing themselves. As we set off to Lighthouse Reef from Belize City everyone enjoyed a delicious dinner prepared by the galley staff.

First day of diving was eventful and wonderful. Hundreds of Creole Wrasses greeted the divers as they swim along the wall of Long Caye Ridge. Trumpet fish, schooling Chubs and many other beautiful creatures were seen along with the beautiful reef with all the incrusting Sponges and soft corals,   

The second day a big green moray eel was discovered out in the open swimming around as if it was greeting diver as they pass by, all the photographers took turns capturing its awesome moves as he swim along.  A large spotted eagle ray was seen along the wall and even turned around to give some divers an extra long time to admire it, and a six maybe seven footer Reef Shark on the wall but did not come up as close as some would like it to, It was a wonderful day of diving and everyone had a great time.

Third day of diving and everyone was ready for the great Blue Hole, it was an adventurous and fun morning as most of the divers plunge into the deep blue where they will see the great stalactite hanging on the wall, a dream dive came through for many, after a deep dive we move over to Half Moon Caye Island where all of our guest had the opportunity to wander around the beautiful beaches on the Island and make some new friends, the rest of the diving for the afternoon was great, it was really shallow and a lot of fish action as well, not to mention all the colors and blennies, we also had another swimming Green Moray out and about, this time one of the diver swears that they were face to face with it for a moment, I’m sure they were both thinking the same, “what am I doing”     

 For the following day we dove at one of our old favorite site and the reason are we always see a Shark or two here, and the soft coral are remarkably pristine here schools of barracuda and very friendly turtle action was encounter here and a few Reef Sharks that made a few close passes as well, The night dive was also fun filled and left everyone with big smiles after seen at least four Octopus.

The following day we decided to make a visit to our all-time hero of the week a friendly little Sea Horse, this week we were lucky to have not only our little hero but also one of his friends along with him, there were also a few big Groupers on the wall, two Reef Sharks, and thousands of Creole Wrasses everywhere which made a fantastic dive, the day was virtuously enjoy by all.

For the last full day of diving everyone agree that it was the best day of all, we had some of the biggest Tarpons around on our dives, a big Loggerhead Turtle, a small swim through pack with Silver Sides, a few big Lobsters out and about, another swimming green Moray, we call it a Moray week, over all it was a great day of diving again.

For the last morning of diving for the week, we venture over to Turneffe Island, here we saw a few Southern Sting Ray, Pipe Fish and a little Pipe Horse, we also saw an Electric Ray, more of the friendly wildlife was enjoy and considered it a great wonderful week of diving at Light House Reef.  
We will always remember this last week of the year as one of the best of the season.  Thank you to those that joined us.  Much Love from all the crew of the Belize Aggressor IV. Stay Safe!!