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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Jan 09, 2016
Entry By: Belize Aggressor III Crew


Belize Aggressor III Captain’s Log
Jan 9-16, 2016

Capt. Chris
Chef Yanis
Steward – Randy
Engineer/DM - Fermin
Instructor: Andre
Dive master: Monique

Saturday Nov 28, 2015
3:00pm Guests board
5:30pm Safety briefing and introductions
6:00 Dinner time!

This week’s log was written by Deborah Price, who also wrote the log when she visited us a few months ago in Aug 2015. Thanks Deb for keeping such a great log.

Sunday Jan 10, 2016
AM Dives: Front Porch (Turneffe Atoll)
Queen Angels, free swimming morays, honeycomb trunk fish, squirrel fish (lots), beautiful trigger fish (both Gray and Queen), shy file fish, several groupers, several lobsters, very pretty groups of indigo hamlets, and damsel fish.
PM Dives: Black Beauty (Turneffe Atoll)
Throughout every dive, we were greeted by many small sized sharp nose puffer fish , good to see they are making a comeback. Every dive saw at least one lion fish, but in general very few. Nice to know they are not overtaking the reef.
Night – multicolored octopus, several others too (7 total), white spotted toad fish, crabs.

Monday Jan 11, 2016
AM Dives – The Notch (Turneffe Atoll)
As above, but a very nice spotted drum was amongst the coral. Schools of bar jacks greeted the boat, many parrot fish, groups feeding on the reef. Sand tile fish, jaw fish (no eggs), Angelfish (all types), and an Eagle Ray swam up in front of us. There was also a hawks bill hanging on the edge of the wall, green moray, and a slipper lobster.
PM Dives - 2 of a Kind (Lighthouse Reef Atoll)
We were greeted by a black tip reef shark at the top of the reef, also, Lion fish, lots of ocean trigger fish & parrot fish, spotted moray. A nice display by 2 goat fish going back and forth sort of butting noses or doing circular motions, with one occasionally going vertically and shaking its barbs. We saw lots of garden eels in the sandy area, an Eagle Ray over the top of the reef cruising away, and very large and friendly groupers.

Tuesday Jan 12, 2016
AM Dives – Half Moon Caye Wall (Lighthouse Reef Atoll)
Reef shark, lots of trigger fish (all kinds), some very nice hog fish.
Two interesting scenes – 1) a stingray with a bar jack trying to clean itself on the ray’s skin (with the ray irritated by this) – 2)In sandy area – a sandbox crab was trying to escape from sand to coral, but was spotted by an Queen trigger who tried to eat it…no success as crab scurried away, followed by the trigger who actually picked the crab up and was shaking it wildly – but in the end the crab escaped under the coral reef.
PM Dives - Long Caye Ridge (Lighthouse Reef Atoll)
Lots of barracuda were immediately apparent. We also saw Eagle ray, southern stingrays, slender file fish, pair of gray angels, lancer dragonette, Turtle feeding, arrow blenny eating a shrimp, neck crabs of all sizes, lettuce sea slugs (adult and juvenile), school of horse-eye jacks, and a cool scorpion fish.

Wednesday Jan 13, 2016
AM Dive – Blue Hole (Lighthouse Reef Atoll)
We headed to the Blue Hole and dropped down to swim amongst the massive stalactite formations. Next we did our island tour on Half Moon Caye Natural Monument to observe the nesting grounds for the white-phased red-footed booby bird and magnificent frigate birds.
PM Dives – South East Cut (Lighthouse Reef Atoll)
Today’s sightings were green morays, lobsters, ocean trigger fish (a trio pushing back and forth on each other), lots of blue tangs, parrot fish (all types), and friendly groupers (all types), Files fish, trumpet fish, crabs, and a large trunk fish.

Thursday Jan 14, 2016
AM Dives – Tarpon Caves (Lighthouse Reef Atoll)
Tarpon Caves, named for the presence & sightings of tarpon. There were also sightings of large midnight parrot fish, large barracuda, sand tile fish, and many groupers following divers. We also saw a large Caribbean reef shark, several stingrays, and lots of garden eels.
PM Dives – Grand Bogue (Turneffe Atoll) We immediately saw 2 free swimming morays, a rough tail stingray, and many groups of parrot fish. We spotted several Queen Angelfish, and a spectacular large male hogfish with showy band on snout and tail. There was also a peacock flounder, white spotted toad fish, spotted moray, and a beautiful sunset as we exited the water.

Friday Jan 15, 2016
AM Dives – Front Porch & The Elbow (Turneffe Atoll)
We finished the week with 2 dives on the South end of Turneffe, where we saw a spotted toad fish, several green and spotted morays, lettuce sea slugs, a hawks bill turtle, lots of midnight and rainbow parrot fish.

Throughout the week we had several dolphin and turtle sighting from the surface as well.

Congrats to Andrew on getting his milestone 100 dives.
Congrats to Craig, Ann Marie, and Daniel on completing their nitrox certifications.
Congrats to Steve, Burc, Chris, and Matthew on doing every dive and becoming our newest IRON DIVERS!

Thanks for a great week, and hope to see you all again.