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Kona Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Jan 23, 2016
Entry By: Kona Aggressor Crew


Kona Aggressor II

 Saturday 23rd- 30th January 2016

Water temp  75-77”F

Air temp 75-80F windy

Wetsuit req  3-5mm full suit.

Saturday, we were joined by 10 excited guests from the USA, Canada and Costra Rica. Dive gear was set  up quickly, drinks were passed around, introductions to the crew were made and everyone settled into their cabins. Chef Eric spoiled us with a fresh Pacific salmon first dinner followed by more introductions, the captains briefing and a short cruise away from the dock so we could all enjoy a good nights sleep on the ocean.

SUNDAY, We away to the sun peaking over the volcano and a short journey north put us on for our first dive site for the week Shark Fin Rock, Great vis, plenty of our local critters to keep us entertained also a couple of turtles and a great way to start our week and  get wet. Garden Eel Cove was up next, A beautiful shallow reef with a sandy drop off is the home of the famous Kona Manta Dive and yes even though it was a little bumpy but we were treated to several mantas on our night dive

MONDAY Turtle Pinnacles was our AM sight, and again it lived up to its name with several giant turtles and one resident Tiger shark said hello. We moved over to the Dome for our AM and night dives, Plenty of eels, butterfies, more eels and we were treated to octopus, and a feeding eel on the night dive

TUESDAY Paradise Pinnacle,  the home of Long nosed Hawkfish,  beautiful deep water black coral another manta. Au Au crater always provides the Tinkers Butterly fish banded anglefish  We then cruised to Manuka Bay were we were entertained by a pod of spinner dolphins, turtles and another great night dive

WEDNESDAY. We kept heading south to Stoney  Mases.  with an escort of  humpback whales. Today we spotted a couple of  white tip reef sharks and a grey reef shark, reef octopus and a yellow frogfish. Black Coral forest was up next. Another Tiger shark was spotted as soon as we jumped in, a spotted ray and enough lobster to feed the boat. We headed as far south as we can go to the Ladders were we enjoyed a late afternoon dive and a  great night dive with Octopus, sleeping turtles, eels and more lobsters topped of a great day of diving.

Thursday, Two wonderful dives at Rainbow reef started our day out is style before we headed up tp Manuka Bay to enjoy more dolphins and 2 awesome afternoon dives. We were way south so we had a slow cruise north enjoying Chef Eric’s farewell Prime fib dinner and celebrated gabby’s birthday with a  lovely homemade chocolate cake yummy yummy.


Friday ‘s always come to fast and here we are on our last two dives at Koloko Arches, a great way to finish our week with the all the usual critters and amazing underwater formations, All that’s left to do is wash down our gear , pack our bags and enjoy a drink or three at the Captains Farewell party. Congrats to Dennis, John, Kris and Gabby on becoming   “IronMan” and “Ironwomen” divers and a BIG thank you to all for making this a wonderful safe week Kona Aggressor style J


Until next time

The crew of the Kona Aggressor II