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Turks & Caicos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Jan 16, 2016
Entry By: Turks & Caicos Aggressor Crew


 Turks & Caicos Aggressor II
16 – 22 January 2016
Water Temp: 80  
Visibility: 40 – 80 Ft

Guests: Trudy & Bill, Neal, John, Julie & Andy, Chris & Bill, Chris & Katie, Ray & Tesa, Dan & Debi, Tanya, John & Maribet

Captain – Amanda
Engineer – Rob
Chef – Ailsa
Video Pro – Matt
Instructor – Troy
Dive master – Will

Dive Sites
Sunday – Eel Garden – Northwest Point & Spanish Anchor – West Caicos
Monday – Half Mile & G-Spot – French Cay
Tuesday – Rock N Roll & G-Spot – French Cay
Wednesday – Half Mile & Rock N Roll – French Cay

Saturday afternoon arrives on the last charter in the Turks and Caicos for this boat before we transfer over to the Dominican Republic for the Humpback Whale season.  This is a special charter that is one day shorter but still packed with diving.  As the guests arrived, we showed them to their tanks and rooms.  Once they were unpacked and settled in, the safety briefing was done and dinner was served.  Ailsa cooked up a brand new dish of a Chicken Breast with an Orange and Berry Reduction sauce.  After dinner, drinks were shared and stories were told as everyone got to know one another.  

Sunday morning started with a great couple dives at Eel Garden.  This is a great first site for brushing up on skills and figuring out your weight.  On the first dive, a couple sharks swam by and rays were seen in the sand.  Down on the wall, people saw all kinds of crustaceans as the reef started to wake up.  But the main attraction was on the second dive when 5 dolphins decided to swim by and hang out for a couple minutes.  Most divers think they are pretty good in the water until dolphins swim by and show them what perfect buoyancy and underwater acrobatics really are!!!  After the dolphins had enough of us and we could finally convince everyone that they needed to come up, the boat moved over to West Caicos during lunch.  Once at West Caicos, we pulled up to Spanish Anchor.  This site is known for the large anchor that is rumored to be left by Spanish Pirates 300 years ago!!  Once underwater, everyone swam past the anchor for Rob to take photos of people.  At the exit to the swim through, once people stuck their heads out into the blue a massive eagle ray swam by!  Since the water has started to cool back down, we are seeing many more large pelagic animals.  After the photo op with the eagle ray, people swam along the sheer wall of west caicos and were escorted by several large reef sharks.  As the divers were ready to turn around, a sea turtle swam by and guided the way back to the boat.  After the last diver rose from the depths on the night dive, the engines roared to life and we trekked over to Half Mile at French Cay to dive the next day.

Monday broke with not a wave or breadth of wind to be seen.  As the crew got up, we heard exhalations coming from the water and knew there were dolphins out there.  During breakfast, we were not disappointed as a family swam by.  We prayed they would stay around for the dive.  Once in the water, divers could hear them but they did not come close enough to see.  We did get to observe so turtles feeding though.  As customary for French Cay, the sharks were out in force and kept all the divers together, lest someone gets lost!  During lunch, the wind and waves did pick up but that just meant we had to stay at French cay for the next couple days.  There are much worse places to be stuck than this beautiful island and reef.  For the afternoon dives, we moved over to G-Spot, a great site that has a natural nook in the wall that causes nutrients to swirl there and attracts lots of life.  This site is known for loads of sharks and other large animals and it did not let us down.  As divers jumped in the water, a large sea turtle swam right under us and took off for the deep.  Once on the wall, we were treated to yet another massive eagle ray swimming by.  After a couple great daytime dives, most everyone jumped in for the night dive.  It was worth it for those who decided to brave the dark waters of French Cay as several nurse sharks followed everyone around and used the dive lights to their advantage.  

Tuesday we moved over to Rock and Roll, supposedly this was Elvis’s favorite dive site in his slimmer days!  This site is a nice transition from sloping walls to sheer drop offs.  Down on the wall, again we were treated to several sea turtles and one large eagle ray.  Once people got over seeing those amazing animals, they decided to swim down the wall and look at all the beautiful corals that French Cay has to offer.  As the day progressed, the waves got bigger and we decided to stay out at French Cay for the next day and a half until the end of the charter.  We redid all the sites around the island as conditions changed and it allowed people to see different parts of the week.  

Thursday we headed back into the South Side marina to prep for our transfer over to the Silver Bank in the Dominican Republic.  After the wine and cheese party, most of the guests starting packing their bags and getting ready to head home, while five guests stayed with us for the crossing to the new home for now!!  We hope to see you in either the Turks and Caicos or in the Dominican Republic soon!!!