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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Jan 23, 2016
Entry By: Captain Jay Roberts


Belize Aggressor III - Captain s Log Jan 23 to 30, 2016

   Air Temp  80 fahrenheit / celsius
   Water Temp  81 fahrenheit / celsius
   Visibility  80-150ft

   Captain  Jay
   Instructor  Ken
   Instructor  Andre
   Instructor  Aubri
   Chef  Ana
   Steward  Vanessa

 Jim, Jeff, Doug, Holly, Laurie, Heather, Staci, Deb, Mike, Maurice, Terry, Jeff, & Teresa.

Dive Sites
   Sunday - Black Beauty & Grand Bogue
   Monday - Long Caye Ridge & Long Caye Wall
   Tuesday - Blue Hole & Eagle Ray Pass
   Wednesday - Painted Wall & Silver Caves
   Thursday - Half Moon Caye Wall & 2 Of A Kind
   Friday - Front Porch

Saturday, Jan 23rd
 13 guests arrived from the United States and United Kingdom to the Belize Aggressor III. Many were lucky to have left just before snow storms and blizzards shut down their local airports- a handful of expected guests were not so fortunate. The welcome aboard briefing and champagne toast commenced at 5 30pm after the guests had set up their gear and been shown to their cabins.

Sunday, Jan 24th
 The lucky 13 started their week with beautiful sunny skies despite the snowy weather. Spotted toad fish, jaw fish, Creole wrasse, southern stingray, green and spotted moray, barracuda, and peterson cleaner shrimp were a few of the critters spotted by divers and crew. Divers even witnessed a green moray eating an injured lion fish that instructor Andre was hunting. Night divers encountered long horn nudibranch, Caribbean reef octopus, two spotted drum, lobster, and neck crabs before picking up to make the crossing to Lighthouse Reef.

Monday, Jan 25th
 Our vivacious group made the "fish of the dive" a barracuda and there certainly were a lot of barracuda to be seen. Lobster, black cap basslets, reef sharks, nurse sharks, and banded coral shrimp also made appearances throughout the day. With 100-150ft of visibility divers described the water as "gin clear" over at Long Caye. The day s activities also included re-painting one of the life rafts orange, never a dull moment aboard the Belize Aggressor III.

Tuesday, Jan 26th
 We were greeted with yet another clear and beautiful day. After breakfast the ladies did some light yoga to prepare for their dive at the Blue Hole. After returning from the depths of the infamous Blue Hole divers saw a leech aglaja slug, southern stingray, slippery dick, and mushroom scorpion fish in the shallows. To off-gas after the morning s excitement we headed over to Half Moon Caye to see the Red Footed Boobies and Frigate birds. The group was excited to get back to the water and spotted eagle rays, turtles, Octopus, scorpion fish, Caribbean reef squid, scrawled filefish, sharp tail eel, magnificent urchin, and basket stars in the afternoon and evening. We ended the day celebrating Jim s birthday with a delicious cake.

Wednesday, Jan 27th
 Divers were up and out on the deck before the dive bell even rang on our 4th day of diving. The weather remained sunny and clear with a high of 86 fahrenheit. After a full day of five exciting dives with eagle rays, hawksbill turtles, neck crabs, a slipper lobster, green and spotted morays, spotted drums, bandtail puffers, banded coral shrimp, and a massive elephant ear sponge (to name a few) our divers headed to bed early - some even falling asleep on the sun deck under the stars.

Thursday, Jan 28th
 The weather finally caught up to the lucky 13 as we experienced our first overcast day. However, beneath the sea remained just as warm and beautiful. Peacock flounder, sailfin blennies, eagle rays, spotted moray, and slender filefish among others were seen by divers and crew. With 4 great dives in the day nobody was sad that we had to cancel the night dive due to currents. We headed out for Turneffe right after eating our thanksgiving dinner and watching the video of our week together.

Friday, Jan 29th
 Strong winds early in the morning forced us to cancel our dawn dive but all of our divers got in for the final dive at 8 00am. The last "fish of the dive" was the four eyed butterfly which divers quickly found along with lobster, banded coral shrimp, hogfish, and many others. After cleaning all of their gear and having lunch we made it back to Belize City. Guests enjoyed massages on the boat or went to the Belize Zoo before coming back for a wine and cheese party on the boat where photos were shared. We also presented the following awards

Iron Divers - Doug, Holly
Enriched Air Divers - Terry, Jeff W
Milestone Divers - Doug (1500), Heather (1200), Deb (200), Jeff W (150), Maurice (150)

Saturday, Jan 30th
 Goodbyes were said dockside as guests departed for the airport and water taxis at 8 00am. It was a great week and we want to thank our guests for diving with Aggressor!

 Shout out to Heather of Dive and Travel Adventures for leading an amazing group and entertaining us all with her "fish of the dive" game, it was a pleasure to have you aboard.

Captain Jay Roberts