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Log Date: Saturday, Jan 23, 2016
Entry By: Thailand Aggressor Crew


Thailand Aggressor Captain’s Log                    
23rd – 30th January 2016
North Andaman Sea

*Air Temp.  30c
*Water Temp. 29c
* Visibility 25m

Captain: Tui
Cruise Director:  Gabriel
2nd Captain Rong
Assistant Cruise Director:  Clive
Divemaster Ashley
Engineer: Bao
Dinghy Driver: Nin
Chef: Pi Phorn
Chef Pa Porn
Video / Photo Pro: Deaw
Steward: Anny

Guests:  Daniel, Denise, Gary, Stephanie, Peter, Ruth, Thomas, Lynn, Christine, Thomas, Louis, Astrid, Kendra


Sunday – Anita’s Reef, Sharkfin Reef, West of Eden, Zodiac x 2
Monday – Deep Six, Elephant Head, Christmas Ridge, Koh Bon x 2
Tuesday – Koh Bon x2, Tachai Pinnacle x2, West Bay Root
Wednesday – Richelieu Rock x 4
Thursday – Richelieu Rock x 4  
Friday – Koh Tachai, Koh Bon

Saturday 16th January 2016

The guests arrived to the Thailand Aggressor at 5pm. They set up their gear and we met in the saloon for the boat briefing. After the briefing the guests had a lovely pork loin dinner and then went to bed.

Sunday 24th January 2016

The check out dive was done at Anita’s Reef, a sloping reef that falls to a flat sandy bottom at a maximum of 26 meters.  The main attraction at this site is the big outcrop located on the southeast side, which is a fantastic rock covered in various colorful soft coral and sea fans.  Here the divers were able to observe a blotched fantail stingray (aka marble stingray), a blue and white wart slug, and many timid garden eels lurking in the sand.   At Zodiac, divers enjoyed a relaxing drift dive along the lively reef. Here the guests spotted a massive free swimming giant moray eel. The night dive at Zodiac was also a drift dive, and divers were happy to have seen the nocturnal carnivorous moon snail, hermit crabs, shrimp, and lobster.   

Monday 25th January 2016

The first dive today was done at Deep Six, a site that is an extension of the main island and continues underwater.  Although the island is now called Island Seven, it was formerly considered to be Island Six, hence the name Deep Six.  Here the divers drifted along the rocky wall and enjoyed the schooling banner fish and batfish which gathered closely along the boulders. The third dive at Christmas Ridge was also very nice, with huge boulders forming several crevices and swim throughs for the divers to explore.  Here the guests spotted a Napoleon wrasse, some huge barracudas, and a blue spotted stingray.

Tuesday 26th January 2016

We start the day with two dives at Koh Bon, one of the most popular dive sites in Thailand.  The underwater topography of this site comprises of mostly hard corals and some soft coral.  The western ridge continues from the mainland out to the sand bed to a maximum depth of 33 meters. Here we spotted a hump head wrasse, scorpionfish, and a massive school of emperors, jacks, and rainbow runners frantically feeding on the glass fish. Later, at Tachai Pinnacle, divers were pleased with the schools of big barracuda and trevally, as well as the giant moray in the cleaning station, and a very pretty juvenile oriental sweetlips. The night dive was especially nice at West Bay Root, where we got to see a free swimming snake eel, a cuttlefish, an odd looking anemone crab, a decorator crab, and a cleverly camouflaged sponge crab.

Wednesday 27th January 2016

We spent the entire day at Richelieu Rock, known to be Thailand’s most beautiful dive site.  The site is marked by the top of the pinnacle which is visible during low tide and covered during high tide.  Forming a horseshoe figure, the pinnacle falls steeply to the surrounding sand bottom at a maximum depth of 33 meters. Divers enjoyed a diversity of both large and small creature ranging from tiny nudibranchs to massive grouper.  We were lucky enough to spot a tiger tail seahorse, some beautifully colored cowries, an octopus, and a green sea turtle.  One of the guides was able to get a once in a lifetime photo of a robust ghost pipefish giving live birth.

Thursday 28th January 2016

Today we remained at Richelieu Rock for all four dives.  Due to the large scale of Richelieu Rock, there is no need to cover the whole site in one dive, or even in one day. Divers had a great time exploring the various nooks and crevices that are all around the rock, and finding new critters along the way.  At one point, the wall was teeming with free swimming white eye moray eels looking for their next meal. We were able to see cuttlefish, beautiful blue and yellow spotted boxfish, and an elusive harlequin shrimp feeding on a sea star.  The sight was covered in various schooling fish including chevron barracuda, rainbow runners, trevally, fusiliers, glassf ish, damselfish, and snappers.

Friday 29th January 2016

Tachai Pinnacle, or Twin Peaks, are a pair of submerged pinnacles located 500 meters south of Koh Tachai.  Here we found stacks of small boulders, most of which are covered by soft corals and see whips. The sight was very popular with the guests as they were happy to have seen moray eels, powder blue surgeonfish, and a lively octopus perched on top of a rock.  Koh Bon was a beautiful grand finale as the divers observed, among other things, a rare leopard shark which stayed with guests for about ten minutes. Next we headed back to Thaplamu where we arrived at 4pm and had a lovely barbecue. The guests enjoyed the award ceremony and the video of the week, then went to bed.

Saturday 30th January 2016

The guests woke up and had breakfast. We said our farewells and the guests departed the Thailand Aggressor at 8am.