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Log Date: Saturday, Jan 09, 2016
Entry By: Thailand Aggressor Crew


Thailand Aggressor Captain’s Log                    

9-16th January 2016

North Andaman Sea


*Air Temp. 30c

*Water Temp. 29c

* Visibility 25m



Captain: Tui

Cruise Director: Clive

Assistant Cruise Director: Ashley

Engineer: Bao

Dinghy Driver: Nin

Chef: Pi Phorn

Video / Photo Pro: Deaw

Steward: Tong


Guests: Lance, Bill, Ken, Ivonne, Diane, Ken



Sunday – Anita’s Reef, Boulder City, Sharkfin Reef, West of Eden,

Monday – Deep Six, Elephant Head, Three Trees, Turtle Rock

Tuesday – Christmas Ridge, Rocky Ridge, Koh Bon x 3

Wednesday – Koh Bon, Tachai Pinnacle x 2, Tachai Reef x 2

Thursday – Richelieu Rock x 4

Friday – Koh Bon x 2


Saturday 9th January 2016

The guests arrived to the Thailand Aggressor at 5pm. They set up their gear and we met in the saloon for the boat briefing. After the briefing the guests had a lovely grilled chicken dinner and then went to bed.


Sunday 10th January 2016

The check out dive went well this morning at Anita’s Reef. Divers got to see a blue spotted stingray, a sea snake, and many beautiful angelfish. The second dive was at a site called Shark Fin Reef, named after its appearance at the surface where the top of the sight protrudes out of the water, thus resembling a shark fin. We did somewhat of a drift dive here, going along with a mild current and observing the many schooling fish. We saw a massive school of bat fish, lots of bright blue fusiliers, and one particularly curious green sea turtle. The turtle was very bold and actually approached us and swam with us for a few minutes before drifting off into the blue. The guests opted not to do a night dive, and instead relaxed onboard for the remainder of the evening.


Monday 11th January 2016

Today we a dove a well known site called Elephant Head, named for its elephant-like appearance at the surface. The sight is made up of massive stacked boulders where the guest enjoyed the winding swim throughs and rock formations. Divers took advantage of a unique photo opportunity where water erosion caused a hole to form in the wall just big enough to put ones face for the photographer to take a photo from the other side.   The best part of the day happened on the third dive at Three Trees where the divers were lucky enough to spot a leopard shark dozing in the sand. The last dive at Turtle Rock was very laid back and relaxing as we drifted along the boulder formations and were able to see a clown trigger fish and an octopus.


Tuesday 12th January 2016

The first two dives at Christmas Point and Rocky point were very lovely, but the site the guests fell in love with the most was Koh Bon, where we did our last three dives. Koh Bon is a favored dive site in Thailand and is considered to be part of Similan National Park. The underwater topography consists of both hard and soft corals, including many staghorn and brain corals. Although the site itself is very beautiful, it was not the landscape that caught the guests’ attention. It was the mantas! Six mantas were visiting the site, taking advantage of the cleaning station on the southwestern side of the island, and they were not shy. The mantas remained with us the entire dive, circling around and around again, sometimes coming within feet of the divers.


Wednesday 13th January 2016

We started the day with one more dive at Koh Bon, which was beautiful as always. Before even getting in the water we saw a pod of dolphins breeching nearby. Although there were no mantas this morning, divers still got to see a lot of marine life. During the dive, we spotted a sea snake, an octopus, a marble ray, and a cuttlefish. The next spot we went was Tachai Pinnacle, a site made up of a pair of submerged pinnacles located just south of Tachai Island. We stayed there for two dives and saw many schooling barracuda and many brightly colored fusiliers. We also spotted a green sea turtle grazing along the corals and a small school of oriental sweetlips.


Thursday 14th January 2016

Richelieu Rock is one of Thailand’s most famous dive sites. It is an isolated pinnacle east of the Surin Islands, marked by the top of the pinnacle which slightly above sea level only during low tide. The pinnacle forms a horseshoe figure which bottoms out at about 35 meters. It consists of sheer walls, groups of rocks and corals, and various marine lives. Today we spent all four dives here and the guests loved every one. We saw many eels, giant morays and white-eyed morays. We saw bright yellow, spotted boxfish. At one point we were surrounded by thousands of schooling fish such as drummerfish, trevally, snapper, glassfish, barracuda, and various species of damselfish.

Friday 15th January 2016

Today we did our final two dives at Koh Bon. The guests were very pleased to have seen a ghost pipefish hiding in a crevice near a sea fan. We also were lucky enough to spot an octopus and then three cuttlefish, huddling against a steep wall. After the dive, guests relaxed on board as we headed back to Thaplamu. We arrived at Thaplamu at 4pm. Guests enjoyed a barbeque in the evening, and then the video of the week.


Saturday 16th January 2016

Guests woke up and had breakfast. We said our final farewells and exchanged contact information. The guests departed the Thailand Aggressor at 8am.