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Palau Aggressor II :


Log Date: Sunday, Jan 31, 2016
Entry By: Palau Aggressor Crew


Palau Aggressor II Boat Report
January 31-Feb 7, 2016

Capt: Dan
2nd Capt/Photo Pro: Casey
Chef: Ronnie
Stewardess: Herence
Video pro/Divemaster: Ernan
Divemaster/Skiff Driver: Joe
Engineer/Divemaster: Hector

Sunday January 31 we welcomed 11 guest 9 from the USA, 1 from Finland and 1 from Switzerland. After the usual dive set up and briefings along with a great welcome aboard meal prepared by Chef Ronnie, everyone got a good night’s sleep and was ready for our first day of diving on Monday.

On the first Day (Feb 1) we started at Barnums Wall and enjoyed this colorful dive site which has an abundance of soft corals and sea fans. We also saw several turtles, schools of red tail snappers and parrot fish along with numerous butterfly and angel fish species. We followed this first dive with Big Dropoff, New Dropoff and Ferns Wall. All of these dives had between 50-70 feet of visibility and the water ranged from 78-81 degrees. Highlights included several grey and white tip sharks, napoleon wrasses, pyramid butterfly fish, schools of blue stripped snapper, several turtles and a lot of colorful soft corals and sea fans along the walls.

The second day of diving had us start at world famous Blue Corner where it lived up to its reputation as one of the worlds premier dive sites. Here we were surrounded by sharks, schooling jacks and barracuda, giant travelly, spanish mackerel and several turtles. Here the reef overall was very active and the visibility was over 80 feet with a water temperature of 81%. Dive 2 was at Turtle Cove where the current was incoming and the soft corals on the wall were in bloom and feeding. In addition we saw turtles, anemone fish, schools of soldier fish and red tail snappers and of course turtles. Here the visibility was around 60-70 feet with a water temperature of 80 degrees. Dive 3 was Barracks Point which boasted well over 100 feet of visibility and 81 degree water. This sloping hard coral garden has three giant clams, more turtles then we could count and a great variety of colorful tropical reef fish. Additional highlight included flame angelfish and a very photogenic crocodile fish. Forth the 4th and 5th dive we went to Orange Beach just outside Camp Beck at Peleliu. This is one of the nicest most untouched sloping hard coral gardens found anywhere in the world and on this day it had well over 100 feet of visibility. It also had a pretty strong current which kept changing directions and made it a bit difficult to stop and observe the marine life or take photographs. However the site was loaded with a great variety of fish species and one just had to go with the flow and let the skiff pick you up at the end of the dive.

Since we had only done two dives here at Peleliu, we decided to spend the night in the calm waters of Camp Beck and start day three at Peleliu Corner. Here we had also had a pretty swift current with dog tooth tuna, barracuda, schooling jacks and a few sharks. Dive 2 was at West Wall which has many beautiful soft corals and sea fans along with schools of solder fish, sweetlips and yellow tail snappers. The current was very mild and we also saw turtles and one spotted eagle ray cruising the wall. Dive sites for the rest of the day included Purple Beach, Barracks Point North and Turtle Cove. Highlights from these dives included several turtles, a very large lobster, hump head parrot fish, napoleon wrasses, scorpion fish, octopus, and several schools of reef fish. We also saw a moray feeding on a butterfly fish during the night dive along with a large plura branch with an imperial shrimp living on it.

Day 4 began at Blue Corner and ended with the night dive at German Coral Garden. We also dove Blue Holes, Canyons and German Channel. Highlights included the whole of the Blue Corner dive which was outstanding in the way of marine life and a light current. Sharks were everywhere along with a marble stingray, schooling barracuda and jacks, a large napoleon wrasse and an abundance of other tropical fish throughout the dive. Blue Holes was similar to the Blue Corner dive plus a pygmy sea horse and the electric flame scallop found in this enormous cavern. Canyons was a easy clear hard coral dive which had an octopus, giant clam and a number of swim through which everyone enjoyed. German Channel showed us one manta ray and plenty of tropical fish throughout the dive. The German Coral Garden made for an excellent night dive with plenty of shrimps, crabs, sleeping parrot fish and some nudibranchs.

After the night dive we motored to Ulong Island for our final full day of diving. Here we dove Sandy Paradise, Siaes Tunnel, Siaes Corner and Ulong Channel. Highlights on these dives included 100’s of Hump head parrot fish spawning, several sharks and schooling barracuda, a manta ray, octopus, helfrich and decorated dart fish, giant clams, a large school of glass eye fish and some of the most pristine hard corals found anywhere in the world.

On our final day we started again with a snorkel in Jellyfish Lake and did our final dive of the week at Chandelier Cave. This combination of unique activities is always a great way to wrap up a fabulous week of diving Palau and was enjoyed by the entire group.

We would like to thank all of the guest who joined us this week and hope to see you all again in the future.