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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Jan 30, 2016
Entry By: Belize Aggressor III Crew


Belize Aggressor III - Captains Log Jan 30 - Feb 6 2016

   Captain Jay
   Instructor Ken
   Instructor Daniel
   Instructor Aubri
   Chef Yanis
   Steward Randy

Carey, Jessica, Jeffery, Danielle, Janet, Patricia, Sandra, Richard, Ed, Kathy, Matt, Susan, Byron, Judy, Kathy, Maurice, John, Joyce, and Dean

Dive Sites
   Sunday - Sandy Slope and Zipline
   Monday - Long Caye Ridge and Painted Wall
   Tuesday - Blue Hole, Eagle Ray Pass and Long Caye Wall
   Wednesday - Eagle Ray Pass, Julies Jungle and Nurse Shark Ridge
   Thursday - Half Moon Caye Wall and Chain Wall
   Friday - Black Beauty

Saturday, Jan 30th
18 guests from the US, UK, France, Canada, and Belgium arrived promptly at 300pm to set up their gear and get to know the ship and its crew. The welcome aboard briefing and champagne toast commenced at 530pm followed by dinner. The Belize Aggressor III was back to sea again by 930pm to make the crossing to Turneffe.

Sunday, Jan 31st
Turneffe was full of excitement as turtles, toadfish, pike blennies, yellow stingray, southern stingray, band tail puffer, ballon fish, spotted moray, peacock flounder, banded coral shrimp, Peterson cleaning shrimp, gold banded shrimp, and the common octopus all came out to play. Despite the great dives we had in Turneffe we set out to make the crossing to Lighthouse Reef after night divers came back aboard to get their hot cocos with rum cream.

Monday, Feb 1st
Crew and passengers aboard the BAIII were greeted with yet another sunny and clear day. Turtles, scrawled cow fish, large schools of horse eyed jacks, and octopuses were only a few of the rich marine life that was spotted today. Divers opted for a night dive before dinner and then celebrated Richards birthday during the evening.

Tuesday, Feb 2nd
We set out for The Blue Hole after learning that there were no boats to take us to Half Moon Caye. Luckily the slight delay gave us The Blue Hole almost to ourselves. The diving was full of surprises and curiosities with appearances by a three legged turtle, scorpion fish, an unidentified slug (suggested name - the giant red spotted yellow slug), a nurse shark, eagle rays, lobster, scrawled cow fish, yellow jaw fish, large eyed toadfish, spotted moray, and spotted drum. To add to the days excitement- passenger and, coincidentally, hand surgeon Dean took out Danielles stitches in her finger.  

Wednesday, Feb 3rd
Despite the forecast of probable rain not a single cloud crossed our path. The dive deck was sunny and warm which made for putting on wet wetsuits a bit more comfortable. Divers and crew spotted skeleton shrimp, turtles, neck crabs, green and spotted morays, spotted drums, band tail puffers, banded coral shrimp, spotted eagle ray, comb jelly, four octopuses, and two soap fish. While some opted for a night dive after dinner, others gathered around the salon for some popcorn and a James Bond movie before heading to bed.

Thursday, Feb 4th
Since there were still no boats available to take us to Half Moon Caye we shuttled some of our guests over on our skiff to look at the red footed boobies, Frigate birds, and iguanas. Others chose to remain on the mothership and get another dive in where pipefish, a seahorse, reef sharks, juvenile sunshine fish, juvenile filefish, queen triggerfish, southern stingray, sail fin blennies were all spotted. We headed out for Turneffe right after eating a delicious barbecue dinner, celebrating Jeffs birthday, and going on our final night dive of the week.

Friday, Feb 5th
Divers awoke before the sun for a 600am dive. Even with the cold winds and overcast sky the water was still warm and the white spotted toadfish, free swimming eels, white spotted moray, lobster, rainbow parrot fish, banded coral shrimp, Spanish hogfish, and a smooth trunk fish were out and putting on a show for us. After arriving back in port and having lunch guests set out in different directions for land excursions before coming back to the boat for a final farewell cocktail party where we watched a slideshow of the week. We also presented the following awards

Iron Divers - Jeff, Janet, Patricia, Matt
Advanced Open Water Divers - Susan, Matt
Enriched Air Divers - Carey, Jessica
Milestone Divers - Joyce 50, Susan 100, Carey 100

Saturday, Feb 6th
Goodbyes were said dockside as guests headed back home or continued on their vacations at 800am. Thank you for a great week and for diving with Aggressor, we hope to see you all soon!