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Aggressor Adventure Travel
Turks & Caicos Aggressor II (DR) :


Log Date: Saturday, Feb 13, 2016
Entry By: Turks & Caicos Aggressor Crew


Turks & Caicos Aggressor II

Captain’s Log

13th – 20th Feburary 2016



Air temperature: 78° - 82°

Water temperature: 78° - 79°

Visibility: 30 - 80 feet




2nd Captain: TODD EMMONS

Engineer: ROB SMITH


Driver/Guide: GRANT PATTEN



Wayne, Dana, Ginny, Vernon, Ashley, Justin, Bennett, Lita, William, Doug, Nicki, Michael, Marie, Mark, Melissa, Terry, Cole


Silver Bank, Dominican Republic


We welcomed everyone on board and got the festivities started upon the sun deck, we give everyone a boat briefing and got the first of a weeks’ worth of fantastic meals underway, all prepared by our amazing chef Alisa.


We have a fantastic start to the week, with each of our groups having great encounters with the whales, we spent most of the week with the humpbacks either in the water with them or traveling close by.


Some of the outstanding encounters we had included a very relaxed female that allowed us to spend most of the day with her in the water, swapping groups as the day progressed. Every day we had multiple in water encounters with whales as well as some fantastic surface encounters too!

We had a highly excitable Calf with mother and escort, the Calf had just learnt to breach and proceeded to show off for our boat by continuously breaching just in front of us, we counted at least 100 breaches! At the same time our other group was hanging in the water being kept company by a couple of humpbacks.

This was constant throughout the week we rarely went an hour without the company of at least a whale or 2. We had some fantastic surface encounters too, a rowdy group that gave us a good show of some rough and tumble whilst trying to gain the attention of a female. More than once we had so many whales in the water around us it was increasingly difficult to pick a group to go and spend time with, as we were heading to 1 group, 3 more would appear!

We were very lucky to get a super rare treat on the last day of 2 females competing for the attention of a large rowdy group, this started a 2 separate encounters and we were fortunate enough for them to join together and give us the show of a lifetime! For over an hour the females showed off, the males following behind, with lots of tail and pec slapping, barging each other (the males), bubble blowing and lots of surface time very close to both our boats, an amazing amount of clear and close photos were taken with fantastic positioning. This awesome group lead us all the way back to the Aggressor and then gently turned and glided off into the sunset! A perfect end to a wondrous week with the majestic whales of the Silver Banks. All of this whilst living in sublime comfort aboard a luxury yacht being fed truly scrumptious meals by our masterful Chef!