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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Feb 13, 2016
Entry By: Belize Aggressor III Crew


Belize Aggressor III Captain’s Log

Feb 13-20, 2016



Avg. Sea State: choppy

Avg. Winds: 15knots

Avg. Water Temp: 80F

Avg. Air Temp: 84F

Avg. Visibility: 80-100ft+



Capt. Jay

Capt. Chris

Chef Anna

Stewardess - Vanessa

Engineer - Fermin

Instructor - Daniel


This week we welcomed Pascal, Peter, Jeana, Bethany, Ulrich, Craig, Dennis, Linda, Karen, Mike, Paul, Karchee, Michelle, Mark, Ann, John, and doing their first ocean dives…Lisa and Dan.


Sun Feb 14, 2016

Dive Sites: Sandy Slope

Eagle rays (jumping), squid, eels, flounder, lobsters,

The week started out with our check out dives at Sandy Slope on Turneffe Atoll. We had a bunch of divers ready to get back in the water and do some dives, as well as 2 new divers doing their first ocean dives. Even before the excitement began underwater, we saw a huge Eagle ray jump out of the water and splashed back down. On the dive we saw 3 squid, a jawfish with eggs, and a flounder up by the mooring. We also had a huge Eagle ray swim up to the divers at the beginning of the dive (possibly the same one we saw jump out of the water earlier), and at the end of the dive another Eagle Ray cruised by below the bow. Throughout the dive, we came across several eels, lobsters, groupers, barracuda, garden eels, and schools of Creole wrasse.


Mon Feb 15, 2016

Dive Sites: Nurse Shark Ridge & Painted Wall

Eagle ray, sharks, eels, pair of drums, eagle ray at night, tarpon feeding, lobsters, baby squid, tassled nudibranch, octopus,

Monday we woke up at Lighthouse Reef and spent the day diving at Nurse Shark Ridge and Painted Wall for a great day of diving. An Eagle Ray showed up almost immediately on the dive, as did a huge green moray that was swimming around the reef. Down the wall we saw a small blacktip reef shark. On top of the reef we found a pair of juvenile spotted drums, lots of lobster, tassled nudibranch, and an octopus. For the night dive we enjoyed the ‘tarpon rodeo’ as the tarpon fed on silver sides under the boat. We also found a baby squid, lobsters, a channel clinging crab hanging on to a purple sea fan, several white speckled nudibranch, and the highlight had to be the Eagle Ray that swam right through the group of divers.



Tues Feb 16, 2016

Dive Sites: Blue Hole & Silver Caves

First stop of the day was The Great Blue Hole…a natural monument and World Heritage Site. We descended to the depths below to observe massive stalactites that were formed thousands of years ago when the Blue Hole was a huge cave.

After the Blue Hole, we did an island excursion over to Half Moon Caye Natural Monument…our second natural monument and World Heritage Site of the day. On the island, we went to the bird tower to look at the nesting area for the Red-Footed Booby Birds and Magnificent Frigate birds.

For the afternoon, we went diving at Silver Caves over on the West side of Long Caye.


Wed Feb 17, 2016

Dive Sites: Half Moon Caye Wall & Long Caye Wall

Wednesdays dives were at Half Moon Caye, where we saw Eagle rays, sting rays, flounder, sailfins, gang of barracuda, slender filefish, pipehorse, garden eels, and razor fish; and then over at Long Caye Wall, with sightings of more Eagle rays, stingrays, tarpon, permit, schools or sergeant majors, creole wrasse, bar jacks, horse eye jacks, skeleton shrimp, mutton snapper, huge black grouper, neck crabs, mating sand tilefish, and lizardfish.


Thurs Feb 18, 2016

Dive Sites: Chain Wall & Julie’s Jungle

Finally on Thursday the sharks came around. We had some great dives with sightings of Sharks, turtle, pipehorse, juvenile pipehorse, eagle rays, jawfish, barracudas, groupers, hogfish, trunkfish,

Scorpionfish, a lazy moray resting under the reef, a pair of adolescent French angels, and several neck crabs.


Fri Feb 19, 2016

Dive Sites: Long Caye Ridge

We ended the week off with 2 great dives on Friday at Long Caye Ridge, before motoring back to the dock. We did an earlier pre-breakfast dive, and then another dive after breakfast. At Long Caye Ridge, we saw a green moray, a goldentail moray, lots of schooling Creole Wrasses and bar jacks, and the barracudas were everywhere. We also spotted a massive black grouper off the wall, a Southern stingray, lots of cleaning stations, and came upon a sleeping Loggerhead turtle. Long Caye Ridge also has some amazing sponge life.


Congrats to Lisa and Dan on doing their first ocean dives…thanks for choosing the Belize Aggressor III to have your first diving experience.

Congrats to Mike & Dan on getting their IRON DIVER awards.


Hope to see you all again. Thank you for visiting us on the Belize Aggressor III.