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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Feb 06, 2016
Entry By: Belize Aggressor III Crew


Belize Aggressor III - Captains Log Feb 6 - Feb 13, 2016



   Air Temp: 76 fahrenheit / celsius

   Water Temp: 79 fahrenheit / celsius

   Visibility: 40-120ft



   Captain: Chris

   Engineer: Fermin

   Instructor: Daniel

   Instructor: Aubri

   Chef: Yanis

   Steward: Randy

   Deck Hand: Jason



...Joe, Lee-Ann, Sue, Garry, Lisa, JP, Barb, Laura, Susie, Kim, John, Randy, Melanie, Carolyn, Jim, Trissa, Günther, Christina


Dive Sites:

   Sunday - Black Beauty & Front Porch

   Monday - Grand Bogue & The Notch

   Tuesday - 2 of a Kind & Half Moon Caye Wall

   Wednesday - Inspiration & South East Cut

   Thursday - The Blue Hole, Half Moon Caye Wall, Tarpon Caves & South East Cut

   Friday - Johnnys Wrench & Front Porch


Saturday, Feb 6th

...It was a rainy afternoon as guests trickled aboard the Belize Aggressor III. All 18 passengers had arrived and unpacked their gear by 6:00pm, just in time for a champagne toast and welcome briefing. We would remain at the dock for the evening and cast off for Turneffe in the morning to give the cold front and rain a chance to break up and for the seas to calm.


Sunday, Feb 7th

...Just a week shy of St Valentines Day and we could see the love in the sea as two hawksbill turtles did their mating dance and a white spotted toadfish protected its young. Divers also saw a southern stingray, spotted moray, banded coral shrimp, and the common octopus on their checkout dive. After adjusting weights and working out some kinks in divers gear everyone was checked out ready to go for a full week of diving aboard the Belize Aggressor III.


Monday, Feb 8th

...Divers awoke bright and early for another day of diving at Turneffe. Among the sights and abundant coral formations divers spotted a massive southern stingray, common octopus, squid, channel cleaning crab, hairy legged crab, and a banana nudibranch. To add to the excitement John got his camera slapped by a hawksbill turtle and instructor Daniel assisted a white spotted toadfish in giving birth. After our night dive passengers sat down to dinner and we made the crossing to Lighthouse Reef where only a few lost their suppers.


Tuesday, Feb 9th

...Crew and passengers awoke to a beautiful, mostly cloudy day. However, it appeared any threat of bad weather was moving out and we would be left with sunshine for the remainder of the day. Divers were happy to encounter many new and familiar critters today at lighthouse including a spotted eagle Ray jumping two feet out of the water, pipe horse, pipe fish, grouper, skeletal shrimp, scrawled file fish, basket stars, reef shark, and barracuda.


Wednesday, Feb 10th

...It was a wild and windy Wednesday as divers suited up for their first dive. All were surprised to find Kim coming up with a special kind of suit for John to wear over his wetsuit on his 201st dive- a leopard print bra and purple thong. Some thought this sight couldnt be topped but divers were surprised to see a pod of dolphin swim overhead as well as a nurse shark, grouper, reef shark, green moray, eagle rays, anemone, big eyed jacks, and grey angel fish dancing in divers bubbles throughout the day.


Thursday, Feb 11th

...With less than ideal winds our fearless crew and divers decided to take on The Blue Hole. After being divided into three groups for the pickup (as we could not use the mooring) everyone set off into the hole as a group. The dive was a great success but the day had just begun and divers were ready for more diving. In the afternoon we did another drift dive at Tarpon Caves where rays, sharks, turd fish, and turtles were spotted. After a satisfying turkey dinner followed by a brisk night dive we packed in and headed back to Turneffe.


Friday, Feb 12th

...We awoke at dawn to a misting day but our divers didnt pay it any mind- they were getting wet anyways! We finished off our two dives, which some said were the favorites of the week, by 9:30am and headed back to the dock. On our travels back we watched the video of the week and had lunch. Once at port, guests went their separate ways to explore Belize or relax before coming back for our Wine and Cheese party at 6:00pm. Everyone was sad this would be our final night together but all enjoyed watching a slideshow of the pictures taken by crew and guests throughout the week before heading to dinner. We also presented the following awards:


Iron Divers - Trissa, Jim, John, Günther, Christina

Milestone Divers - Christina (200), John (200), Melanie (500), Sue (200)


Saturday, Feb 13th

...Just as the week flew by, 8:00am came all too quickly for our guests that did not want to leave. Sadly everyone would be returning home and none continuing on for more vacations. We had a wonderful week with our guests and hope to see you all soon!