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Raja Ampat Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Jan 23, 2016
Entry By: Raja Ampat Aggressor Crew


Raja Ampat Aggressor Captains log *23 Jan – 02 Feb 2016

*Air Temp. 90 F

*Water Temp. 28 C/ 84 F



Captain: Burhan

Cruise Director: Michal

Chief Officer: Raswan

Chief Engineer: Oland

2nd Engineer: Rahmad

Chef: Jemly

Su Chef: Hani

House keeping: Betty

Waitress: Serli

Divemaster: Herry

Divemaster: Jamie

Tender Driver: Jasman

Tender Driver: Ody



We: Friwinbonda, Blue Magic, Mioskon, Mioskon

Th: Cape Mansuar, Cape Kri, Sardine Reef, Saonek

Fr: Manta Sandy, Manta Sandy, Arborek, Arborek

Sa: Melissas Garden, Galaxy, Melissas Garden

Su: Sagof, Sagof, Baby Rock, Nudi Rock

Mo: 4 Kings, 4 Kings Barracuda Rock, Barracuda Rock

Tu: Nudi Rock, Tank Rock, Camel Rock, Whale Rock

We: Gus Ridge, Shadow Reef, Boo Rock, Yillet Kecil

Th: Yillet Kecil, Grouper Net


GUESTS: Patrick and Julane, Samuli, Keiji, Michael, Rafael, David, Holly


Saturday January 23rd

We picked up our guests from airport and some of our guests arrived day before and stayed in Hotels around Sorong. Early afternoon we had all our guests exept Holly. Holly got her flight canceled and we arranged her pick up for tomorrow. We accommodated everybody in staterooms and had a lunch. After lunch we had a welcome brefing and we departure to central Raja Ampat. After dinner we arrived to our first location Friwinbonda.

Sunday January 24th

After continental breakfast and briefing we had all divers in the water for the check dive in Friwinbonda. Dive was easy with little current. The visibility was reaching 15 m/48 ft. We started the dive at a sloping area where we saw schools of yellow fin fusiliers, silver fusiliers and five stripped snappers. We went behind the corner and drifted with the current. We spotted wobbegong shark and some small creatures like: nudibranch, flat worms and pigmy sea horses.

Our second dive we went to Blue Magic. We jumped and descended at a sloping reef area. Current was average strenght and visibility was reaching 15 m/48 ft. At the beginning of the dive we saw schoolf of yellow fin barracudas and group of squirel fish. We went deeper to have a look on a big boomie with big school of snappers. It was a nice spot for wide angle. There was a batavia spade fish together with snappers which looked preety funny. We went shallower and spotted big oceanic manta coming to the reef. We also spotted school of jackfish on the top of a seamount. There were big dogtooth tunas in the blue and group of spanish macrel patroling the reefs.Like ussual blue magic surprised us with something amazing.

After lunch we went for a 3rd dive to Mioskon. There was a slow current. We jumped at the corner of the sloping area, where all fish action was being placed. We saw thousands of fusiliiers, and big group of yellow five lined snappers. We showed our guests a giant clam, wobbegong shark. Visibility wasnt so good as it was reaching only 10 m./32 ft but the number of the fish was just incredible.

During our dinner time we did a briefing for a night dive and small presentation about epaulette raja ampat. We had a nice dive as we spotted couple of nudibranch, sea spider, pigmy cuttle fish and walking shark.

Monday January 25th

In the morning we moved Aggressor to Cape Mansuar. When we arrived at the dive spot we spotted black reef manta on the surface. We jumped to the water and got nice shots as it came closer to us curiously looking at us and swimming in the circles. We went down and spotted big group of bumhead parrotfish. Our first dive in the morning we had no current and clear water reaching 20+ m/ 66+ ft.   We stayed at the steep sloping area watching fish action. There was school of sevron barracudas, jetties, oriental sweetlips and surgeons. We also saw black tip shark patroling the reef. It was very good dive with huge number of fish.

Second dive after breakfast we did at Cape Kri. This time current was strong and we did a drift dive. We saw big fish action saw like: barracudas, emperors, surgeons, white tip sharks, napoleon wrasse and school of jacks and spade fish. Visibility was reaching 15 m./48 ft.

We moved our boat to Sardine Reef for a 3rd dive. Current was already still strong and we drifted down the sloping reef On the way we saw: Barracudas, Ginat Trevalies, big napoleon wrasse and schooling of a neon fusiliers. After 30 minutes current slowed down and changed direction so we went to the shallower part where we spotted wobbegong shark. Visibility was reaching 15 m/48ft.

We moved aggressor for a dinner and night dive to Saonek.Before we jumped to the water we made presentation about Raja Ampat and Blue Ring Octopus. We dove at Saonek jetty. We went down to a sandy bottom area. There was no current so we had a good conditions for search of a night creatures. We spotted pigmy squid, couple of bobtail squids and decorator crabs.


Tuesday January 26th

In the early morning we relocated our boat to Manta Sandy. We did 2 dives there and enjoyed mantas doing the cleaning stations above 2 big boomies. We also spotted some nice macro life at the sandy area and around couple of big boomies. We spotted plenty small creatures: servensi pigmy sea horse, pontohi sea horse, nudibranch, flat worms and pegasus sea moths. Visibility was reaching 15 m/48 ft.

After lunch we moved Aggressor to Arborek Island and dove at the jetty. We saw many interesting fishs and creatures: jaw fish, pontohi sea horse, juvenile barramundi, hornet pipie fish and hundreds of other beautiful fish and creatures. Sunlight was coming through wooden jetty and made a beautiful scenery for wide angle pictures. Visibility was reaching 20 m./64 ft. and there was mild current during our dive.

After dinner we sent our divers for a night dive at Arborek Jetty. Our divers spotted walking shark, hornet ghost pipe fish, mantis shrimp, candy crab and few nudibranch.


Wednesday January 27th

In the morning we arrived to Penemu Island and started morning dive at Melissas Garden. It was great dive and visibility improved to 25 m./80 ft. We followed mild current and started dive at a sandy bottom with big bommies and interesting coral formations. We spotted school of fusiliers in the blue. On the sandy area we spotted 3 wobbegong sharks, ghost pipe fish and some of nudibranch. Second part of the dive we spent on the top of the shallow reef which is one of the most impresive coral gardens in all raja ampat.

Our second dive we went to Galaxy. Some of our guests diceded to skip the dive and went to see the view of Penemu island. Rafael did some amazing pictures of the view and divers went back happy of the dive. They spotted school of yellow fin fusiliers, lobsters, pygmy sea horse and cople of colorful nudies.

For the third dive we went back to Melissas Garden which was a 600 dive for our guest Keiji. Everyone was very happy to go back and commented that it is the best coral reef they ever seen in their lives. We spotted beautiful servensi pygmy sea horse, turtle and papuan scorpion fish.

After our dive we started long relocation to Misool.


Thursday January 28th

In the morning we arrived to island Sagof in Misool. We did our first dive starting from a vertical wall making our way slowly throught big gorgonias and black corals. Visibility was incredible and was reaching 40 m./ 128 ft. We spotted huge bowl of silver side fish and 20 mobulas hunting on it. It was spectacular dive with crazy number of fish. There were schools of fusiliers feeding on a plankton, school of snappers and Michael spotted octopus, which seemed not scared at all of divers. It was just sitting on a coral and not moving. We could take some amazing shots during that dive..

Our second dive we did at the same spot but starting from an opposite side of the rock. We were making our way down the wall and went to huge overhang were some great fish action was taking place. Again we spotted mobulas, schools of fusiliers, turtle and big group of spade fish. During this dive Samuli did his 100 dives.

Our third dive we dove at baby rock. Visibility was reaching 30 m./96 ft. Dive site has some interesting rocky reef formation with vertical walls and steep slopes covered with soft corals and many big sea fans. We saw emperor shrimp, several nudibranch and denis pygmy sea horse. There was also huge school of neon and yellow fin fusiliers. We also spotted electric clam.

After dinner our guide Herry did presentation about pygmy sea horses. We relocated Aggressor to Fiabecet area and dove at nudi rock. One of the most famous dive sites in Misool with beautiful coral reef and hundreds of different corals. We spotted walking shark, grey reef shark, candy crab and couple of different decorator crabs.

Friday January 29th

In the morning we moved our boat to dive site called 4 kings. We had a great dive around 4 pinnacles with deep walls and steep slopes. We had a mild current and very nice visibility reaching 25m./80ft. During this dive we saw: barracudas, school of jack and spade fish, denise pygmy sea horses and bargibanti sea horse. At the end of the dive we spotted oceanic manta.

Our 2nd dive we decided to do the same spot 4 Kings. As we predicted there were more Mantas getting cleaned above the pinnacle cleaning stations. Water was clear and we could take some good shots of Mantas. It was an amazing dive and so far one of the best dives during our trip.

3rd dive we dove at Barracuda Rock. We had a mild current and good visibility reaching 20+m/ 64+ ft. We started at the wall area covered with big sea funs with many small overhangs. We spotted denise pygmy sea horse on a sea fun, we saw solar power nudibranch and pygmy cuttle fish. On the second part of the dive we got to the huge overhang covered with soft corals. We went to the shallower part of the wall and spotted school of barracudas. We ejnoyed long safety stop watching beautiful coral reef covering rocky formations of the dive site.

After dinner went for a night dive at Barracuda Rock. We saw: 2 walking shark, reef octopus and a hunting moray eel.


Saturday January 30th

In the morning we changed location to Fiabecet. First dive we did at Nudi Rock. We had a mild current and visibility was reaching 20 m./64 ft. We made our way down the sloping area covered beautiful big sea fans and any different soft and hard corals. We spotted 2 big barramundi hiding behind sea fan and big school of surgeon fish in the blue. We went deeper to sandy area where white tip shark was sleeping. On the way to the other side of the reef we saw school of barracudas. We went to the pinnacles where surgeons and rabbit fish were hanging aroud. We finished our dive at the shallows where we spotted turtle.

Our second dive was at Tank Rock. There was almost no current and we started the dive at wall area with big pinnacle. There was big school of yellow fin fusiliers, jetties and snappers playing in the blue. We followed the ridge covered with many sea fans where we spotted denis pygmy sea horse and bargibanti. At the end of the dive we saw very bright red orangutan crab.

Our third dive was at Camel Rock. We saw macro creatures like bargibanti pygmy sea horse and nebrota nudibranch. There was middle strenght current and visibility was reaching 20 m./64 ft. It was a nice dive. All the dive we were swimming between big boomies covered with soft corals and sea fans. Groupers, sweetlips and snappers were hidding below corals and doing the cleaning stations. At the end of the dive we saw sea snake and wobbegong shark.

During the dinner time we did presentation about cannibals in Papua and went for a night dive to Whale Rock. We spotted 2 walking sharks, decorator crabs, king prawn, sea slugs and nudibranch.


Sunday January 31st

First dive we went to Shadow Reef, water was very clear and we had mild current. We went down the sloping area where we spotted gray reef sharks, school of barracuda. At the middle point of the dive we spotted 2 oceanic mantas and marble ray. Rest of the dive we spent at the shallow area were we had some amazing fish action: Huge school of spade fish, napeolons, big groupers, school of five lined snappers and school of jackfish.

We moved Aggressor to Gus Ridge. We saw spanish macarel, school of barracudas, school of yellow stripe snappers, school of surgeon fish, group of giant trevalies and napoleon wrasse. At the end of the dive we saw oceanic manta gently swimming around the cleaning station. There was mild current and very good visibility reaching 30 m./96 ft visibility.

Third dive we did at Boo Rock. We went slowly down a steep slope and spotted denis pigmy sea horse. We had a very nice dive with mild current and like usual great number of different types of fish. We saw school of yellow fin fusiliers, five lined snappers, barramundi, many different anemone fish and couple of different nudibranch. Dive site has some incredible colours of soft and hard corals.

After dinner we showed slide show from our trip and went for a night dive at Yillet Kecil. Again our divers spotted 2 walking sharks, crocodile fish, few lobsters, decorator crabs and giant barracuda hunting.

Monday February 1st

Our last day of diving in Raja Ampat. We dove at Yillet Kecil. We spotted schooling of sevron barracudas, bat fish, yellow tail barracudas, napoleon wrasse and crocodile fish. There was very good visibility and mild current.

After breakfast we started our second dive and last for this trip at Grouper Net. We dove around 4 big pinnacles. We spotted: stone fish, pygmy sea horses, hariy goby and many other beautfiul fish and corals. Our last dive was done, we rinsed the gear for our guests and started 14 hour relocation to Sorong. During lunch time we showed video from our trip.

After dinner we started farewell party with our guests and gave awards to our guests. During our trip Julane got iron diver award for not skipping any dive. David and Holly and Patrick with Julane got a best buddy team award. Rafael and Michael won jim church photography award for doing their photography course and starting adventure with underwater photography. Keiji got milestone award for finishing 600 dives during our trip. Samuli and Rafael also got milestone awards for doing 100 dives during our trip. Congratulations!!!

Tuesday February 2nd

In the morning we said our farewells to our guests and send them to hotels and airport. It was a great 10 day trip and we made new friends and had a very good time. We hope to see you again!