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Indo Aggressor :


Log Date: Friday, Jan 29, 2016
Entry By: Indo Aggressor crew


Indo Aggressor Captain’s Log 29 Jan-5 Feb



Captain: Kasim

Cruise Director: Rob

Dive Guides: Rob, Lexi, Rama


Head Steward: Rizal




Jack, Paul, Roni, Dominic, Simon, Yoon, Jennifer, Colin, Leslie, Benny, Carlos


Air Temp; 30 Water Temp: 26-28



Saturday: Phinnissi Wreck, The Alley 1, The Alley 2, Phinnissi Wreck

Sunday: Secret Garden, W Reef, Pusir Putih, Pusir Putih

Monday: Cannibal Rock, Middle Reef, Yellow Wall

Tuesday: Tatawa Besaar, Batu Balong, Makasaar, GLD Bay

Wednesday: Crystal Rock, Crystal Rock, Lighthouse Reef, Wainilu

Thursday: Makasaar, Honeymoon Rock


Friday 29th January

Today is arrival day on board the Indo Aggressor and with great excitement we welcomed 11 guests. We have guests from China, Canada, Australia and Zambia. Once everyone had been welcomed aboard we headed to the southern tip of Komodo Island on route enjoying a festive first dinner together.


Saturday 30th January

Our check out dive was on the Phinissi Wreck a small fishing boat sunk close to the shore. Highlights included nudibranchs, blues spotted rays and ribbon eels.

During breakfast we moved further south to Langkoi, an amazing site with good hard and soft corals. It is also famous as a cleaning station for mantas. We were fortunate enough to see manta rays, black tip reef sharks, white tip reef sharks, napoleon wrasse and bumphead parrotfish. Having done two dives at Langkoi we moved back to Lahsera for our night dive.

Our night dive on the Phinissi wreck had highlights of Spanish dancers, carrier and decorator crabs, big fin squid, bobtail squid and nudibranchs.

Sunday 31st January

In the early hours we moved to Padar Island and began our day diving Secret Garden. Crystal clear warm water welcomed us and within minutes a squadron of over 30 devil rays circled us for the first 20 minutes of the dive. Other highlights included coconut octopus, leaf scorpion fish, mantis shrimps and painted frogfish.


Our second dive was at W Reef another incredible site with superb corals. Highlights included giant frogfish, nudibranchs, schooling fusiliers, snappers and sweetlips.

Our third dive was at Pusir Putih a great slope and mini wall combination. Highlights included painted frogfish, osculated frogfish, giant frogfish and leaf scorpion fish.

We then visited the Pink Beach on Padar Island and enjoyed the tranquility of the island. We were also fortunate enough to see the local deer’s grazing near the beach.

It was then time for our night dive back at Pusir Putih. Highlights once again included painted frogfish, giant frogfish, octopus and big fin reef squid.

Monday 1st February

In the early hours we moved to Rinja Island and a bay known as Horseshoe Bay. Our first dive was on the signature dive site of the area Cannibal Rock it was a wonderful seamount rich in coral diversity. Highlights included nudibranchs, zebra crabs, Coleman’s shrimp, white tip reef sharks and giant trevally.


Our second dive was at Middle Reef a wonderful pinnacle dive with amazing corals and full of life. Highlights included coral cat shark, white tip reef sharks, ladybugs, octopus and massive schools of red toothed triggerfish, yellow masked surgeon fish and red snapper.

Our third dive was at yellow wall highlights included stone fish, clown frogfish and nudibranchs.

After our dive we visited the komodo dragons on the beach and got up close and personal. Sadly due to a large storm arriving we had to miss our night dive and head to Gili lawa Darat in the north of the park.

Tuesday 2nd February

We began our day with a gentle drift dive at Tatawa Besaar. A beautiful reef slope full of life. Highlights included mantas, batfish, oriental sweetlips and white tip reef sharks.

We then moved to Batu Balong an incredible pinnacle dive. Highlights included schooling anthias, large hawksbill turtles, napoleon wrasse and white tip reef sharks.

Our third dive was at Makasaar a dive focused on mantas and luck was with us as we had one incredible encounter after another with these beautiful creatures. We then moved to GLD Bay for our night dive. Highlights included Spanish dancers, carrier crabs, painted lobsters and decorator crabs.

Wednesday 3rd February

We began our day doing two dives on Crystal Rock. A fantastic pinnacle dive highlights included Gray Reef Sharks, white tip reef sharks, black tip reef sharks, giant trevally, napoleon wrasse and hawksbill turtles.


Our third dive was at Lighthouse Reef a calm site on a beautiful reef slope. Highlights included crocodile fish, nudi branches and cling fish. We then moved to Wainilu for our night dive. A muck diving site full of critters. Highlights included big fin reef squid, bobtail squid, strawberry nudibranchs, spiny devil fish, stone fish and cuttlefish.

Thursday 4th February

Sadly our last day of diving together, we began by diving Makassaar Reef and once again were on the hunt for mantas. Luck was with us and we had endless encounters with over 30 mantas.

We then moved to Honeymoon Rock a great wall and slope combination. Highlights included superb coral, nudibranchs, and napoleon wrasse and bat fish. We then moved to Rinja Island to do our official dragon trekking.


It was then time to head back to Labuan Bajo during the crossing we enjoyed a farewell cocktail party and our final sunset together.