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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Feb 13, 2016
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Charter Date 13th -20th Feb 2016
Air Temp 24C/79F    Water Temp 27C/81F
Shortie or Full Length 3mm
Wind N/E 15-20 kts

Saturday:   As various flights landed and as the afternoon progressed the Cayman Aggressor IV welcomed 12 guests aboard. After our introductions and safety briefing we enjoyed Chef Kingsley’s famous Ribs and BBQ Jerk Chicken with Rum Cake for dessert.   Getting to know each other, a good mix of folks from UK , Ireland, France  and the USA,  a few glasses of wine and a great night’s sleep to prepare for tomorrow.  

Sunday: We started our engines at 6:30 and cruise a short distance to our first site of the day; Doc Poulson. This is a perfect check out dive a good way to check out equipment and see this small artificial reef. A hawks bill turtle glided through the water stopping off to feed on a sponge. All our divers were happy to get some photos and enjoy the scene. Next up was the wreck of the Oro Verde, another artificial reef that also lies in 50ft of water, with the wall a close swim away this site gives the option of wall and reef. Out on the wall we were happy to come across a Hawks bill turtle feeding on a sponge! On the wreck schooling jack and a green moray eel delighted us. At night several Midnight Parrott fish, two large Channel crab and a squid were seen. After which we spoiled our guests with hot towels, hot chocolate and of course our hot tub!

Monday: An early start came to the guests today as we started the engines around 6 o’clock to slowly make our way over to a very popular dive site here on the west side of Grand Cayman, Round Rock with a combination of another dive site which was close by called Trinity Caves. Famous for their swim throughs we were able to explore both sites, starting with Round Rock seeing Turtles and other schooling fish such as the Blue Chromis and Yellow Tail Snappers. We slowly made our way over to Trinity Caves which has 3 swim throughs of your choosing, which at the end of the main channel a large Green Moray came to visit our divers as they were exiting the caves. Afterwards the Chef had Strawberry and Cream scones waiting for the hungry divers as they finished drying themselves off talking about their amazing dive together. From there we slowly started traveling along 7 mile beach to a site by the name of Angel Fish Reef, which was known to have 2 friendly nurse sharks hanging in the general area. They didn’t disappoint as one of them came around and wanted her picture taken from one of the guests, settling down in the sand posing for the camera. Having a couple Turtles, a Green Moray, Spotted Moray and some very large Lobsters in the area never made a dull moment in the dive causing this to be, as of now, some of the guest’s favorite site. Staying here for the night dive, we settled in and got ready for the dive as they started jumping into the water hunting for the night time creatures, getting lucky and seeing 2 Octopus, a Spotted Moray, a few Lobsters as well as feeding the coral blood worms. Once all our divers re3turned we treated them to hot towels and hot chocolate!

Tuesday: Waking to flat calm seas we made a 6am start heading for the north side of Grand Cayman and our first stop of the day was Tarpon Alley on the north wall.  The visibility was definitely in excess of 90ft and the sheer wall with bright blue back ground made a great start to the day, the Tarpon from which the site gets its name were in attendance, hanging still in the water column almost as if suspended there. A sleeping nurse shark made for a nice surprise along with several lion fish and schooling jacks that brought a cool dive to an exciting finish. Next up we headed for the world famous Stingray City and cruising thru the channel we could see just about every coral head in the crystal clear waters of the north sound. At first it seemed the stingrays were taking a day off but then a large female turned and everyone had a one to one stingray encounter. Being only 12ft deep with such bright sun and clear water it truly was a photographers dream come true. As Kingsley served a delicious Italian lunch were cruised east toward Babylon for an afternoon of wall diving at its Grand Cayman best. The wall here is very sheer with amazing pinnacles to explore that are adorn with black coral, gorgonians and huge seas fans, it all drapes and hangs making  it easy to see were site gets its name from………….the hanging gardens of Babylon. We spent the afternoon and night dive here and a very enjoyable afternoon it was, the biggest trumpet fish any of us had ever seen was a photo light along with a camera friendly turtle being circled by blue chromis. The night dive did not disappoint, 3 large channel carbs, several lobster and a squid kept our keen divers happy. A gentle rolling sea under a bright half-moon brought the day to an end with the certainty of just such another day on the way tomorrow.     

Wednesday: We started our engines at 6:00 and motored towards a site call Hammerhead Hill. This is a classic North Wall dive. The Mooring is at 50 Ft on top of a beautiful coral mound. The sand crevices that lead out to the wall is immense. As we cruised out to the wall a Caribbean reef Shark swam towards us, looking at about 8 ft. he descended down the wall as quick as he appeared. Up on top of the wall was the fish life was spectacular, Schooling blue Tangs & Chromis in abundance.  A Hawks bill turtle was feeding on a sponge gliding casually around our divers. Next up was the Ex-USS Kitti wake, sank in 2011, this makes a unique alternative to the reef. This ex submarine rescue vessel is a diver’s playground with plenty of areas to explore inside. The length is 250 ft. and sits in about 60 ft. of water.  The main attraction is the re-compression chambers, the engine room and the chain locker. For the second dive our divers explored the reef and we happy to see our resident Eagle ray feeding in the sand. At night this site comes alive. Our usual takers were ready to take the splash!!

Thursday:  Our day started on the east end of Grand Cayman at a very dramatic dive site known as Tunnel of Love. The site is aptly named for a long swim thru that starts at about 60ft and winds and turns and eventually opens out at 90ft. The wall top here is lush and full of life, sea fans drape and hang while bright yellow sponges reach for the sunlight and make for excellent photo subject. With a southerly swell picking up we headed around to the calm waters off the west side of Grand Cayman and made for a dive site known as Jax Dax or Governors reef, so named because directly ashore is the residence of the Queens emissary to the Cayman Islands. The site is well named for it is fit for Royalty because we are sure we saw an emperor angel fish. Over the 3 dives we did we had a very cool turtle encounter, schooling squirrel fish that seemed to want to have their photo taken and a fantastically friendly nurse shark that swam back and forth from guest to guest.  At night we encountered numerous Lobsters, crabs and ells. After which we had our customary hot towels and hot chocolate, a perfect way to end a great day of diving.

Friday: Our morning started at Marty’s Wall on the west side of Grand Cayman and what a way to start the day, we had a large eagle ray right off the back of the boat as we jumped in and then a friendly turtle posed for photos just as a nurse shark came along and proceeded to swim with the group for the next 20 minutes and truly entertained our eager gang and to cap the dive off a large free swimming green moray eel appeared and gave us quite the show. The 2nd dive of the day and final dive of the week was at the wreck of the Oro Verde. Again we had a camera friendly turtle that was having a late breakfast on a cluster of sponge. We had a large school of yellow tail snappers looking for safety in numbers and at the same time creating a classic photo/video op and our resident friendly Nurse shark showed up swimming all among the group. As the wind died off we headed back into Georgetown harbor when as always the yacht becomes a hive of industry with dive gear being washed and rinsed and the dreaded packing starts in earnest but all came to an easy end with the Capt’s cocktail party on the top deck as the sun sank into the sea, all talk was of a great week of diving we just had and which Aggressor destination was next on the wish list. Some folks had been on the yacht previously and some of the first time but all talked of coming back to see us again here in the Cayman Islands.
Until Next week

Your Cayman aggressor Crew