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Kona Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Feb 20, 2016
Entry By: Kona Aggressor Crew


Kona Aggressor II

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Weather: Hazy sunshine, light southwesterly breeze, moderate swell out of the Northwest

Water temp 75-77”F

Air temp 75-80F

Wetsuit recommended: 3-5mm full suit.

SATURDAY: Welcome aboard divers! This week it’s a mixed bag with island locals making up half of the group (Lesley, Randy, Brantly and Svenja - all from Oahu and Terry and Margo from Maui). David, all the way from the Czech Republic. Father/son team Ed and Brian from Naples Florida and Portland Oregon respectively. Austrians Roland and Gabrielle, and finally Chris from Buffalo NY.

SUNDAY: GREAT conditions here locally in Kona, so we’re leaning towards a local itinerary for the next couple of days. Starting out just north of town at Kalokos Arches, the whole group proves to be “dive savvy” as the check out dive went without a hitch. Lots of Bluestripe Snapper suspended in the arches and a Yellow Margin Moray here and there. David managed to find and photograph a Whitley’s Boxfish, one of his “Must See’s” on this trip. Garden Eel Cove didn’t disappoint! We had several mantas show up for the afternoon as well as the evening dive.

MONDAY:Southward to Aquarium this morning. No surge, no current, good viz, big fun. WOW. We saw some stuff! Rock Mover Wrasses, two different types of Snake Eels, a Panther Flounder, a Green Sea Turtle, and a White Tipped Reef Shark! Brian, Terry and Roland all got em’ on film. During lunch we made time for Hammerheads, but decided to move on after judging it too surgey on this day. We stopped by Kalekekua Bay for a swim with the Spinner Dolphins (they were all for it-the Dolphins I mean) A dusk dive at Manuka Bay and “wine with dinner” afterward was a hit!

TUESDAY: A pre-dawn exit from Manuka Bay and we are on our way. Black Coral Forest was the captain’s destination of choice and so it was. Ed reported a couple of courageous Hawaiian Spiney Lobsters out wandering in the open, and the Long Nosed Hawkfish was right where he should be, hanging in the Black Coral “bush”. Spent the afternoon/evening at Rainbow Reef, saw a Green Sea Turtle in shallow. Oahu’ans Lesley and Randy were amazed by the variety of eels on the night dive, they don’t have em’ like that on Oahu!

WEDNESDAY:Trying out a “new old” spot this morning. Pohue Bay, a dive site long abandoned and forgotten, has been given new life thanks to Captain Cliff replacing the old mooring chain. Scenic terrain; ledges, bluffs, plenty of healthy coral and fish along with a nice seclude palm tree lined beach makes this once again one of our premier sites! Time to head north so we’re pulling in to Stoney Mesas for the afternoon. Night dive back at Manuka Bay.

THURSDAY:Tough conditions met us this morning as a new winter swell moved in. We slid in to Au Au Crater but decided to pass due to a heavy surge. Found some nice diving at an area north of Kalekekua Bay protected from the swell where we dropped the divers in “live boat” style and let them do some exploring of some unknown terrain. Everyone enjoyed it and so we tried it again and an adjacent spot for the following dive. Wrapped up the day offshore on calm seas. Dinner and then a Pelagic dive at a spot we mark on the GPS at the 500 fathom curve, just outside of Kona Bay.


FRIDAY: Wrapped it up at Old Airport Friday morning for the guest’s last two dives. Thanks Y’all for enjoying and appreciating what we could find for you this week, had to do alittle dancing around the weather but hey, that’s Mother Nature! Big Mahalos Randy for handling the trolling lines, (we’ll get em’ next time! ) and to Roland for supplying the log pics this week.


See Ya Next Week!

The Kona Crew