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Okeanos Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Feb 20, 2016
Entry By: Captain Beto


Okeanos Aggressor Trip Report

February 20 to march 1 - 2016

(Photos by Alberto Muñoz)

Average Water Temperature 84 F (29 Celsius)

Average Air temperature 84 F (29 Celsius)
Average Visibility 80 ft-25 mts
Wetsuits: 3mil, maybe more if you get cold easily.
Crew this week: Capt. Beto, Chefs Douglas and Gerardo, Engineer Luis and Fabio, Steward Osayuki, Boat drivers and Divemasters Warren, William and Xavier

This week was different from the past few trips as the sharks were even friendlier some of them were coming really close to the divers, I was able to get some good shots of the hammerhead sharks, we saw the tiger shark several times and the Galapagos Sharks were just going around the divers sometimes closer than some of the guys wanted J but I guess they made it all the way here just for it and they were getting it.

There were some nice cool current coming from the bottom stirring all the underwater life bringing everything back to normal conditions, we had this one dive in Alcyone where a hammerhead was getting clean and they get in a trance that they don’t mind if you are there, this one shark didn’t care at all our presence the shark made a couple of loops around a cleaning station letting us get up close and take all the pictures we wanted……..

We made a dive in Dos Amigos Pequeño and we had a down current so strong we had to almost fully inflate our BCDs to just stayed level, but the action was nonstop, we had the hammerheads, then a Galapagos shark then the two tigers then the eagle ray and all the fish around this pinnacle in the middle of the ocean, the dive was pack with loads of adrenaline starting to end.

The night dives were also full of action as the white tip sharks were hungry and looking for their meal, they would not stop until they got what they wanted and the pour fish had no place to hide as no matter where they went the sharks would scoop them from anywhere.

Weather wise we were also lucky lots of sun and flat seas, the guests worked on their tanning almost every day.

Our last day we did Dirty Rock as this was the best site for the hammerheads and the site delivered the shark and more.

What an incredible way to end the week of diving.

Thanks to all of our guests; Jean Michel, Jean Louis, Bernard, Marc, Marcel, Paul M., Olivier, Andre, Francesco, Yann, Thomas, Sven, Paul B., Jean Claude, Philippe G., Laurent, Philippe M., Marc and Mylene. For a great week of diving.

Cap. Beto