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Kona Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Feb 27, 2016
Entry By: Kona Aggressor Crew


Kona Aggressor II

 Saturday 27 February to 5 March

Water temp  75-77”F

Air temp: A balmy high seventies

Wetsuit recommended:  3-5mm full suit.

Log Entry by Capt’ Todd

SATURDAY: Well we’ve got a punctual group this week. Had everybody boarded and we were off the pier in record time this afternoon. Tied up to the mooring in time for the sunset and some cocktail enhanced icebreaking before dinner! Chef Eric raised the bar pretty high for himself right out of the chute with succulent Salmon and creamy Polenta for the “inaugural meal”.

SUNDAY: Beautiful clear morning, watched the sunrise over Mauna Loa on our way south to the  Red Hill area for our first couple of dives at a site we call Meadows. The guests had no problem negotiating all the swim-throughs here, in fact, John, after dropping a weight pouch somewhere along the way, was even able to backtrack through and find it! Yulia got to sleep in and made the second dive. A short move at lunch to “The Dome!” for the afternoon.  We had a stellar night dive at the Keahou Sheraton (Mantaville),  the Mantas (four of them) put on one of the best shows I’ve seen.

MONDAY: A short run south back to the Red Hill area put us at Amphitheater for the two morning dives. Our crew put all the divers through the really cool lava tube. Further south at lunch and we found ourselves at the Hive. A little surge didn’t keep DM Brent from taking everyone into the labyrinth there on the afternoon dive. The night dive was off the charts with Brent on video camera (I was lighting man), we managed to scare up a couple of big Conger Eels and witnessed an Undulated Eel make a meal of a hapless Yellow Tang. Jeff and Daniel were right in the action with their Go Pros.

TUESDAY: Pele’s Playground, that’s where we are this morning. Great visibility and a Turtle had John beaming after the first dive, and encouraged those that didn’t go to check it out on the second one. Southward at lunch, saw some Pilot Whales en route to Manuka Bay. The bay was as usual calm and clear. Cliff pointed out a Horned Helmet devouring a Collector Urchin. I led the fourth dive and we entered “the danger zone” where the surf has sculptured the terrain and we saw a Spotted Eagle Ray. The highlight of the night dive was a Spanish Dancer doing it’s thing for Sue and Daniel’s cameras.

WEDNESDAY: Pohue Bay greeted us with Spinner Dolphins that were more than happy to entertain the guests, everyone got in on mask and snorkel and DM Annie was lucky enough to catch them on SCUBA as she returned from tying the boat up. They lingered throughout the morning, what a treat! Rainbow Reef was where we were in the afternoon, good viz and no surge was just fine with the guests! Saw some Garden Eels down deep on the sand and a Dragon Moray was glimpsed on the night dive.

THURSDAY: Early departure north, time to start heading back up the line towards home. First stop, Black Coral Forest. Sue got some shots of some Long Nosed Hawk fish.  DM Cory and Sam saw a couple o big Barracuda. Moved on up and did an encore dive at Manuka Bay, I took them deep to the Pillow Lava and looked for the elusive Bicolor Anthias. Alas it wasn’t to be today, but we had fun looking! After lunch it was a dive at Kalekekua Bay, near Cook’s Monument. New DM Brent got lost and wound up finding a great new area in the shallows! Spent the couple hours before dinner on a nice cruise into the sunset to our spot we do the pelagic dive. The odd critters from the deep didn’t disappoint, we saw plenty of them. 


FRIDAY: A fitful night’s sleep on the mooring and we are ready for more diving! Aquarium was splendid and the “suck um’ up” cave was “sucking um up”! What a ride. Sue and Yulia got some great footage/shots of a Rock Mover Wrasse doing a little reef reorganizing, and two Octopuses were spotted. Predator Wreck wrapped up our trip with everyone “keeping it clean” in front of the Atlantis Submarine that tours this spot. Many manholes to Sue for the photo contributions, and congratulations to our “Iron Divers”; Jeff, Christina and Ben (How’re your ears gang? hahahaha) that’s all for now, keep those cards and letters coming!!!! J