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Kona Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Mar 05, 2016
Entry By: Kona Aggressor Crew


Kona Aggressor II

Saturday March 5-12 2016

Water temp 75-77”F

Air temp 75-80F

Wetsuit recommended: 3-5mm full suit.

Log by Capt’ Todd

SATURDAY: Light load this week. Eight lucky divers had the run of the boat with almost a one to one ratio of crew members, namely Alan, “Kat”, new chef Toby, new officer candidate Greg, and old standbys Annie, Brent and yours truly.

SUNDAY: Stayed local today, betting on good conditions to view the Manta show Sunday night, but as luck would have it, the swell picked up and we wound up doing a Pelagic Magic dive instead, but not before checking out Meadows and the Dome that day. All onboard; Ahmed of Vancouver, Thomas of Houston, Garry (a canuck) , Jerri and Keith all the way from South Dakota, “Cheeseheads” Susan and Mark of, you guessed it, Wisconsin (great quarry diving there they tell me), and Regina from Brazil turned out to be great divers, making this week a shoe in for the crew!

MONDAY: Dropped the mooring line in Kona at 4am and we were off, put Greg on the helm to give him some pre-dawn night driving experience. Saw a couple Humpbacks right off Kalekekua Bay, they really put on a show for us. Started out at Manuka Bay, and did all the dives there, after a run south to scope out conditions around the corner. I took the gang on a dusk dive and saw the Hammerhead Shark and Great Barracuda that I told them they might see-lucky me!

TUESDAY:Pohue Bay today! “GREAT viz” says Thomas . The Spinner Dolphins made another appearance, second week in a row! And they were just as friendly too. Infact, Mark, Thomas and Garry , the lensmen in the group, got some remarkable shots. Rainbow Reef was quite clear, a little surge but it made for a lovely ride as we meandered along the coral garden slope. Mark and Susan celebrated their 13th Wedding Anniversary at dinner and the Kona Aggressor Boys Choir serenaded a Happy Anniversary tune (cracked some wine glasses). They took a romantic night dive together and we left them alone…nice going Mark, is that your secret to a long happy marriage? J

WEDNESDAY:What a beautiful morning! The windmills of South Point are still and all is calm. Time to head to Black Coral Forest! Brent got em’ down to 90’ to see the Long Nosed Hawkfish(s) and then it was time to head north, but not before host Alan got to have some fun w/Mark, who marked his 101st dive (see photo). Afternoon spent at City of Refuge (a”live dive”) and another at Kalekekua Bay.

THURSDAY:Started in the north today, Kalokos Arches. Everybody liked the swimthroughs, saw a couple Octopus. Next was Turtle Pinnacle, where I assured everyone that we usually see big animals here (Tiger Sharks, Turtles, Spinner Dolphins etc.) Well today we did, only it was a WHALESHARK! Boy did we pull that one off. Southbound for the afternoon, as I heard through the chatter on the radio that the Mantas were at the Sheraton. Firsts we did one dive at Amphitheater led by our token british crewmember Alan, and then we headed for the hotel. The Manta dive was a madhouse, more boats at the Sheraton than I’ve ever seen. Luckily we were the EARLIEST boat, the BIGGEST boat with the BRIGHTEST lights and the MOST TALENTED crewmembers, guaranteeing a successful experience…and it was! J


FRIDAY: Put em’ in at Sharkfin Rock this morning and by jove they set a new precedent. A Manta AND an Eagle Ray sighting on the same dive, does that happen? Boy, talk about ending on a high note, thanks Susan and Mark for the pics this week, and a high five to our Iron Divers Keith, Ahmed and Garry.