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Kona Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Mar 12, 2016
Entry By: Kona Aggressor Crew


Kona Aggressor II

 Saturday 12 March to Saturday 19 March

Weather: Hazy Sunshine

Water Temp 75-77”F

Air temp 75-80F

Wetsuit recommended:  3-5mm full suit.

Log By Capt’ Todd

SATURDAY: It’s the Kona Beerfest today! Makes for a busy pier during our turnaround procedures, but we will prevail! Our guests all managed to navigate the chaos, (hopefully some tried some of the local brews on their way through!) and arrived at our 5:30 boarding time. Welcoming my friend Jane back aboard for her FIFTH trip w/us (she likes us) J, the Myers family; Scott, Molly and Chris, Kauai resident Maureen, Art and Deb from Canada (all tanned from a recent dive odyssey in Bali), lovely Madeline from New Jersey, Claudette and Mike from Arizona, and Linda from my neck of the woods Southern California!

SUNDAY: A sunny, calm, beautiful day, just the right conditions for a trip to Aquarium. I led the first dive and we had good fortune right away. A very comfortable Octopus sat right up and had a stare down with us and along side of him sat a nice Leaf Scorpion fish! I hope someone got a shot of that, it will look good in this log! The suck em’ up grotto was a gentle experience, actually it’s probably  as nice as it gets here. Garden Eel Cove had a whisper of a breeze out of the west, no swell with visibility about 60’, perfect for “Manta Mayhem”. The afternoon dives were energized by the arrival of the resident Spinner Dolphins, and a rare Monk Seal did a drive-by, witnessed by us on the boat but missed by the divers. We had one very large Manta (Koie I believe) show up for the evening and then another appeared at the boat later. Highlight of the night; a large Yellow Margin Moray and an Undulated Moray in full assault mode chasing prey with two LARGE Blue fin Trevally riding wingman, sure wouldn’t want to be a small reef fish tonight! Video Pro Brent got it all on film and it’s going on the trip video!

MONDAY: Turtle Pinnacle was our dive site in the morning and it didn’t let us down. Spinner Dolphins and something that caught Brent’s eye…a Tiger Shark (big one, he thought at first it was a Whale shark-till we watched the footage) made this a special visit. The Dome for the afternoon, a light surge and great visibility made the dive a lovely ride. New guy Jeremy was a trooper and took night dive duty and managed to seek out a couple nice lobsters for the guests.

TUESDAY: Captain in training Greg fired up the main engines at dawn and we headed south to Paradise Pinnacle. It’s been over two years since I was here last, but the Red Striped Pipefish are still hanging around in the nooks and crannies of the Pinnacle. Chris and son Scott came across a Green Sea Turtle and tracked him around the sight, keeping their distance of course, and they shared mom Molly’s 100th dive. Jane completed her 300th dive here and we got a shot of us together holding a placard on the Pinnacle. Tied up at the Hive for the rest of the day, minimal surge was a welcome sight and everyone got to explore the caverns. Claudette and Jane got some footage of a few of us rescuing a very large lobster tangled up in fishing line with the help of some shears provided by Linda (always come prepared!) Everyone came back feeling good about that. The night dive provided some Red Reef Lobsters and numerous Cowries, as well as some assorted eels.

WEDNESDAY: I tell you what, it’s been SO nice here in the area, that I decided to stick around and take advantage of good viz and no surge to explore Rob’s Reef and Au Au Crater. The Crater was spectacular in the morning sunlight, and the cave at Rob’s was easily accessible. The night dive through there with Jane, Madeline and Linda was like a dream sequence, really neat!

THURSDAY: Moved a whole 300 yards in the morning to Lion’s Den, I haven’t been here in years. The Titan Scorpion fish still hang out and we saw a couple! A big Green Sea Turtle swam by but not before it was captured (on film) by a few guests. 10:30 dive and lunch at Kalekekua Bay. Brent took em’ for an interesting “snorkeler tour”, there were many of them hovering above and everybody waved at each other, how nice. Amphitheater with all its swim throughs and lava tubes was the excitement for the afternoon.

FRIDAY: After dropping the chef at the pier and taking on fuel (yeah, the boat was thirsty!) we meandered on over to Shark fin Rock for our first dive. Excellent conditions as always, this place is one of our aces in the hole J. A dive at the Predator Wreck finished things off with our new guy Jeremy showing off his break dancing talents on the sea floor in front of the Submarine! (did anyone get a picture of THAT?) A beautiful day followed as we had lunch right there at the harbor before pulling in to the pier for the afternoon. Pictures of this week are courtesy of Claudette, Jane and Linda. Thanks girls! Congrats to Chris, Molly and Jane on their milestone dives this week with us. And hey, how about our Iron Divers!!! Madeline (first timer on a liveaboard) and Linda (her third medal!)