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Kona Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Mar 19, 2016
Entry By: Kona Aggressor Crew


Kona Aggressor II

March 19-26, 2016

Water temp 75-77”F

Air temp 75-80F

Wetsuit recommended: 3-5mm full suit.

SATURDAY: A cozy group of eight this week. Alan has some fans from previous Aggressor adventures; the Skipper family; William, Stu and mom Alice (oh oh too many skippers not enough crew hahahaha), Curt and Alayna from Pennsylvania, Chuck and Laurice of Las Vegas and lastly and quite nicely Miss Heather of Alberta Canada, down here all by herself,( good for her, she’ll make plenty of new friends this week!)

SUNDAY: The flawless conditions have carried over from last week, calm seas and minimal swell. I think we’ll head south,as long as it’s OK with my captain in training Greg, who under the watchful eye of Alan will be driving all week, allowing me to get a little fishing in J First stop Meadows and we have another new recruit, Brian of San Diego starting out with me on the check out dive. Well, he checks out so far, as well as our tidy bunch of divers. I think it’s going to be a fun week!

MONDAY: A sunny calm morning greeted us at Lion’s Den and great visibility made it all the more special. The namesake Lionfish were spotted here and there and Heather claims it’s her favorite spot (whoa Heather it’s only Monday!) Alice and the boys joined Alan and myself for a little reef clean up at the Hive, we all took scissors and went about trimming some of the endless strands of fishing line this place accumulates, it being a premier fishing spot for the locals.

TUESDAY: Absolutely the best I’ve seen Land of Oz, it was my lucky morning as I got to lead the first dive. My dive buddy Heather and I took some of the group up into the shallows that I like so much, got an excellent view of a Snowflake Moray all laid out for everyone to see and I pointed out a tiny juvenile Razor Wrasse that tragically was eaten before our eyes by a feisty Hawkfish who was spying on me! The assortment of Yellow Tangs and other reef fish made us feel like we were in a giant aquarium-love the shallows! Curtis called it one of his best day dives ever-thanks Curt! An afternoon and evening at Manuka Bay, Charles and Laurice reported a big “Honu” cruising the site. The night dive was first rate, saw several Morays; an Undulated and a couple big Yellow Margin, as well as a Spanish Dancer and a Flowery Flounder out “flounderin”.

WEDNESDAY: Catacombs was our planned destination this morning, but a large Easter holiday fishing presence ashore there made diving an unwise move. No worries, plenty of good stuff elsewhere! Off to Pele’s Playground where zero surge, good viz and alittle sunshine made me glad we’re here J and a Hammerhead Shark sighting didn’t hurt! Au Au Crater, a crowd pleaser, was our choice for the afternoon. Alan and Brent both joined the group, and saw an unusual sight, a couple of Bluefin Trevally harassing an Octopus! Funny the little scenes of drama you see down there.

THURSDAY: It’s already Thursday and we can’t call this a successful trip without a visit to Paradise Pinnacle! Once again, little or no surge was the order of the day making a trip up into the shallow grottos and crevices a delight for the divers. This site is a crew favorite, infact new crew candidate Brian put it simply “This dive site is SICK!” J I got to partake in the “Live Dive” at Capt’ Cooks Monument, I floated the safety bouy (a lot of boat traffic here) as Brent led the dive, letting Alan maneuver the boat. My first time diving this spot, I was amazed at the lush coral on a slope so steep you might call it a wall. Unlike any other site I’ve seen here, must be a bit older (it was here for Capt’ Cook!) We saved te afternoon/evening dives for The Keauhou Sheraton (Mantaville). The afternoon had a Manta sighting and Alice found a nice mask and snorkel!


FRIDAY: After a quick stop at the pier, we headed to Sharkfin Rock for a nice calm morning dive and wrapped it up at our old standby Predator Wreck. The Skipper boys were anxious to see if there were any cute girls on the submarine that they could show off to, boys WILL be boys won’t we? J Finished off the day with lunch and shoretime at the pier. Nice weather this week, nice guests this week, it’s what keeps this crew coming back week after week. Thanks everyone!