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Log Date: Saturday, Mar 26, 2016
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captain’s Log 26th March - 2nd April 2016


Air Temp. 77-84+ F

Water Temp. 72-76 F

Visibility 80-100+ft



Captain David Patterson

Engineer Ramon

Instructor Gabi

Instructor Jason

Chef Shea



Cathy, Sabrina, Oliver, Katherine, Aleksei, Elke, David, Jacqueline, Steve, Kristina, Margo, Arvil, Kayce



Sunday – Periwinkle, Plane Wreck, Barracuda Shoals

Monday – Pillar Wall, Austin Smith, Hawksbill Reef, Danger Reef

Tuesday – Wall City, Shark Reef, Jeep Reef, Swimming Pigs (non dive), Parrotfish

Wednesday – Primo Wall, Split Coral Head, Tunnel Rock

Thursday – Pillar Wall, Whales Tail Wall, Austin Smith

Friday – Blue Hole


Saturday March 26th 2016

The crew of the Bahamas Aggressor welcomed 13 eager divers aboard the yacht for a fun filled action packed week of diving.

With everybody present and accounted for we completed the welcome and safety briefing prior to enjoying a beautiful dinner prepared by chef Shea.

We opted to enjoy a night on the dock where we grabbed an early nights rest as we were to be up early in the morning to head out to the diving grounds.


Sunday March 27th

At around 5am the engines rumbled into life and we departed our dock and cruised out of the marina to our first dive site of choice - Periwinkle.

This shallow fish laden dive site is the prefect place for us to begin our week of live aboard diving.

Its a great site for people to get acquainted with the under water world once again. On this dive we saw a Nurse Shark resting in the sand, a turtle munching at the reef as well as seeing a hawksbill turtle, Yellow rays and a burrfish. The group were also swarmed by seargent majors and Bermuda chub as they cruised round the reef structure.

We then pulled up the anchor and cruised through the yellow banks and ended up anchoring next to the Airplane Wreck.

This was a fantastic dive as we saw tons of snapper, Grunts and jack as well as a parrotfish and angelfish cruising the wreck. The group were also very lucky to see a 15ft Great Hammerhead cruise close by them. One of our guests Cathy even got video proof. What an epic sighting it was. The group ascended with smiles on their faces after an incredible encounter.

We then moved the boat to dive Barracuda Shoals. Here we saw Stingrays, Barracuda’s, Eels, Turtles, Lionfish and Groupers to name but a few. The group also checked out the extremely healthy reefs on offer at Barracuda Shoals.

We then went back to the plane where we did our night dive.

We slept on anchor at the plane where we all decided an early night was in order.



Monday March 28th

The crew woke up early to move the yacht out of the Exuma bank and out to the sound to our first dive site of choice - Pillar Wall.

This excellent wall dive is always a popular one with our guests.

We saw the magnificent gulleys that lead us out onto the wall, our divers gazed out into the blue searching for some pelagic magic.

we saw 2 huge lobsters out for an early morning stroll atop the wall, the group also saw a couple of inquisitive reef sharks. This would just whet the appetite of what was to come in the latter part of the day. The group also saw a huge pufferfish flap by them with consummate ease.

Once everyone had boarded the yacht and had showered off we moved to our next dive spot - The wreck of the Austin Smith.

This is where we completed our shark dive. We dropped the ‘fish attraction triangle onto the top of the wreck and watched in awe as around 12 Reef sharks cruised close by our divers.

After everyone had taken enough pictures to fill up their SD cards we opened the triangle and gave the fish to the sharks. This makes for a great opportunity to get the money shot - a shark with a fish in its mouth.

From there we then moved further south to Hawksbill Reef. This shallow reef is a wonderful dive. Here we saw Parrotfish, Lobsters, Queen Triggers, Grouper and many Lion fish. All in all it was great dive.

We then ended our day firmly inside the Exuma Land and Sea Park where we tied up to Danger reef. This was where we completed our afternoon and night dive.

Over the course of the two dives we saw Pederson cleaning shrimp, Loggerhead turtles, Octopus, Hawksbill Turtle, Crabs (monster crabs according to Cathy - complete with hand actions). The group also saw many many many shark sightings. Before our guests had even jumped in to the water there were sharks visible from the surface. This made for an excellent dive and it was one that everyone enjoyed immensely

We enjoyed a restful nights sleep on a very calm Exuma night.


Tuesday March 29th

The engines rumbled into life early and before long we were diving before breakfast on Wall City. This majestic wall dive is starts a little deeper than the regular wall dives we complete and its here that we usually see roaming sharks, Turtles and other Reef dwellers. Our group spotted the aforementioned critters as well as Horse Eyed Jacks, Barracuda, Schooling Spadefish, Snapper and hoards of Blue and Grey Chromis.

As our group enjoyed breakfast we hot footed it over to our next dive site of choice - 3 Peaks. This mid to deep range dive site is a wonderful underwater experience. Here we saw a beautiful Spotted Drum, Stingrays, Hawksbill Turtles and a couple of very inquisitive reef sharks.

We then dashed to the next dive site so we could catch it on slack tide - Jeep Reef was next up!

One of the crews favorite dive sites and its clear to see why. Its shallow, colorful and it is teeming with life. We saw the remnants of the old earth mover that resembles a jeep which is now covered in coral. We saw Nurse Sharks, Jawfish with eggs no less, Grey angels as well as much much more. it was enjoyed by all..

The crew then moved the yacht 2 and a half hours south to Big Major cay where we saw the Swimming Pigs.

Our guests were ferried into the beach by chase boat and they were able to frolic in the surf with around 8 huge Pigs. We got some amazing pictures and some stella video of this encounter.

Soon it was time to move again and so begun the long journey North. We travelled for around 3 hours North and ended up on 3 Peaks where we completed our Night Dive.

Captain Dave then cruised through the wide Opening channel and took us North on the Exuma Bank where we ended up anchoring for the night just off Highborne Cay. This was a very long day for the crew but it was 100% worth it!


Wednesday March 30th

We started our diving day off at Whale Tail Wall where we explored the myriad of swim throughs and canyon ways on offer here. We see many different species of reef fish that make for some epic video and pictures. We then moved for our second dive to Crab Mountain which is another stunning wall dive.

Here we saw many Crabs, Lobster and Sharks. The guests also saw some Sharks out in the blue. Great stuff!

Next up was Dog Rocks. As we were traveling north we saw a pod of Pilot Whales cruising on by. We stayed with them for around 30 minutes, in which time we were able to get really close to them.

Dog Rocks is an amazing wall dive site which also offers us the ability to stay shallow so its gives us some flexibility.

Over the course of two dives here we saw Turtles, Scorpion Fish, lots of Horse Eye Jacks, Amberjack, Nassau Grouper and the best of all a Tiger Shark!! What an experience that was. Diver Aleksei saw the huge fish while he was diving with another guest Kayce. Brilliant stuff all round.

After the 4th dive we decided to move the yacht due to some strong winds that had picked up.

We tied up to Flat Rock for the night dive.

Everyone had a blast on the night dive where we saw Moray Eels, Lobsters, Crabs and much more.

We then moved the yacht to a safe anchorage for the night where we all got a much needed nights rest.




Thursday March 31st

First dive site up was Flat Rock but this time in daylight! This is when Flat Rock comes into it’s own. The corals here are some of the healthiest around. The fact that it is shallow means that the sunlight penetrates through and gives the reef a lot of light and color.

We saw a huge Stingray, Mahogany Snapper, huge schools of French Grunts, Moray Eel, Nudibranchs, Jawfish and a flatworm amongst other things. This was a fantastic dive and one that the whole group enjoyed.

We then did our second dive on Close mon. We saw lettuce leaf sea slugs, butterfly fish and rays making it a popular spot for us to explore.

Next up was Lobster No Lobster for two dives. We saw a plethora of marine life here which included Trigger Fish, Snappers, Grunts, angelfish Barracuda and of course lots and lots of Lobster.

We completed the night dive on Close mon after which we tied up at a safe anchorage for the night.



Friday Aril 1st

The crew were up early to take the Bahamas Aggressor round the yellow banks to the final dive site of the week The Blue Hole. Just after sunrise the crew tied the yacht up and our divers were soon exploring this wonderful sight. We saw the resident Loggerhead Turtle, Nirse Sharks, Stingrays, Reef Sharks and a whole host of reef critters.

Once the dive was over with divers cleaned their equipment and hung it up to dry in preparation for packing.

We then cruised into Nassau where we enjoyed lunch on our home dock at Elizabeth on Bay.

The crew and guests had a great time at the cocktail party where we gave out some awards to our intrepid underwater explorers.


Congratulations to Oliver for being the only Iron Diver this week, way to go Oliver!

Huge congratulations also go to to DJ Aleksei and Sabrina for earning their Nitrox certification and also to Katherine for obtain her advanced open water qualification. Great job guys.


Alas it was time to bid our new dive buddies farewell and Bon Voyage. We hope that you all had a splendid week and we look forward to seeing you back here again soon to explore the delights on offer aboard The Bahamas Aggressor.


Until then…….Safe diving always.


Your Bahamas Aggressor Crew