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Okeanos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Tuesday, Mar 15, 2016
Entry By: Okeanos Aggressor II crew



Departure: March 15, 2016

Average Water Temperaruture: 30 C on surface, 21C bottom

Average Visibility: 15 m.

Crew: Cap Mauricio, Chef Jairol & Esteban, Enginier Miguel, Steward Jorge, Driver Mario & Marvin. Dive Masters Anibal, Mauricio, Facundo & Andres. Night man Jehyler


We greeted our passengers at the dock in Puntarenas with a delicious cocktail prepared by bartender Jorge and began our 12-hour overnight crossing to Caño Island in the south pacific of Costa Rica. Prior to dinner, we give our guests the very important security briefing and general diving information.


Our first morning in the Island we start our check dive in a easy site called ‘El Ancla’, where everybody can check their gear and buoyancy to make sure everything is perfect. We were received by a big school of Golden Snappers and a couple of Sting Rays and White tip Sharks. It was a very nice and calm first dive. Our second dive was at ‘Barco Hundido’ where there were huge schools of Golden Snapper, Spotted Rose Snapper and lots of reef fish. The Stingrays were also around. Third dive in ‘Shark Cave’ offered the chance to see a few White tips hanging out in the cave, as the name suggests. There were also lots of ref fish and beautiful corals to observe.


On the second day we visited the sites of ‘Bajo del Diablo’, ‘The Canyon’ and ‘El Faro’. These spots had big schools of Jacks, Golden Snappers, Surgeonfish and Barracudas, as they usually have. You can always find White tip Sharks scattered around the sites too. Half of Panga 1 got lucky and had the chance to see a majestic 4-meter Great Hammerhead Shark that roams the area from time to time.


On our third day we had a shot at a deep site outside the marine reserve called ‘El Bosque’ which has a variety of beautiful and colorful corals and schools of Jacks, a photographers dream. The current was a bit strong on this area so we decided to do the second and third dives at ‘Bajo del Diablo’, with the good fortune of finding a couple of huge Oceanic Mantas which stuck around for the afternoon. We also had a huge school of Barracudas and a beautiful Green Sea Turtle. At 6:00pm we did our fist night dive at a site called ‘Marenco’ and we saw lots of macro life in the corals and reef fish al around.


Fourth day we take the opportunity to do a hike in the amazing Corcovado National Park in the mainland near Caño Island, cataloged as one of the most biologically intense places on the planet. We had the chance to see Howler, Spider and Whiteface Monkeys as well as other mammals like Coatis and an Anteater. We also saw lots of beautiful flora and the colorful Scarlett Macaws, amongst other wildlife. In the afternoon we did a couple of dives in ‘Shark Cave’ and ‘Barco Hundido’. We also had our second night dive.


On the fifth and sixth day we went back to the ‘Bajo del Diablo’ and ‘El Faro’ area which was the best during the week and offer a variety of dives around the sea mounts, the sites where full of life just like previous days.


We had strong but manageable currents during the whole week, some cold thermoclines with less visibility at times, but overall a great dive week with good dives and lots of life.