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Fiji Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Mar 26, 2016
Entry By: Fiji Aggressor crew


Fiji Aggressor Captain’s Log

Log Date: 26 March – 02 April


Air Temp: 27 C

Water Temp: 28 C

Visibility: 60 – 100 ft



Captain: Johnathan

Engineer: Vincent

Cook: Peni

Dive Master / Crew: Mo, Rhys

Stewardess: Talei



Bert, Mira, Chris, Corey, Baylor, Kyle, Debbie, Todd, Terri, Di


Dive Sites

Sunday – Checkout dive, Wakaya isl.

Monday – Gau Isl.

Tuesday – Kadavu, Solo Lighthouse

Wednesday – Kadavu, Ono Reef, Roopers Reef, Gasele Bay

Thursday – Kadavu, Naqara Reef, Dravuni Pass

Friday – Kadavu, Solo Lighthouse Drodrolagi


Saturday 26th Mar

We departed Suva at about 1400 hrs and headed out to sea bound for the island of Wakaya to do our checkout dive. Dropped anchor at 2200 hrs and everyone got some much needed rest in a flat calm bay after the long trip up.


Sunday 27th Mar

Our first checkout dive was on a pinnacle on the Wakaya wall called Vatu Vai or Manta Rock. This is a popular manta cleaning station and always a favorite with guests. Unfortunately no mantas can around for a clean today. There were other cool stuff around like winged pipefish and leaf fishes and tons of fish and coral. We did the whole wall throughout the day and ended with a night dive at Lions Den further down the wall. After dinner we made our way down to the island of Gau.


Monday 28th Mar

Our first dive today was at Jims Alley where Di and Terri spotted three mantas doing barrel rolls and didn’t tell anybody and kept it all to themselves…lol...truth is the rest of us where swimming to fast or in the wrong direction but Di and Terri came up stoked with big smiles and whoops. We then moved to do the shark dive at Nigali Pass which all the GoPros got some awesome shots with strong incoming current and lots of grey reef, white tip and black tip sharks.

In the afternoon we did a village visit to Somosomo village where everyone got a grand tour of village life in the Fiji Islands and dinner being cooked in a Lovo (underground earth oven). We then presented our sevusevu (Kava root presentation) and entertained by the villagers performing meke’s (Traditional Dances). The ladies jumped in to join to learn a few island groove moves which was fun to watch. We then retired back to the Fiji Aggressor for a beautiful Fijian lovo meal.


Tuesday 29th Mar

We made our way south to a patch of reef north of the island of Kadavu called Solo Lighthouse. We dived the North East wall with it’s spectacular hard coral gardens and kaleidoscope of colors. We later moved to Namara island our night anchorage where we did a shore dive and night dive. This is one of the very few islands that has live coral right up to the beach. We spotted a couple of really big crayfish or painted lobsters, Elbow crab, Pink Scorpion fish resting in a leather coral and a wrecked sail boat that met it’s peril there some years ago.


Wednesday 30th Mar

Still in Kadavu we revved up the twin cats at 0600 hrs and moved to the outer Ono reef and later to Roopers reef with all their hard coral gardens and fish. Beautiful sunshine and hard coral garden go together to bring out all the colors. The winds started to pick up in the afternoon and we had to move into a more sheltered bay. We found Gasele Bay which was nice and calm and sent Peni the Chef ashore to do a sevusevu which is to ask permission in the traditional custom with a kava root for us to dive on their reef. The reefs had a very unique topography with it’s own special critters like spawning sea cucumbers, scorpion fish, Ghost pipefish etc.


Thursday 31st Mar

We moved to Naqara reef and later on to Dravuni passage wall where we found more soft coral and hard coral gardens with swim throughs and endless walls and crevices. There were tons of fish life and a couple of sleeping leopard sharks resting on the sandy bottom. Close by was a drunk juvenile rock mover wrass trying to imitate a drifting leaf and fang blennies trying to look fierce in their tiny cribs.


Friday 1st Apr


We left Dravuni and moved to Solo Lighthouse at 0600 hrs. On the way there our trawling rods screamed with one yellow fin tuna on one line and after an hour of Mo fighting with the other rod we found a good sized Bull Shark at the end of the line. Luckily it managed to free itself and we didn’t have to pull it aboard. We did our last two dives at the Solo wall and headed back to port where we had cocktails, fresh Sushi and presented iron diver medals and certificates after which we departed for dinner at Tiko’s before everyone retired for the night.


Saturday 2nd Apr


Since the guests had to go white water rafting today we said our goodbyes early at 0500 hrs and got everyone to the hotel so they could begin their next Fiji Adventure.


Fiji Aggressor Captain and Crew


Capt. Johnathan Smith