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Log Date: Saturday, Mar 12, 2016
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captain’s Log 12-19 March 2016


Air Temp. 85 - 90+ F

Water Temp. 71 - 75 F

Visibility 80 - 100+ft



Captain David Patterson

Engineer David Millard

Instructor Celeste Charnley

Dive Master Ramon Wong

Chef Shea Markwell



Barb, Price, Gretchen, Megan, Roger, Diane, Michelle, Chris, Rianne, Andries, Alicia, Ian, Manfred & Regina



Sunday – Periwinkle, Blue Hole, Lobster No Lobster, Madison Avenue

Monday – Dog Rocks, Up Jump The Devil, Austin Smith

Tuesday – Shroud Wall, Amberjack Reef

Wednesday –3 Peaks, Jeep Reef, Parrotfish reef

Thursday – Whale Tail, Flat Rock, Hammerhead Gulch, Plane Wreck

Friday – Crab Mountain


Saturday March 12th 2016

The crew of the Bahamas Aggressor welcomed 14 eager divers aboard for a week of live aboard diving around the wonderful Exuma Islands.

Our guests busied themselves setting up dive equipment and photography equipment after which the were shown to their cabins so they could unpack and get settled.

Captain David then delivered the welcome briefing and introduced the crew.

Chef Shea then wowed our divers with a sumptuous dinner. Guests then opted for an early night in preparation for a full day of diving ahead.

We stayed the night on our home dock at Elizabeth on Bay as the diving grounds where we begun our week were close by.


Sunday March 13th

The crew woke early and moved the yacht off the dock. We exited Twin Harbour and dropped the anchor just after Sunrise at our first dive site of the week Periwinkle Reef. This shallow fish laden spot is a fantastic place to begin the week.

Here we see Filefish, Hogfish and Trunkfish causing by us in search of a spot of breakfast. The group also saw massive schools of fish packed together atop the beautiful corals. The group also saw Southern Stingrays and yellow Rays scurrying round in the sand flats.

Next up was The Blue Hole.

This ever popular dive site never disappoints. Here we saw the resident Loggerhead Turtle that we always see here. The group also saw 3 Reef Sharks, many Pufferfish, Angelfish, Stingrays and Crabs. Divers ended their dive with smiles on their faces after a wonderful experience.

The next dive site was Lobster No Lobster. This shallow site is prone to current so we only have a small window each day to get it in.

Our divers hopped in to explore this nutrient rich underwater paradise to see what critters they could uncover.

The sheer health of the corals here pleased our group. They also see Angelfish, Barracuda, Moray Eels and a couple of friendly nurse sharks basking in the afternoon sun.

Capt. David then moved the yacht out onto the Exuma Sound where we picked up Madison Avenue which is where we done our late afternoon and night dive.

After a full day of diving our guests crashed early to recharge the batteries for the next day of diving




Monday March 14th

The crew of the Bahamas Aggressor woke early in order to move the boat north toward our next dive site of choice - Dog Rocks.

This wonderful wall dive is always a very popular dive on our charters. It has something that appeals to everyone from meandering swim throughs to sheer drop offs to fish laden coral out crops.

We completed two dives here where we saw amazing sights such as a Green Sea Turtle, Porcupine Fish and schooling Amberjack fish, Parrotfish, Stingrays and Triggerfish. The highlight of these dive however was the sighting of a 10 foot great Hammerhead cruising down the wall below our group of divers - Amazing!

Next up for us was Pillar Wall which is always a delight to dive. Guests saw a plethora of Reef sharks cruising by them. They also saw Nassau Grouper’s frolicking on the reef tops as well as Lion fish perusing the reef for an afternoon snack. Angel fish of every variety are spotted on this dive. Our guests board the yacht with smiles on their faces after a wonderful dive.

The crew then moved the boat to the Wreck of the Austin Smith for our afternoon and night dive.

We dropped our fish attraction triangle onto the the bow of the ship wreck and watched in awe as the sharks zoomed toward us.

For around 30 minutes our divers were in a shark laden paradise. Flash bulbs were popping at regular intervals as our divers took some amazing pictures of these apex predators.

After around 30 minutes Celeste removed the triangle from the wreck and our guests checked out the surrounding reef in a more detail.

The deck was abuzz with joy after a beautiful dive - our guests enjoyed exchanging shark stories over dinner.

Soon it was time to night dive on the wreck of the austin smith.

Here we saw Sharks, Turtles, Jacks and Eels. This topped off a brilliant day of diving for our now tired group.

Many of them took the chance to get an early night.

The crew of the Bahamas Aggressor then moved the yacht south to the next dive site of choice - Shroud Wall where we slept for the night.



Tuesday March 15th

We woke up to flat calm seas and clear blue skies. This was to be a beautiful day for diving.

We started with two dives on Shroud Wall where we saw a couple of friendly Reef Sharks and some huge Barracuda. Our group also saw some massive Nassau Grouper as well as many Lobster poking their heads out of their hidey-hole.

After two dives here we moved the Bahamas Aggressor inside to the Exuma Land and Sea Park. This protected sanctuary is the oldest Land and Sea park in the world.

Once we were safely moored up our guests were whisked to shore in our speedy chase boat where they enjoyed a magnificent walk around the picturesque Waldrick Wells Cay.

After their park walk guests boarded the yacht with some magnificent pictures of the views over the Exumas Sound and surrounding areas.

We then motored to the next dive site of choice - Amberjack Reef. Here we completed two dives. one day and one night.

We encounter many Sharks, Turtles and schooling horse eyed jacks. This night dive was special as it was the first night dive that Megan and Gretchen completed! Way to go girls.

Captain Dave then to the yacht 3 hours south where we dropped the anchor next to Big Major Cay so the following day we could go and see the swimming pigs.



Wednesday March 16th

We dropped the anchor not far from the beach at Big Major Cay in preparation to head into shore to see the Swimming Pigs.

Soon our guests were frolicking on the beach with the pigs which were attracted toward them as we had some tasty food on offer.

we spent about an hour with the pigs in which time the photographers in our group got some amazing shots.

After everybody had boarded the yacht we pulled up our anchor and headed back north to the diving grounds.

Due to the extensive travel times we opted to take an early lunch prior to making our next dive at 3 Peaks.

After our group had eaten a wonderful meal prepared by Chef Shea it was soon time to get wet again at 3 Peaks.

This huge coral formation is home to a varied selection of fish species. Here we see Barracuda, Yellow headed Jawfish, Rough Tail Stingrays and a big Reef Shark.

Next up was Jeep Reef.

This ever popular dive site is always one of the highlights of our charters. The health and diversity of corals and fish here is something to behold.

We saw many types of angelfish, Trumpet Fish, Turtle’s, Lobsters and Moray Eels. After a wonderful dive we then moved the yacht to the last dive site of the day Parrotfish Reef.

This is where we completed the Day and night dive. Here we saw Sharks, Turtles, Puffer Fish, Schooling Grunts, snappers and hog fish as well as flat works, nudibranch’s and Grouper.

We then motored north after the night dive in order to be at our next dive site at first light.


Thursday March 17th

First dive site up was Whale Tail Wall where we completed 2 dives. This is a wonderful Wall site that affords us the possibility to meander our way through some epic swim throughs.

Over the course of our two dives here we saw a Loggerhead Turtle, 3 Lobster, Barracuda, File Fish, Cowfish and a couple of healthy looking Reef sharks.

The crew then took the opportunity to dive the wonderful Fat Rock. Here we saw massive schools of reef fish such as Grunts, Snappers and chromis. This made for some amazing video opportunities for our group.

Soon we were on the move again and next up was Hammerhead Gulch. Here we saw a Headshield Slug, Barracuda, Nurse Shark, Turtle’s, Stingrays and Slipper Lobsters. After a fantastic dive we then moved the yacht to The Airplane wreck for our final night dive of the week.

Prior to the dive we watched Ramon’s Video of the week whitewash enjoyed by everybody.

On the dive we saw Crabs, Rays, Jacks and an amazing Baby squid sighting…. Amazing!


Friday December 8th

We woke up early to move the yacht from the Exuma Bank out onto the Exuma Sound where we tied up to the final dive site of the week Crab Mountain. This amazing wall dive was a wonderful place to finish off a magnificent trip. We saw a reef shark cruise by us in the blue, we saw stingrays rummaging in the sand for food and we saw a beautiful turtle munching on a sponge. The group also saw a plethora of reef fish that call Crab Mountain home.

Guests board the yacht with huge smiles on their faces but they are also sad that a splendid week of diving has come to an end.

Guests then washed their equipment prior to relaxing on the sundeck to enjoy the smooth cruise back into port.

We ended the trip with a wonderful cocktail party on the sundeck prior to the guests taking dinner ashore.


We thank you all for doing us here in the Bahamas onboard The Bahamas Aggressor


We hope to see you back here again soon, until then………safe diving, always





Your Bahamas Aggressor Crew