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Log Date: Sunday, Mar 13, 2016
Entry By: Rock Islands Aggressor Crew


     Sunday afternoon we welcomed aboard 18 guest 12 from Got Air Scuba in Illinois US, along with two friends from Austria and 4 other Americans. We started with a quick introduction to the staterooms and then on the dive deck, everyone started set up their dive gear. Once we checked certification cards and fished gear setup we headed up stairs for the first of many excellent dinners prepared by our Chef Pat. After dinner we sat down and went over the vessel orientation & safety briefing with our Cruise director Ben, then soon after everyone was off to bed to get some rest before a great week of diving in Palau.  


   Early Monday morning the Rock Islands Aggressor left the dock and after breakfast, we gathered around the TV in the salon for the general dive briefing before heading off on our first dive at the Helmet. The Helmet is a Japanese WWII sub chaser found late after the war and was never salvage so guest are able to find artifacts including helmets, depth charges, a rifle, gas mask and a collection of other things. For dive number two we headed to the wreck of the Hafa Dai, rather ironically named sense when translated mean Safe Travels. Here divers found a small ray, pipecleaner nudis, seahairs, lionfish and a giant clam. During lunch the Rock Islands Aggressor moved out towards Ulong Island, after which we covered the final slideshow briefing going over how to use reef hooks here in. Our third dive was to be the first hook-in of the charter at Siaes Corner. The current was light when we first jump in and divers were able to make way to the hook-in just before the current picked up, while hooked in divers enjoyed the many sharks cruising around in the blue. Dive four was a mix between Ulong Coral Garden and Ulong channel, starting in the coral garden divers explored around finding lots of fish life and several balled up anemones. Then everyone finished the dive by drifting down the channel its self.


    Tuesday morning we started out back at Ulong Channel, this time hooking in at the mouth of the channel and watching the sharks before drifting down the channel passing a massive patch of lettuce coral with hundreds of squirrel fish living amongst the leafs and finished the dive at two giant clams sitting side by side. Our last dive in Ulong was a site known as Sandy Paradise, a sloping hard coral garden that turns into a sandy bottom around 70’ feet here divers found 4 leafscorpion fish, garden eels, an mantis shrimp, as well as schools of barracuda and jack. Then during lunch the Rock Islands Aggressor moved down through German Channel and moored in-between Ngemelis & Crap Islands. Dive three was Big Drop Off an easy wall dive with lots of macro life divers also saw several sharks and turtles. Dive 4 was at Barnums Wall starting as a sheer wall this dive site transitions into a sloping coral garden where divers found scorpionfish, crocodile-fish and six or so turtles. The first dive of the charter was back at Big Drop Off where divers found tons of great little macro life along the wall.


   Wednesday the day started with a dive at German Channel where we had a brief sighting of manta as well as a feathertail ray and two octopi. Dive two was off to the World famous Blue Corner, here we hooked first around 40’ and watched as a massive school of jacks circle around us then after a bit moved down and rehooked at 60’ where the was over a dozen shark parading around in the current. Dive three was Turtle cove we had some crazy current but every enjoyed this beautifully covered soft coral wall. Dive four was Dexters’ Wall here there was an eagle ray and more than a dozen turtles lounging in the corals. Our night dive was back a Turtle Cove thankfully the current was almost none existent and divers were able to check out lots of great macro life as well as a huge basket start.

   Early Thursday morning the big boat started motoring down to Peleliu and pulled into Camp Beck a nice protected lagoon built by the army during WWII. Our first dive in Peleliu was what else Peleliu Corner on the incoming side known as “the Express”. The current was strong but not to strong and the divers were able to hook-in and watch as the sharks pass by as well as a large eagle ray. Dive two was Orange Beach Coral Garden, a beautiful sloping coral garden with tons of fish life and artifacts from the war including bullets, bombs, anchors and a landing craft. After the dive everyone met back on the big boat for lunch before dive three at West Wall. At West Wall divers saw schools of large dogtooth tuna, turtles, and an eagle ray as. The fourth was Ngedebus Coral Garden guest were able to easily explore around and found turtles, black tips, a crocodile fish and a feathertail ray. The night dive was German Coral Garden with tons of plourabranchs, an octopus, Lionspaw seacucumber and tons of other little critters.


     Friday dive one was Blue Holes here there are four holes in the shallow reef that all lead into the same massive cavern after guest explored around for a bit everyone drifted down to Blue Corner to check out all the great marine life. Everyone enjoyed Blue Corner so much both dive 2 & 3 where here with all the sharks, jacks, turtles, an octopus and ton more. Then the fourth dive was New Drop Off divers found two peacock flounders following each other around, two octopus, nudi, turtle and a few sharks.


     We woke up Saturday morning with the big boat in the rock islands. Our first excursion was Jelly Fish Lake. We tied the skiff up on the outside and started our hike over the hill to the lake. We entered the water and after a short swim into the middle of the lake we were surrounded by millions of jelly fish. Everyone enjoyed this time in the lake, with an estimated 13 million jelly fish. After the lake we traveled by skiff on a rock island tour. We stopped for photos at Palau’s famous limestone archway and some WWII sites on the way back to the big boat. We did a quick turnaround and headed out to Chandelier Cave. All the divers surfaced in all four air chambers to take photos of the stalactites and outside the cave we found the mandarin fish. After an afternoon of cleaning, drying and packing scuba gear. At 6pm we gathered in the salon for the cocktail party and watched Conor’s photo slideshow of the week and soon after all the guests headed off into town for dinner. At 10pm we said our goodbyes to 10 of the guest as they headed to the airport for their flight.


     Very early Sunday morning two more guests left to the airport for their flight home and at 8 we said our goodbyes to the rest of the guests as they headed off to their hotels. We would like to thank everyone for joining us this week and hope to see you all again soon.


         -Rock Islands Aggressor Crew