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Palau Aggressor II :


Log Date: Sunday, Mar 27, 2016
Entry By: Palau Aggressor Crew


Palau Aggressor Charter March 27 to April 3, 2016

Water Temp: 79-84 deg F

Air Temp: 78-86 deg F

Crew:  Scott, Joe, Dan, Editha, June, Ernan and Ripon

On Monday morning the six guests from Turkey arrive and we have them check in. We start the captain briefing around nine and followed by the dive deck briefing,

First dive starts at 11:00 at the Iro Maru one of the casualties of war during the Japanese occupation, the Iro has the most dramatic wreck which allowed the divers an opportunity to explore and photograph  the king post, superstructure and swim through around it. The visibility was great and we saw lots of small stuff such as nudibranch, lion fish, dusky anemone at the stern post, big gun in the front and back of the ship.

Tuesday, we start the dive at seven and the dive was blue corner.  The dive started at the outgoing side and the current is moving very slow, lots of schooling fish such as fusiliers, pyramid butterfly fish, red tooth trigger fish, sharks and barracuda as well. Second dive was blue hole with a massive cavern room that connect the four chimney hole, on the way out we enjoy the beauty of the wall towards the blue corner and along the wall we saw nudibranch, lots of anemone, schooling fish , couple of sharks and a schooling barracuda. Third dive at new drop off where we start the dive at wall on the left, we saw lots of sharks in the beginning and different soft coral and sea fan formation. The current pick up at the hook in area and couple of sharks, schooling barracuda, reef trevally and a peacock flounder along the plato. Last dive of the day was Fern’s Wall and it was a awesome dive with lots of small critters such as nudibranch, flatworm, candy crab and different varieties of shrimps.

Wednesday down to Peleliu and we start the dive at Peleliu express were the current was very strong and the dive was a little short for only half an hour due to the current but it was a great experience for the guest. Second dive was orange beach and it’s another great dive with beautiful hard coral formation and lots of turtle and couple of crocodile fish and octopus. Third activity was the World War two land tour, followed by the last dive of the at Ngemelis wall. We saw lots of cool stuff like nudibranch, flatworm, candy crab, banded and marble shrimp and two spotted lion fish.

Thursday first dive at blue corner and the dive start at the incoming side, lots of sharks, schooling jacks and black snappers, yellow back fusiliers, red tooth trigger fish and chevron barracuda. Second dive at German channel were the current are slightly outgoing, we saw the red anemone, feather tail stingray, couple of nudibranch and flatworm, schooling yellow tail barracuda, big eye jacks and sometimes sharks swimming around. Back to the big boat for lunch and followed by third dive at blue corner again were we start at the outgoing side, again we saw the resident stuff such as schooling jacks and snappers, sharks, barracuda and lots of groupers  around the plato. Night dive at German coral garden and the dive was start in the Koror side, we saw the red anemone, big octopus, lots of shrimp and crabs, nudibranch and tons of little stuff as well.

Friday at Ulong Island and two of the guest went to jelly fish lake with Rippon and the first dive was Siaes corner, the dive start at outgoing side and we saw couple of silver tip shark, schooling snappers, butterfly fish and fusiliers. Second dive at Ulong channel and the current was medium incoming, we spend haft of the dive hooking in because of the shark action in the mouth then we drift in to the channel itself, the school of glass eye fish are there, we also spend  time at lettuce coral and giant clam in the end of the dive. Third dive at Siaes tunnel and saw the decorator dart fish, couple of shark along the wall and lots of small stuff such as nudibranch and anemone, soft coral and sea fans as well. Final dive for the day at sandy paradise and sandy paradise is a beautiful coral garden formation and down the 17 meters were we saw six resident leaf scorpion fish at the big rock, couple of mantis shrimp around, big moray eel, cleaner shrimps, disco clam and tons of cardinal fish.

Saturday start at jellyfish lake for the rest of the group then followed last dive at the helmet wreck, Helmet wreck is the most intact wreck in Palau because if never found not until the middle of 80’s so the wreck are full of depth charge, helmets, guns and ammunitions, jars, zero fighter plane engines, generator, lot’s of sake bottle and medicine bottle around the forward hold.

It’s a great experience having the group from Istanbul Turkey onboard this week, Thank you very much and hope to see you all again on your next Palau adventure.