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Aggressor Adventure Travel
Okeanos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Thursday, Mar 24, 2016
Entry By: Okeanos Aggressor II crew



24 March – 3 April


                              Water temperature 28 celsius

                              Air temperature 32 celsius

                              Viz                          Good

Crew: Mauricio, Jairol, Esteban, Miguel,Jorge, Jehyler, Marvin and Anibal



       Guests arrived to the vessel and a welcome drink was served while our crew was taking the luggage to their cabins,.

       Security briefing was given and most of the guests went to rest,

       It took us about 33 hours to get to the island and during the trip , the general dive briefing was given and all guests relaxed for the day.


       On the first day on the island, we dove manuelita shallow for the check dive, just to make sure everyone was comfortable with their equipment and many guests didn’t dive for a while, so check dives are always a must.

       On our second dive, as soon as we descended, we saw a beautiful tiger shark swimming around the group and a school of about 20 hammerheads was our first contact with cocos island, a real great start.,

       Piedra sucia and Punta Maria were our choices for the second day and this time we had the Galapagos and a very large school of hammerheads, eagle rays, marble rays , you name it.


       For our third day, alcyone and submerged rock were the dives we decided we were going to explore. The arch in submerged rock is so beautiful and so full of life that we always spend almost the whole dive near it,you just don’t get bored of it, ever.

       On this day we also did our night dive that as usual, was spectacular.

       On our fourth and fifth day, the dives were dos amigos grande and pequena and , dirty rock, one of the crew’s favourite dives.

       Hammerheads, silky sharks , Galapago sharks and black tip sharks were some of the sharks we saw, excellent dives full of life .

       In the afternoon pajara and Vikinga were the last dives of the day, easy, colorful and pretty dives.

       On the last day we dove Manuelita and dirty rock , once we finished, we started sailing back to mainland after a good diving week.


       Thanks to all our guests for being so nice and so much fun,