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Log Date: Sunday, Apr 03, 2016
Entry By: Indo Aggressor crew


Indo Aggressor 3th April-13th April



Captain: Kasim

Cruise Director: Rob

Dive Guides: Rob, Niko, Rama

Head Steward: Rizal

Chef: Ngurah



Bill, Susan, Bob, Rosalee, Ron, Mohammed, Evan, Robin, Jane, Bruce, Max



Air: 30

Water: 24-28



Monday: GLD Bay, Castle Rock, Lighthouse, Spanish Steps

Tuesday West Point, Roller Coaster, K2, Circus

Wednesday: Batu Bolong, Tsiaba Kecil, Honeymoon Rock, Wainilu

Thursday: Lankoi East, Manta Alley, Loh Sera, Phinisi Wreck

Friday: Cannibal Rock, Pelican Head, Yellow Wall, Torpedo Alley

Saturday: Cannibal Rock, Middle Reef, Yellow Wall, Torpedo Alley

Sunday: Secret Garden, Pusar Putih, W Reef, Pusar Putih

Monday: Shotgun, Castle Rock, Crystal Rock, The Corner

Tuesday: Makassar Reef, Batu Bolong

Sunday 3th April

Today is arrival day on the Indo aggressor and with great excitement we welcomed 11 guests from the UK, USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia and Australia. Sadly due to arrival times we weren’t able to dive however we had a good first day getting to know one another and take in the incredible landscape as we headed to the north of the Komodo National Park.

Monday 4th April

We began our first day of diving at GLD Bay. A perfect check out dive with no current and nice warm water. Highlights included a turtle, schools of sweetlips, lobster and lots of reef fish.

We moved to Castle Rock, an incredible pinnacle dive and found some bigger stuff like white tip reef sharks (including a pregnant one), grey reef shark, turtle and an abundance of fish life.

Our third dive was at Lighthouse. Highlights included reef sharks, a Spanish dancer, garden eels in the shallows and nudibranchs.

Moving back to GLD we did our night dive on Spanish Steps with candy crabs, octopus, various nudibranchs and lots of different shrimp. Today was a great start to the diving.

Tuesday 5th April

Overnight we moved to Banta and our first dive of the day was at West Point. The highlight of the dive were the mantas circling around us and we saw turtle, large schools of antheas and a porcelain crab. The second dive on Roller Coaster had lots of things to see too; bamboo sharks under a rock, a sea snake, stingray, a free-swimming mosaic moray and orangutan crabs. Our third dive was at K2, a nice relaxed dive. We saw turtle, a school of catfish under a rock and some nice purple squat lobsters.

Our night dive was at Circus and the site lived up to its reputation, always something exiting to see. The highlights included three ornate ghost pipe fish, stargazers, bobtail squid and mating octopus.

Wednesday 6th April

Travelling back towards Current City we began our day diving Batu Bolong, a fantastic pinnacle dive. We felt like we were in an aquarium, such abundant fish life. We saw massive groupers, morays, trevally and even two baby sharks under a rock.

Our second dive was an exhilarating drift dive at Tsiaba Kecil. Exciting to be drifting by the reef where we saw many turtles, groupers and large schools of antheas. After this we moved to Honeymoon rock for another pinnacle dive with beautiful fish life including schools of reef fish, trevally and a bump head parrot fish. The night dive at Wainilu was great for looking at macro life. Highlights included frogfish, cuttlefish, a strawberry nudibranch laying eggs and Decorator Crabs.

Thursday 7th April

Overnight we headed to the deep south, starting at Lankoi. We did two dives here looking around the reef and the channel. We enjoyed our time with the mantas, such majestic animals.Out third dive was on Loc Sera, a relaxing dive on the reef slope. The highlights included turtles, crocodile fish and a cuttlefish.

The night dive on the Phinisi Wreck was a great way to finish the day. Exploring around the wreck we saw nudibranch, lionfish and squid.

Friday 8th April

Moving to a bay known as Nusa Kode, our first dive of the day was at Cannibal Rock, an incredible seamount with an incredible diversity of corals. Highlights included a white tip reef shark, nudibranchs, a turtle and a great diversity of reef fish. Our second dive at the great wall dive site Pelican Head had highlights of turtles, white tip reef sharks, nudibranchs and bubble coral shrimps. Our third dive was at Yellow Wall a great wall dive once again highlights included nudibranchs, more turtles and napoleon wrasse.

During the day we also got to see the Komodo Dragons on the beach as well as monkeys, wild pigs and white bellied sea eagles. Our night dive was at Torpedo Alley, one of the favorite night dive sites. Highlights included nudibranchs, different types of crabs and cuttlefish.

Saturday 9th April

We began our day with Cannibal Rock an incredible seamount, again full of reef fish and with highlights including turtle, morays and a white tip reef shark. Our second dive was at Middle Reef, another wonderful seamount. We saw large schools of red snappers, some white tip reef sharks and interesting nudibranchs. Our third dive was at Yellow Wall a great wall dive once again highlights included napoleon wrasse, cuttlefish and some big groupers.

Our night dive was at Torpedo Alley and had highlights like rays, a lot of shrimp and some nice nudibranchs. It was a nice end of the day.

Sunday 10th April

Overnight we travelled to Padar Island and our first dive of the day was Secret Garden. Highlights included frogfish, batfish, nudibranch. For the second dive we went to Pusar Putih to explore the rocks and the mini wall. We saw an octopus, frogfish and a lot of interesting nudibranchs. Our third dive was on W Reef. A great site to explore around the rocks and we saw many white tip reef sharks, big groupers, and big schools of reef fish around the safety stop. We did Pusar Putih for the night dive and what an amazing dive it was, with Frogfish both big and small, different types of shrimp, two-eye lionfish, nudibranchs and a big ray in the sand.

Monday 11th April

We moved back to the area where we started our trip; GLD. Our first dive was Shotgun, an exciting drift dive. Highlights included a large school of rays at the entrance and even inside the fish bowl. We also saw giant trevally and admired the beautiful coral bommies with the glassfish.

For our second and third dive we moved to the pinnacles, Castle Rock and Crystal Rock. We had great visibility and saw giant trevally, reef sharks and big groupers.

Our last night dive was on The Corner on GLD where we saw octopus, cuttlefish, dragonet, Spanish dancer and lots of different shrimp.

Tuesday 12th April

As short move from GLD to Makassar where we did our first dive of the day. It started with an exhilarating drift, seeing some mantas in the distance. Then we hung in the current for a while, enjoying the spectacle. Up to 10 mantas at a time, including baby, all around. It was an amazing experience. For our second dive we went to Batu Bolong. A fantastic final dive of the trip, with a turtle, the abundant fish life that makes the site famous and some interesting nudibranchs.

We then moved to the north of Rinja Island for our official dragon Trek where we listened to an interesting briefing from a ranger and then saw Komodo Dragons, Timor Deer and monkeys.

We then returned to the boat hoisted the sails and headed for the port of Labuan Bajo. Along the way we enjoyed a cocktail party before a final dinner together. Sadly everyone departs tomorrow but we had a fantastic cruise together on board the Indo Aggressor.