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Kona Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Apr 02, 2016
Entry By: Kona Aggressor Crew


Kona Aggressor II

April 03-08, 2016

Water temp 75-77”F

Air temp 77-82F

Wetsuit recommended: 3-5mm full suit.

SATURDAY: After a busy down week of spring cleaning the crew got the boat looking like new again with new carpets, cabinets, paint and sun deck furniture! A friendly group of 9 gave us some breathing room for some crew training and a relaxed pace. Our divers Jennifer and Rodney from Alaska, Janice and Jeffrey from Maine, Allison and Stijn from North Carolina, Christian and Chris from Kona and lastly Yanti all the way from London, England making us think in metric units. Alan is here training Captain Colby and Captain Greg. Trent our engineer, will be Mr. fix it and taking action shots with his fancy camera rig. Instructors Dave and Brent have our dive site briefings and fish identities covered. The star of the show this week is Toby our Chef who makes bread from scratch, unique and delicious salad dressings and desserts to die for.

SUNDAY: Calm seas, minimal swell and a sunny morning led to a great couple of easy morning dives at The Meadows with sittings of a Manta and Spotted Eagle Rays. Only 4 out of 9 joined in for the night dive but all on deck were given a show at the surface. A very hungry Manta at The Dome got his fill of krill and plankton right behind the dive deck. Divers said it was the best dive of the day and didn’t want to get out of the water after dancing with the Manta Ray. Fortunately Brent got it all on video for the highlight real later this week!

MONDAY: A bit of overcast today but calm seas and a fun swim threw at The Hive. Everyone was in for the night dive this time! Lots of little critters to watch and a very enjoyable night dive! Spiny lobster, Slipper lobster, Hawaiin Lionfish, Spanish Dancer, Conger Eels and tons of plankton. Of course Dave had the baileys and hot chocolate waiting on the dive deck to finish off a great day two of diving!

TUESDAY: A sunny morning with two dives sites at Paradise Pinnacle and The Land of Oz made for some colorful and healthy coral site seeing. The afternoon was one of the groups favorites called Maunka bay where the boat is almost guaranteed protection from the swell. Spotted eagles rays and a gradual drop off gave lots of ground to investigate for our 3 dive site.

Wednesday: We took a shot but made a wrong turn heading north. The increased swell forced us to return back south and check out Stoney Mesa. Although everyone was happy to have a much need nap time. Stoney Mesa’s highlight of the dive was the octopus. Just a little guy but always a pleasant surprise. Trent our engineer got some great shots with his camera rig for the slideshow!

Thursday: Definitely the best day of the week. An early morning departure up the coast to Au Au Crater to see some wall hide outs and black sand crevasses. In the afternoon we dipped into Captain Cook’s Bay the most beautiful part of the west coast with its calm waters and steep cliff topography. Here we were in search of dolphins. It took some time to lure them in but they all came to play towards the end of the dive and the following snorkel. Brent got it all on video. Yanti, Jennifer, Rodney, Allison, Stijn, Janice and Jeffrey were all grinning with joy and begging to stay longer but after a couple hours it was time to head up to Mantaville!.. With 10 boats off the Sheraton Manta site, we were able to see 4 mantas. Our fire pit light circle strategy kept them around for over 40 minutes! The cameras were flashing and everyone was stoked by the time they reached the surface. Our hype lived to be true that the Manta dive would be the most memorable.

Friday: A warm sunny morning with light swell gave us great conditions for a dip at turtle pinnacle and a wreck dive called the Predator!.. Congratulations to Rodney, Jennifer, Jeffrey and Stijn for being Iron Divers and completing every dive!.. A big thanks to our fantastic guests this week for being a great group and safe divers.. We all had fun! Until next time, Aloha!