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Palau Aggressor II :


Log Date: Sunday, Apr 10, 2016
Entry By: Palau Aggressor Crew


Palau Aggressor Charter April 10-17, 2016

Water Temp: 79-84 deg F

Air Temp: 78-86 deg F

Crew:  Scott, Joe, Dan, Herence, Hector, Ernan and Ripon

We welcome our guest of five from The USA, Switzerland, Latvia and Germany.

Monday First dive was Helmet Wreck and we saw Stocks of helmet, depth charge, rifle, bullets, sake bottles, gas mask and couple of zero plane engines located in the front cargo hold. Second dive was the Iro Maru, this wreck is the biggest wreck in Palau were it sit in the 120 feet sandy bottom with 3 big guns mounted in the front and the stern. We saw nudibranch, six banded angel fish, puffer fish and the dusky anemone at the stern king post. Third dive at Canyons, this dive is combination of wall and sloping coral garden and around the coral garden were the canyon look like reef with couple of places have swim through and lots of crevices and overhang reef, while the wall compose of hard and soft coral with lots of schooling fish such as pyramid butterfly fish around it and green sea turtles are often to see resting along side of the wall. Fourth dive Ferns wall, the wall is one of the healthiest walls in Palau in regards to the soft coral, sea fan and gorgonians. The wall has so many fish like angel fish, butterfly fish, box fish, lobster, anemone, sharks and turtles.

Tuesday first dive was the Blue Hole with four chimney on top of the reef that goes to the bottom of about 30 meters or 90 feet, it also has massive dramatic door exit were the deep blue water lay out. Inside the blue will see the flame scallop, nudibranch along the wall and lion fish. Second dive at the world famous Blue Corner, this dive has two starting point and one is the incoming side and second is the outgoing side. The dive will start along the wall and we will hook-in in the particular place were the sharks, tuna and schooling fusiliers are hang out. Also the top of the plato is full of other fish like groupers, yellow fin barracuda, blue stripe snappers, black stripe barracuda, white tip reef sharks, turtle, reef trevally and horse eye jacks. The third dive is at new drop off, new drop off is like a small blue corner were sharks, turtle, anemone, flounder, schooling black and blue line snappers, schooling yellow back fusiliers and tuna sometimes passing along the wall. Fourth dive at turtle cove and the dive start at the small chimney hole that drop down to the 90 feet sandy bottom them start to continue the dive all the way to the corner, the wall of turtle cove is one of the spectacular wall ever and that because of the soft coral formation. Also the corner has lots of schooling fish like rudder fish, black snappers, sharks, horse eye jacks, chevron barracuda and schooling red tooth trigger fish.

Wednesday first dive at German channel, we didn’t see manta in the cleaning station but we see lots of cool stuff like resting white tip reef sharks, grey reef shark, schools of barracuda, horse eye jacks, garden eel in the sandy bottom and a beautiful hard coral formation inside the channel. Second dive at Blue corner were the current is relatively slow but most of the stuff are pretty much present specially around the plato like schools of barracuda, white tip and grey reef shark, reef trevally, horse eye jacks, groupers, moray eel, and turtles. Third dive was Dexter’s wall we saw lots of turtles swimming and some are resting along the slope of the wall, schools of pyramid butterfly fish, moray eel, schooling humpback snappers, oriental sweet lips and a couple of lobsters. Fourth dive at Barnum’s wall and we saw couple of turtles, square spot anthias, couple of white tip reef sharks and we enjoy the beautiful formation of hard and soft corals. Night dive at Ngemelis wall, we saw lots of nudibranch and flatworm, turtles, lion fish and varieties of crabs and shrimps.

Thursday went the island of Peleliu and the dive start at the Peleliu corner in the Peleliu cut side, the current are pretty much mild. We saw lots of schooling horse eye jacks, bump head parrotfish, schooling blue spine unicorn fish, dogtooth tuna and hundreds of giant trevally. Three guest went to the Land tour and the rest went diving at West wall, west wall is a sheer wall with lots of giant sea fan and occasional tuna and sharks along the wall. Also lots of big cracks and crevices along the side of the wall were the schools of soldier fish are resting or hiding, also once in a while some napoleon wrasse and bump head parrot fish are feeding and also turtles are gracefully swimming along the wall. Fourth dive at Orange beach, this dive is one of the landing area were the US Marines landed during the War at Peleliu that cause the dive site have so many artifact such as bullets, LVT, coke bottles, mortar shell and unexploded bomb but also the coral garden is spectacular because of the formation of hard corals. We saw crocodile fish, schooling barracuda, varieties of angel and butterfly fish. Fourth dive at the Barracks point and we saw a leopard and nurse shark resting in the sandy area of the plato, also we saw a couple of giant clams and schooling yellow back fusiliers.

Friday first dive was Siaes tunnel, this particular dive is deeper compared to the other swim through or over head environment. The divers get to experience a swim through the tunnel like reef under water, the swim is about 100 feet long and the entrance is about 90 feet to 120 feet and inside we saw the rare decorated and Helfrich’s dart fish also sometimes the white tip reef sharks are like to resting inside. Second dive at the world famous Ulong channel were we can see the big patch of lettuce coral, big school of big eye jacks, couple of giant clams, schooling glassy eye fish and the gorgeous hard and soft coral formations. Fourth dive is at Sandy paradise, sandy paradise  is a beautiful sloping coral garden and relatively no current with lots of stuff to see such as spearing mantis shrimp, leaf scorpion fish, schooling barracuda, reef trevally, glassy eye fish, fusiliers and black snappers. Along the sandy area where you can find tons of spotted garden eel and also manta ray every once in awhile.

Saturday at the world famous jellyfish lake we were will be able to swim with millions of non stinging jellyfish! Around the lake we also have a mangrove root system were the muscles, sponge, anemone, goby and orbicular cardinal fish are located. After the lake the small boat took us to the west rock island lagoon were  we seen a different rock island formation on full speed with a quick stop at the Palau natural arch and Japanese gas station. Back to the mother boat we turn around after 15 minutes rest then we dive the chandelier cave which is the last activity for the week, chandelier cave is cavern dive with four air chamber and about 100 feet long swim. Outside the cave we can find a mandarin fish, lots of cardinal fish specially the pajama cardinal fish, spiny devil scorpion fish, crab eye goby, razor fish, nudibranch and sometimes sea snake.

Once again it’s another great week of diving experience and it’s a great pleasure to have our guest on board this week and hope to see you again on your next Palau diving adventure.